‘Ellen’ Producer Calls Star A “Toxic Phoney” In Shocking Interview

Published: Wednesday 5th Aug 2020 by David

One of the ‘Ellen’ employees who has stepped forward to condemn the talk show’s host alleged backstage behaviour has given an interview to ‘Inside Edition‘.

There, the infuriated producer labelled the entertainer a phoney and urged the general public not to be fooled or bamboozled by her seemingly sunny personality.

This, after Kevin Hart and Katy Perry vowed to support the star as the empire she worked tirelessly to build crumbles under the weight of drama those who know her say she created.

Watch below…


She’s not the person people see.

Learn more about Hedda here.

Ellen now says that she is committed to undoing the damage her employees say she caused or allowed and is gearing up to shoot another season of the show remotely.

Read her sincere apology here,

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  1. tyty August 5, 2020

    Who did she p*** off in Hollywood? She has been linked to some unsavoury stories regarding child trafficking. Chile 2020 is something else.

  2. #TheTruth August 5, 2020

    This Senator saying this is an exercise in « cancel culture » ?
    Looool unbelievable. There’s been tons of employees AND guests speaking out.
    I don’t feel bad at all for her #Karma

  3. Susan August 5, 2020

    Chiiiile! And now everyone is labeling Ellen as y’all show Karen 🤣 Post about Ellen’s interview with Dakota Johnson which started her downfall last year. Dakota checked talk show Karen real quick

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