James Charles Disrespects Alicia Keys With Makeup Jab

Published: Thursday 6th Aug 2020 by David

The influential makeup guru James Charles has been forced to apologise to the musician Alicia Keys after he launched a digital attack on her hours ago.

Full story below…

Charles, whose career has been marred and marked by controversy, took to social media to mock Alicia’s plans to create a beauty brand for the everyday woman years after stopped wearing makeup in public to celebrate natural beauty.

Keys’ fans were enraged and used their platforms to bombard with James with insults and reminders of some of the disconcerting antics he has been accused of carrying out since his ascent to fame.

He issued an apology shortly after…



Read some of the remarks which forced James to issue the statement above, below…


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  1. Uh August 6, 2020

    Isn’t he having s** with a minor? Sit ur pedo q**** bag ass tf down, Alicias no better being she is a home wrecker with a deteriorated voice but still James stfu!

  2. TRANS RACIAL QUEEN August 6, 2020

    Can’t he have an option, he didn’t say anything bad…

    • Nikki August 6, 2020

      But she’s not even launching a makeup line. He just threw hate at something that’s not even happening. It’s just dumb and unnecessary.

  3. Drink my b**** juice August 6, 2020

    I cant stand him, BUT he said nothing wrong. As a makeup lover i feel the same way. Ppl are launching makeup lines that know nothing about makeup. Hell. Kylie jenner and kim k know nothing about makeup and it shows when they talk about their products.

    • Fancy BISH August 6, 2020

      Are you kidding? As much as they spend on glam teams and sit for hours on end everyday over the years, have music executives (Alicia)/company executives, fashion designers, photographers, Anna Wintour AND Andre Leon Talley (lol) STARING at them up and down and asking about their looks constantly, getting touch ups, taking care of their skin at the end of the day after pounds of glam, etc. they don’t know anything about makeup? 💄 Come on now!

      • Diora Couture August 7, 2020

        @Fancy Bish
        In my opinion “wearing makeup” for a long time doesn’t equate “knowing makeup”. I would call myself a “makeup connoisseur ” if i actuallu studied the science of the chemistry that goes into creating the actual product…… i could definitely be wrong, but i am willing to bet that none of those celebrities have anything to do with the actual chemical formulas of the makeup they put their names on.

        It’s not the same to know how to “use makeup” and endorse a brand, as oposed to working at it from scratch….

    • Nikki August 6, 2020

      He did say something wrong. He said people who launch makeup brands, then in his apology said it was directed at Alicia. She is not even launching a makeup line so he literally was completely wrong 🤷🏽‍♀️

  4. Misty Knight August 6, 2020

    What he said was wrong, but not racist. The people attacking him for being gay are the bigots.

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