Tyrese Defends R. Kelly Over Sex Abuse Claims: “Let God Do His Job”

Published: Monday 10th Aug 2020 by Sam

Tyrese is under fire after making shocking comments in support of embattled singer R. Kelly. 

Full story below…

As widely reported, Kelly is facing life in prison after being charged with a string of sex offences – most of which involve minors.

Much of the public condemnation of the self-ordained Pied Piper is powered in earnest by Lifetime’s jaw-dropping documentary, ‘Surviving R. Kelly,’ which featured harrowing accounts of abuse from multiple accusers.

Tyrese, however, says that he won’t be part of those writing Kelly off.

Speaking with Fat Joe on Instagram Live, the singer/actor started by saying:

“R. Kelly, with all of his videos, what he was doing musically and sonically, and how he figured out a way to change and evolve and stay relevant over all of those years.

I know he has a lot of controversy and heat on him. I get it. Ain’t no need to get in my comments and if you write some goofy shi* I’m going to say “it’s okay.””

When a surprised Joe probed him more, the 41-year-old added:

“I’m too real to fake it. I just have to say it. What I’ve learned over the years, there is a lot of people in our industry …. Everybody is involved in something that they don’t ever want people to know about publicly. I would say you know what “let god do his job.

If I were to find out, what everyone is into, we probably wouldn’t be a fan of anybody. There is some people who do what they do, they know how to keep their shit completely in the closet.”


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A mess.

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  1. London+lad August 10, 2020

    Twit. When will he learn to just STFU. All these goddam opinions, first Ellen (who he’s never met – but seems like a nice lady) and now this.


  2. Bey August 10, 2020

    He has a point, I get people just read sometimes and not comprehend… they just going with the hype and what’s majority thinks is right or trending to be right.

    What he is accused of is by far not acceptable. However he is a super talented artist.

    But have troubled private life, which aside from God and the court of Law, no one is perfect.

    Believe people do wired, creepy, evil stuff behind closed doors.

    • AJ August 10, 2020

      Nope. Being talented shouldn’t take away from your crimes. R Kelly’s talent comes with a heavy price – the way he abuses women etc. Focusing just on his talent makes it seem like his behaviour is excused and normalises it. Cancel the clown permanently.

      • Bey August 10, 2020

        Were you there? Did he abuse you or someone that you know?

        You are only going by what is out in the press, sometimes the media needs to allow the authority do their investigation properly and rightfully convict these people.

        I am not saying or supporting him in anyway, if he did do all these things he should go to jail simple.

        I will also say I have a close friend his brother is professional football that plays in the premier league who is a millionaire and he is happy married. However, if you see his DMs on IG your mouth will drop on the floor as to what girls/guys do. Is like sexual Harassment 24/7 with all kinds of videos, photos and messages.

        That is the cases for all this celebrity and is sad a good number of them fall for it and get caught up.

        R Kelly is already cancelled, the question is who is next? Which other high profile black celebrity will go down next? Because everything hidden in the dark most come to light.

  3. i hate blllll and whyytt August 10, 2020

    now all of a sudden yall wanna put r kelly up

  4. Misty Knight August 10, 2020

    Black men always defend black men that hurt black women.

    Black men do not want us as equals.

  5. tyty August 10, 2020

    He sells his ass in Dubai to the highest bidder what do you expect him to say 🙃🧐

  6. #TheTruth August 10, 2020

    Let God do the job ? What does that even mean ? Then there’s no need to have court houses and any sort of justice or what’s left of it…?!
    Stop it already with your religious non sense. We’re talking about factual things here, not related to faith.
    Go tell victims of r*** « let God do the job », I’m not sure that will ease their pain.
    At least when someone is put behind bars, he or she can’t do it again.

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