Kandi Spills On ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Season 13 / Talks OLG Spin-Off & Eva Marcille Being Spotted With Cast

Published: Thursday 23rd Jul 2020 by Sam

Kandi Burruss is renowned for having many hustles – the latest of which sees her starring on ‘The Chi.’

During the promotional run for the hit series, she was quizzed in earnest about her main bread and butter – the ‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta.’

Season 13 of the Bravo smash is in production and much ado is being made about who will be joining the ladies.

Also of note is the continued presence of Eva Marcille. 

The mother of three announced her departure from ‘Housewives’ last month. Yet, this week she’s been spotted with much of the cast – sparking questions surrounding whether or not she will still be part of the show. Perhaps in a “Friend Of” capacity or more.

Well, in a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, Kandi was asked directly about all of this and more (including an OLG spin-off show).

Check out what she had to say below…

On Safety During Filming:

“Let me say kudos to Bravo and kudos to Truly Original, who produces our show. They have been going above and beyond to make sure that everybody is safe. The cast and crew, we’re all being tested weekly, as well as they only allow very few people within [a] scene. If [any] one of us go out of town or do anything, then we’re quarantined.”

On Eva Marcille Still Appearing On The Show:

“I was talking to her about that yesterday. I was saying people still want her to be amongst the group, even if she’s decided not to be a regular part of the show. So, obviously, that’s always up to her. As of now, she’s like, ‘No.’ But I hope she changes her mind, because at the end of the day, we do have a genuine relationship; that wasn’t for camera or anything. She invited us over to her house because she cooked, and then she invited Kenya and Cynthia. And the cool thing is — what people are not going to get to see is — that her and Kenya are, like, really cool, super tight now.”


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This is how @thekenyamoore @cynthiabailey10 & I were smiling after having the fried ribs & pineapple upside down cake that @evamarcille cooked! So good! 😋

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I had to stop by @evamarcille’s house again to tape an episode of #SpeakOnIt! I can’t wait for y’all to see it. 🗣

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On Casting Rumors – Namely Nene’s Alleged Departure & Recruitment Of Two New Names:

“I don’t know what NeNe’s doing.

I just started taping, so I’m not sure who’s in and who’s out. They don’t let us know, normally. Typically the way it works is, in the beginning of taping we just see more [of] my own personal life and story and eventually you start trickling in scenes with other people.”

On OLG (Old Lady Gang) Restaurant Spin-Off Show:

“I’m not allowed to tell you [much]. I think the cool thing is, there are many, very extremely funny characters that will be a part of OLG. They will be more entertaining than you can even imagine. How about that?”


Roll on season 13!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Susan July 23, 2020

    I’m shocked they’re filming already! Kudos to bravo! I’m ready for season 13 especially since NeNe “wideback” Leakes won’t be part of the cast 😂

  2. Meme July 23, 2020

    I may not be tuning in this season. I really really liked Eva on this show. I just don’t see the point her giving her the ex.

    • G-bby July 23, 2020

      She wasn’t a fan-favorite and she didn’t bring it at either reunion. I heard they offered her a “friend of” role but she declined.

    • Susan July 23, 2020

      Her storyline the entire time she was on the show was being pregnant, and having a wedding. She didn’t have any businesses, she didn’t have an interesting family like porsha does with her sister or any outside friends that made her seem fun. She was just…pregnant…and pretty. Eva is above the show in my opinion.

      • Gag July 23, 2020

        She does have a business..it’s a cbd company..didn’t promote much on tv though…and she declined to be part of the show as a friend as well

      • Susan July 23, 2020

        @GAG, thanks for letting me know. I had no idea. I read that if any of the housewives promote a business on the show that bravo allegedly takes a percentage of the profits…so Eva probably wanted no part of that and just didn’t say anything

      • Danny Bey July 23, 2020

        So, being an actual housewife got her booted. Got it.

      • Meme July 23, 2020

        Y’all keep saying that but isn’t that the point of being a housewife? I think y’all equate having drama to having a storyline. Eva was very interesting, she’s great at debates and held her own in any fights she was in. Not to mention she fit in with girls and everything was going well. I just don’t understand what Bravo is looking for. I can guarantee you that this new girls will not be no Eva.

  3. marilyn mon-H-o-E July 23, 2020

    I really miss the clown 🤡 NeNe. She’s juicier than other househ:o:e:s

  4. Happy+n+Rich July 24, 2020

    I heard that Eva had been offered a friend role, which she declined. AtLien said she Eva reacted too quickly after not receiving a pick-up letter the same say as the other ladies . . . Eva may be rethinking that lost check. Eva wasn’t offering much in storyline-wise, so it makes sense to reassign that peach to somebody more interesting.

    If Eva offered members of the CAST to come to her house while this whole c******* situation is going on, she’s testing the waters about returning, whether or not she will admit it. I predict she’ll be back w/o a peach.

    At any rate, I hope Nene takes a break from the show. I want to see Phaedra, Apollo-Sherien, and Sheree back along with some new faces. I wouldn’t even mind Yovanna.

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