Nick Cannon Endorses Kanye West’s Presidential Bid: “We Need Another Black Man In Power”

Published: Sunday 9th Aug 2020 by Sam

Kanye West‘s US presidential campaign may have many raising their eyebrows, but he appears to have support from his wife’s ex-boyfriend Nick Cannon. 

Full story below…

Speaking to TMZ while at Los Angeles’ LAX Airport, Cannon said of the rapper’s White House ambitions: “I love it!”

When quizzed further about Weezy’s candidacy, Cannon gushed: “Yeah. We need another black man in power,” intimating that he would vote for West.

The sentiments come after a whirlwind of sorts for Cannon.

As widely reported, the comic’s controversial comments made about race and Jewish lineage on a June podcast swam to the surface and went viral. 

The fall-out – which included an initially defiant stance from the star – saw ViacomCBS sever ties with him. Seemingly taking away his ‘Wild N’ Out’ show in the process.

In a rapidly evolving series of events, Cannon demanded full ownership of the MTV show and levelled a number of accusations at the media giant. Only to shortly after issue a lengthy apology for his initial remarks. He has since donated to the Jewish Center.

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  1. Xoxo August 9, 2020


    • MAGA August 9, 2020

      Why? The deep state and satanic pedos control Hollywood and Democrats.

      • MAGA 2020 August 9, 2020

        That right!!
        The whole point of this was to get him to respond. Then they’d post the footage of white guy hitting black girl, having edited out the bit where she hit him first.

        Then they could play the gender and race oppression cards – based on an entirely fake scenario.

        BLM is a scam.

    • Q Anon August 9, 2020

      It is not dumb to fight against China. It’s Sunday, August 9th 2020, and Barack Obama was the most corrupt President in US history.
      #Obamagate #Pizzagate 😏😏

    • Wake up morons August 9, 2020

      Look look black lives matter and i get/support that 100% but the organization BLM is a scam. all the money people donate to them doesn’t even go towards anything to help resolve the issues African Americans are facing. It’s all to help fund the Democratic Party…😠😠😠

  2. Nicky August 9, 2020

    How dumb is this

    We need a Qualified person in power who believe in equal rights for all. Regardless of race.

    • Karen August 9, 2020

      Honey, it is not about equality. It is about drain the swamp. Killary and Joe Biden. Why do you think all these ppl like Ellen, Harvey and Epstein are being exposed!? Why so many social injustice Wake up… open your eyes.

    • Awake August 9, 2020

      BLM is a scam sponsored by Soros. 🙄🙄🙄

      • Patricia Layola August 9, 2020

        Agreed sis! BLM is a shame. I’m black AF and trust it’s a b******* scam! In America there’s 230 million more whites than blacks yet us blacks dominate annual homicides 50%+ since 1975! If black population equaled whites, black homicides would be 74,654 annually. Us blacks = violent culture

  3. chilepleaseee August 9, 2020

    Why do the dumbest people have the loudest voices?

    • All lives matters August 9, 2020

      Stfu! Yes BLM Is a terrorist organization who never cares about black lives and is a scam and a fraud to create racism, terrorism, vandalism and more. The money suckers give to never actually goes to black communities.

      • chilepleaseee August 9, 2020

        Ok so that has what to do with voting for Kanye? You stfu.

  4. Misty Knight August 9, 2020

    Yes, Nick, we need another mentally ill president like we need the Kardashians in the White House. Nick – that turban is too tight.


    • Q-Army August 9, 2020

      This whole testing s*** is a scam by the Democrats alone with the BLM bullsh*t!! You watch too much CNN!!These tests are about as accurate as Bidens memory. 😏

      • Misty Knight August 9, 2020

        Q-Anon are white racists pushing conspiracy theories from their mother’s basements.

        Coming on a site devoted to black pop culture to troll people just PROVES how idiotic you fools are.

      • You’re gagging August 10, 2020

        You’re an idiot sheep! You follow that W conspiracy stuff lmao get a brain! You people talk about everyone except trump that’s why nothing say is believable. Until y’all acknowledge trump as being a horrible person nobody cares what koolaid you’re selling

  5. tyty August 9, 2020

    Easy access to celebrities and this pandemic has revealed celebrity culture is full of the mentally ill with limited brain capacity and intelligence. How these people amass fortune and fame is beyond me. Most of these celebrities are so out of touch with reality they need to be in the nearest psyche ward. Fame needs to be treated as a drug all these fools are high on it.

    • Stay awake August 9, 2020

      BLM is the biggest con going on in our Country. It is a money making scam designed to also pit one race against another. Instead of helping people,it is dividing us further by their ridiculous rhetoric,shoving and pushing their signs all over the place with “in ur face” tactics

      • tyty August 9, 2020

        Racism is not a scam. This country was already divided. I can agree THE BLM movement is a scam. But you can’t live in La La Land and think blacks have equal rights. BLM is just using blacks to fight other causes not beneficial to the black cause.

  6. SMH August 9, 2020

    SMH figures this clown would endorse another clown. The hip hop community has enabled kanye’s bullsh*t all this time, no reason for them to stop now. Straight black men are gonna end up being the ones who f*ck up this election, just like white women f***** it up in ’16 when they helped put the current asshole-in-chief in office.

  7. “GG” August 9, 2020

    I’m tired of people playing with the lives of black people! This is why slavery took 400 years! Damn I’m over America’s toxic ass influencers

    • Im awake August 9, 2020

      Enough of this Bull s***. BLM is a SCAM. They will not be around for long, America iant interested. All these snow flake millennials have no real power, no real money. All the POWERFUL still stand and are puppeteering these idiots. When the Right gets mad, its over for them.

      • chilepleaseee August 9, 2020

        Will you please stop making all these different names saying the same s***? We all know you’re the same idiot.

  8. i hate whyyy and blllaaa August 9, 2020

    …put meek and jayz up, kanye wanna be meek…f*** kanye

    is meek mills gonna hook up with amber rose ??? since they both hate kanye and both from philly..

  9. Vanessa Davis August 9, 2020

    Lies when donkeys fly we need a black man with some sense in the office

  10. Mariah Carey August 9, 2020

    …and Donald J. Trump is our histories best president..


    • Misty Knight August 9, 2020

      “our histories”…. please, troll. You must be living in an alternate history where bigots are loved.

  11. August 9, 2020

    This uncle tom motherf@cker, is reaping what he sew.

  12. Aunt Jemima August 9, 2020

    Just google Pizzagate… good job boys.

  13. !!!!!! August 9, 2020

    Trump wants to drain the swamp from pedos in the System that plague our country. BLM is a hate symbol, riots, building in fire, looting, real innocent peoples killed, threatening people’s, scam is own community and also other races with there lies. Claim that criminal shouldnt be in prison. Doesnt want to talk about black killing more black every years. DON’T LET THE CASUAL DRESS FOOL YOU. HE PRESENTS GREAT FACTS PROVING BLM IS NOTHING MORE THEN A MONEY LAUNDERING SCAM A FRAUD. BLM IS A TERRORIST ORGANIZATION @lions_us 62,000 MEMBERS AND GROWING cc:@realDonaldTrump

  14. Say no to biden August 9, 2020


    Agree! they need to wake up and realize the organization is a sham for democrats to take money from suckers as the money never actually goes to black communities, it should be exposed more as a sham and everyone should wake up

  15. Go Nick.. Go!!! August 9, 2020

    Lindsay Graham is a deep state puppet who wanted to see President Trump go down just as much as John McCain.

    Both traitors to America, along with Sally Yates, James Comey, Susan Rice, Joe Biden, Barack Hussein Obama aka Bathhouse Barry Soetoro, etc…

    Where is Durham!?

  16. #TheTruth August 9, 2020

    Things keep getting worse with this looney guy.
    You don’t need another black president, you need a man who will be competent for the job, regardless of their color !

  17. Misty Knight August 9, 2020

    This thread has been taken over by racist trolls directed here by various Q-anon sites.

    Most social media platforms are banning these dangerous, bogus clowns.

  18. Black Republican August 9, 2020

    Whats Biden’s visions and manifestos?
    NONE! 🤭

  19. Jhall August 9, 2020

    Sorry Nick just because kanye is black does not mean we need him in office! I’m a black man my self and we just need kanye to stfu! We do not want u as president we need a qualified person after all this trump s*** we going thru!

  20. XYZ August 9, 2020

    So, as long as he is black, everything’s okay? I mean, kanye is obviously ill and a total psychopath, but he’s Black…

  21. Divab August 9, 2020

    Nick cannon time to sit your goofy ass down. This is not wild 😜 and out you talking about this is office of the highest degree. Already have in office Someone who doesn’t see pass hat he thinks is right. Sorry but we don’t need a Kanye in a high position that will break down with a snape of a finger then blames it on his mental issues (bipolar) in office that is supposed to be for everyone as a whole not his visions of Trump. Nick I’m now thinking you have some bipolar issues as well

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