Disney+ Officially Unveil ‘The Proud Family: Louder & Prouder’ Starring Keke Palmer & More

Published: Thursday 6th Aug 2020 by Sam

Disney+ are amping things all the way up.

Because, the streaming service has officially unveiled ‘The Proud Family’ reboot and revealed that it’ll be feature Keke Palmer. 

Full story below…

Billed as an Original Series, the show is now christened ‘The Proud Family: Louder And Prouder.’

Palmer is set to join returning cast, including Kyla Pratt who voices the main character Penny Proud.

Sharing the news, Disney tweeted:

“There’s a new girl coming to town! Prepare to fall in love with 14-year-old activist Maya Leibowitz-Jenkins, voiced by @KekePalmer, from the upcoming Original Series, #TheProudFamily: #LouderAndProuder, coming soon to #DisneyPlus.”

Hugely popular, ‘The Proud Family’ initially broadcast for two seasons on The Disney Channel from 2001 to 2005. A TV movie was also released.

Suffice to say, this along with Beyonce‘s ‘Black Is King,’ Colin Kaepernick recent deal, and Bruno Marsfreshly inked partnership, Disney clearly have committed to driving diversity forward on their platform.

We’re excited for the return of ‘The Proud’. Are you?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Susan August 6, 2020

    Um we dont like KeKe. We want the original cast and the same theme song with Solange’s vocals

    • Chromatica August 6, 2020

      In other news..
      Beyoncé’s ‘Black is King’ attracts less than 4% of Disney+ users on debut weekend: Data! 🤭😂😂😂

      • Flop is king August 6, 2020

        Expected.. Satanic Elite deserves a flop

    • Jay Alford August 6, 2020

      You didn’t read, did you? She’s joining THE RETURNING CAST. What part of that did you not comprehend?

    • Gogo August 6, 2020

      Speak for urself hun.

    • Uh August 6, 2020

      We’re not getting the original cast, I’m sure they most likely didn’t offer Orlando his previous role of sticky. I rather them just find a new voice actor then replace him with this or any other new character tbh though.

  2. IAMME August 6, 2020

    This is dope.

    • Lol August 6, 2020

      But you are dumb

  3. Jackx August 6, 2020

    Yayy perfect choice. Keke will slay this role

  4. Ms Ling Ling👄 Love U Long time💋 August 6, 2020

    Keke is a sick bish no thanks

  5. eric August 6, 2020

    This is why I said Keke is a smart woman, contrary to her music and video content. She knows how to keep good relationships and stay employed.

    • Chromatika August 6, 2020

      You going to tell me that @Beyonce and @disneyplus @Disney spend so much money on Promoting #BlackIsKing  and #TheGift  and these are the results? LMFAO……. This is a MAJOR FLOP. The media needs to realize that no one cares about FLOPonce knowLESS and her self-centered ideas.

      • Lewey August 6, 2020

        clearly you care enough to comment.

  6. Girl you afraid of your own culture end of story. It was nothing demonic about that film. Come back sis your ancestors are waiting to guide you, stop disappointing them August 6, 2020

    Keke who? Who.r yuss??

  7. Lol August 6, 2020

    This will flop..just like Bey.
    Why bother cyst? 😟

    • You’re gagging August 6, 2020

      Lol what exactly do you do for a living? Nobody is offering you a deal are they? Even if it flops, they already got paid lmao

    • Lewis August 6, 2020

      Black is king was the most watched program on Disney plus for the week with only 3 days tracking. Suck a d***.

  8. Tori August 6, 2020

    I’m no longer interested. I wanted TPF not TPF featuring corny ass Keke.

  9. Danyboo August 6, 2020

    Where is kyla Pratt

    • Ugghh August 6, 2020

      Did you not read the article?

  10. Uh August 6, 2020

    Only reboot I’m excited about! Keke will kill it. I think she’s actually perfect for this new character.♥️♥️

  11. Gogo August 6, 2020

    Keke gurl. This is it. 👏

  12. Charli+Cheer+Up August 7, 2020

    This will also be her first Disney project since Push It. Keke’s been on a roll this year. Though her stint with Stratam and Sarah was a one year brief, it opened many doors for her across the entertainment industry

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