NeNe Leakes Deletes Instagram Amidst Reports Of RHOA Axe / Cynthia Bailey Says “I Haven’t Seen Her”

Published: Wednesday 26th Aug 2020 by Sam

Has NeNe Leakes’ ‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta’ peach officially been snatched?

Some seem to think so!

Full story below…

For months, the star’s spot on the Bravo show seemed to be in jeopardy amidst reports of fruitless contract negotiations and teasing of a legal showdown.

Add to that the fact that season 13 of RHOA is already taping and Leakes has been nowhere to be found.

Today, reports that she has officially been let go have hit the wire and the speculation has  intensified given that the star dramatically deleted her entire Instagram page soon after.

Also stirring the stew (albeit unintentionally) is former bestie Cynthia Bailey, who confessed “I haven’t seen her” when asked about Leakes.

Speaking to Us Weekly, she shared:

“I haven’t seen her. I know she’s dealing with some contract stuff. That’s not my business. I hope they work all that out.

I always will say, whether we’re besties or not, she’s great for the show. She’s been around … since the beginning of the show, and she’s good TV, and I hope they work through it.”

Do you want to see NeNe back on RHOA or not? As ever, let us know…

Your thoughts?

[Photo Credit: Bravo]

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  1. DC3 FOREVER August 26, 2020

    RHOA ain’t the same without NENE and I’m sure Kenya & Kandi will make this apart of there story line. It will be boring without her

    • #WAP August 26, 2020

      The show did 3 seasons without nene and did just fine. Nene hasn’t had a storyline for the past 2 seasons. This old lady won’t be missed

  2. Hunni August 26, 2020

    NeNe is needed !

    • #WAP August 26, 2020

      False. She hasn’t had a storyline in 2 seasons. She won’t be missed. She’s not the same fun nene she was the first 4 seasons. She’s evil and old and her back keeps getting wider and wider

  3. Tasha Mack August 26, 2020

    Nene is a staple. She IS RHOA. Buttt with that being said I don’t particularly NEED her on the show. Maybe an appearance here and there but lately she’s been so toxic and unhinged. I just can’t with her. She’s been talking a lot of s*** about Andy and Bravo too. Didn’t she recently call them racist amongst other things? I’m sure the relationship is tarnished because of her ego and big mouth. She always talking about playing Chess but she’s playing Chutes and Ladders right now. Girl you better make sure those coins are secure. RHOA is your biggest check.

    • Jean August 26, 2020

      that s*** is is funny hahahaha.

    • Soooo+Tru August 28, 2020


  4. Charli Cheer Up August 26, 2020

    It most likely due to pay-related issues. Kandi Burruss’ talent market value rose after she won The Masked Singer earlier this year and finding this might’ve angered NeNe Leakes to the point of not returning. Even in RHOBH, Denise is getting paid a lot more compared to the other cast when they first started and that’s bound to be the source of the current season’s drama which is why Garcelle is most likely taking leave of the show now that she’s gonna be on The Real.

  5. Meme August 26, 2020

    I’m sorry but she can go! She has no storyline, and she hasn’t been the focus of the show in years. Not to mention her lack of performance in the last 2 reunions. She has been god awful at these reunions.

    IMO, I much rather see Eva, Claudia or Marlo over Nene.

  6. Fifi August 26, 2020

    Bye wig ! She bought into her own hype and got too big for her britches. Atlanta was my favorite, it became unwatchable because of HER.

  7. 🍭marilyn monh-O-E🍭 August 26, 2020

    Just die b-I-t-c-h and we will play that watch me Nae Nae song N do the Nae Nae in nene’s funeral☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️

  8. WAP n u kno it August 26, 2020

    We needneed nene

  9. TRAMP August 26, 2020

    Nene is cute for a throwback

    • MessyBoots August 26, 2020


  10. #WAP August 26, 2020

    She knows the trailer is coming out within the next month and she’s getting scared knowing she’ll have to admit she got fired 🤣 Stream WAP

  11. Angela August 26, 2020

    Nene is RHOA. No Nene, no me. Point Blank Periodt!

  12. Tinky August 26, 2020

    If NeNe is not coming back I will not watch it!!! Kenya , kandi and Cynthia boring. Im sorry, yall need to let kandi go and live her life. Team NENE

  13. Dianne August 26, 2020

    Hell yea Nene makes the show if she gone i don’t want to watch Candy,or KEN…..

  14. E Jai August 26, 2020

    Thank you!

  15. Steven August 27, 2020

    The show is so much better without her. She is FOUL……

  16. Sylvia Peters August 27, 2020

    No, I don’t wish her any ill will, but she is not necessary for the show to move forward. And she tends to be very self serving.

  17. Sheryk August 27, 2020

    Be Ne is very messy and toxic for the show! She is always the first to be violent. She should have been gone along time ago!

  18. Susie August 27, 2020

    I will not watch the show any more.

    • Veronica August 27, 2020

      Bye and take Candy with you and bring Phaedra Parks back we miss her she put life in the RHWOA

  19. Veronica August 27, 2020

    No bring Phaedra Parks back we miss her

  20. Angela Wright August 27, 2020

    No that spitting episode was just plain ignorant. Not a good look for any race . Show some class.

  21. Carolyn August 27, 2020

    Nene. Is best to leave the show. I will nor miss her……

  22. Shirley Jackson August 27, 2020

    If NeNe Leakes is no longer on the show I will not be watching it anymore!!!

  23. ThunderThighs August 27, 2020

    Atlanta Housewives rating will decline without NeNe

  24. Bay August 27, 2020

    Man She is the Show. Period

  25. Annie August 27, 2020

    No she’s a hot miss all the time

  26. Mikey August 29, 2020

    The fame got to her head anyways…good riddens

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