Wendy Williams: Trump Has “Every Right” To Investigate If He Feels Cheated Out of Election

Published: Monday 9th Nov 2020 by Rashad

Self-proclaimed Queen of All Media Wendy Williams left some viewers royally disappointed after she expressed her thoughts about the results of the 2020 election.

As Americans and allies the world over process the historic showdown (which resulted in Democratic candidate Joe Biden being crowned the winner over the weekend), Williams took to her top-rated talk show Monday (November 9) to recap her feelings and give two cents on how Trump should handle the loss.

One of her suggestions was to consider a full-on investigation into state voting practices if he feels cheated out of the White House.  Needless to say, it didn’t sit well with some viewers.

Start at 7:50:

Sources have confirmed Trump’s already well on the way to doing just what Wendy’s suggested.

Time will tell how far it gets.

[main photo source:  Getty Images/AP Images]

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  1. DojaCat Say So November 9, 2020

    Wendy gurl, how ya doin’? Lol
    I love that show
    Wendy is messy, fashionable, funny, shady and entertaining 🤣🤣🤣

  2. Midnight Train to Georgia November 10, 2020

    We are in the midst of a Contested Election, and Joe Biden is arrogantly going along like everything is ok…..This is what crooks do!

  3. Diamond and Silk Stan November 10, 2020

    It’s time for the “UPRISING”
    Fight back against the steal. President Trump exposed the swamp, now it’s time for him to pull the damn plug. Let’s help him remove all of the rats that’s been clogging the pipes!

    • Happy+n+Rich November 10, 2020

      I agree. No more voting by mail — in person only unless you are elderly, disabled, or in the military.

    • Whatever November 10, 2020

      He is the swamp! Pulling the plug will only drown him & his family, so go for it! No more voter suppression!!!

    • Detroit gal November 10, 2020

      😆😀😂 Trump caught these rats in vote by mail fraud , scheme , shame , scam and more

    • Janet November 10, 2020

      Satan wants to trick us into believing in the antichrist be careful people don’t fall for his tricks this is war against good people of America and possibly the world

      • Tito November 10, 2020

        @janet you better say that 💯 % facts 🙏🏽💪🏾

    • Texasgurl November 10, 2020

      The election was STOLEN FROM THE PEOPLE!!

      • REALTALK November 10, 2020

        You’re talking about the 2016 election cause you would be correct then.

  4. lucy+fur November 10, 2020

    i think wendy’s an undercover trump supporter

    • chilepleaseee November 10, 2020

      She definitely is

  5. Diamond and Silk Stan November 10, 2020

    If Biden has more of the popular vote than any other President in history, that means he would have had to get every black vote that voted for Obama in 2008. This is mathematically impossible. Y’all see the lie?

    Every American should be disgusted by this fraud!

    • Happy+n+Rich November 10, 2020

      To be fair, there are millions more voters than in 2008. Trump also exceeded Obama’s 2008 totals while winning 48% of the popular vote, compared to Obama’s 53%.

      One huge red flag to me is the hundreds of thousands of Biden votes in swing states (and only swing states) that had no down ballot votes — a phenomenon that never occurred in any significant numbers with ballots voting for Trump. These Biden ballots are a glaring statistical anomaly and clear evidence of fraud. But how do you prove this?

    • Nah November 10, 2020

      Umm, have you considered the millions of young adults who were too young to vote in 2008 when Obama was elected? Republicans depend on low voter turnout among the youth & minorities. But, everyone had time this year and they VOTED! There’s no conspiracy or fraud, just people exercising their constitutional right.

  6. Diamond and Silk Stan November 10, 2020

    If faulty machines used in Michigan “from one county” gave 6000 votes to the wrong person & the same type machines were used in 47 other counties, how many more votes were given to the wrong person especially if the same type machines were used in over 30 states? #UprootTheFraud
    Projected does not mean Elected!

    • Bye Felicia November 10, 2020

      You ladies are right trump knew there was going to be some fraud. The media is horrible.

    • Hmm November 10, 2020

      If that’s the case, then why didn’t the Democrats win all of the congressional and senate races too? You mean to tell me the faulty machines only recorded the votes for Trump wrong? How is that possible when it’s all on the same ballot?

  7. Alabama Snakes November 10, 2020

    It’s a FRAUD election, pre planned by the dems,msm,big tech. RE-DO the elections in Nov 2021.

  8. Tamika November 10, 2020

    Praying for the Trump legal team and for the Supreme Court Justices that all fraud is exposed and all election interference from big tech – media and democrats made known and dealt with immediately to restore safe and honest elections in the United States.

    President Trump is still the President

    • Texasgurl November 10, 2020

      Basically, how could Biden have had 8 million more votes than Obama in 2008 when he couldn’t fill a classroom with supporters, let alone a stadium, and Trump had thousands of people at every rally?

      • REALTALK November 10, 2020

        It’s called MAIL IN VOTING!!!! How can Taylor Swift have more Grammies than Michael Jackson or Whitney Houston? Michael and Whitney didn’t have streaming and online BS. If Obama had mail in voting he probably would’ve gotten 100 million votes!

  9. Bye Felicia November 10, 2020

    NO, it ain’t over people, keep the faith, the news media does not decide the winner of the presidential election.

  10. Doug November 10, 2020

    Im from Philly and I would expect shady things….

  11. Janet November 10, 2020

    Light always wins over demonic dark. Everything the darkness have tried on President Trump has failed! They will not win!

    • city girl November 10, 2020

      and that’s that on that.

      • D November 10, 2020


  12. Texasgurl November 10, 2020

    The media has been against Trump since he was elected, why should we believe them now?

  13. Marten November 10, 2020

    Lmao at all the Russian bots in the comments ! U cannot possibly have that many pro trump responses on the grape juice blog – seriously?

    Trump lost. Move on. Recount the votes who gives a s***! And if all the machines are faulty and u won u wouldn’t be crying like a baby right now. Spoiled Lil Rich boy is not getting what he wants so he’s throwing another tantrum. I call BS.

    • Texasgurl November 10, 2020

      Gurl bye!
      Funny how the Democrat says that there is no evidence of voter fraud when the past 4 years have been Democrats giving the excuse that Russia hacked the election.

      • Polyester and Zirconia Stan November 10, 2020

        Honey I know you must Still live in your mother’s basement and spend the day watching OANN or newsmax but get out of the bubble..
        Russia never “hacked the election” what The Muller investigation said it was they bought negative ads, fake news stories and crazy phony theories do influence the US people to vote for Trump in 2016. All this with the complicity of the Trump campaign and some members of his own family!
        Don’t try to spin this isn’t so hard to understand.. the one yelling there was fraud in the last election was Trump who “denounce” some fake stories the majority of those weren’t even real…

    • non+ya+biz November 10, 2020

      right? this blog doing the most. These comments don’t make no sense.

    • Some1gottaSayIt November 10, 2020

      Joe Biden didn’t win so everyone needs to calm down !! I hope y’all do know ;
      -Biden was mentored by kkk leader named Robert Byrd
      -He even spoke it his funeral and called him a mentor .
      -Biden called black people super predators!!
      -Biden was for segregation on buses he said “ he didn’t want his kids in a racial jungle “
      -Biden Family was money laundering with China & Russia through Hunter Biden
      -Hunter had ChildP on his computer and was messing with his dead brothers wife and kid .
      Just do some research before u get happy!!

    • pick me pick me November 10, 2020

      all of the BOTS. russian bots scouring the interwebs for these comment sections just to keep diving americans. so many uneducated & common senseless people are falling for it. its so sad to watch.

  14. Charli Cheer Up November 10, 2020

    *sees headline and readies pitchforks* * Then watched 8:31*. I feel Wendy, Trump has every right to do a recount BUT he should not hold the process for long(eg. finding a way to remove votes by accusing them as ‘invalid’). PS: Wendy’s good friends with Trump and even appeared as a contestant on The Celebrity Apprentice.

    • Happy+n+Rich November 10, 2020

      He should do just that — get any votes removed as invalid. There are at least 450k ballots in swing states that chose Biden for president with no down ballot selections.

      In my home state of Georgia, Biden ran 100k votes ahead of Jon Ossoff, D-Sen candidate. Trump and David Perdue – R-Sen, were only about 10k votes apart. Make it make sense.

  15. The More You Know November 10, 2020


    • Texasgurl November 10, 2020

      They want to fool us to believe that Biden, who stayed in his basement, only came out long enough to do a few events with 6 circles, got more of the popular vote than any other President in history…Even more than Obama?
      This is a damn lie and every American should be outraged!

      • The More You Know November 10, 2020

        How many times were you dropped on your head as a child??

        Rally crowd size =/= votes, especially in the middle of an airborne pandemic where the only ppl attending political rallies are uneducated, conspiracy theory chasing, C****-ridden rednecks! STAY MAD while the rest of us get ready for Biden’s inauguration in January! 😂

      • Michigan morning November 10, 2020

        That was shameful how Michigan kicked out the republican poll watchers and the crowd cheered…..shameful!!!🤬🤬🤬🤬

  16. tyty November 10, 2020

    Since when is TGI a pro trump blog lol these crazy-ass bots. Even at the height of the election campaign none of these accounts commented on this blog but just mysteriously appear out of nowhere?

    • chilepleaseee November 10, 2020

      Right. Don’t y’all fall for this foolishness

    • Gworl Bye November 10, 2020

      Lol exactly, it’s probably the same 3 butthurt deplorables with multiple accounts lol.😂

      • Smh November 10, 2020

        Did you know Joe Biden Family owned slaves in Maryland and he was mentored by a kkk leader ?
        Did you know kamala Harris ☘️ Irish Family owned hundreds of slaves In Browns Town, Jamaica ??

  17. Gworl Bye November 10, 2020

    Lmaooo I am absolutely loving all of these snowflake tears. Granted, contesting election results is part of every election, but the extent the trumpkins are going with this is hilarious. They know damn well he lost fair and square, they’re just gagging at how bad he was beaten. And they’re gonna gag again when all this investigating is over and he loses AGAIN. Remember folks, denial is the first stage of grief lmao 😂.

    • Fancy BISH November 10, 2020

      Exactly ✅ You know the Rebumpkins are desperate when they’re holding on to Wendy Williams lol 😂 🤳🏽💯

  18. dmerritt November 10, 2020

    So 1st of all she is right he has every right to investigate if he feels that was fraud involved.
    But the problem is with the allegations is that Any court that takes on these allegations with no evidence is crazy. For them to even consider reversing the results of this election that would mean there had to be tens of thousands of people in the back rooms of those officers changing votes to Biden. which is 100% unlikely.

    • Happy+n+Rich November 10, 2020

      In Atlanta, Philly, Detroit, Milwaukee, and Vegas, all you need is a team of 5 ppl working over the time when ballots are mailed out. Voting went on for 4-5 weeks in most states. Ballots can be harvested from postal workers (in particular, ballots returned for bad addresses and deaths), nursing homes, and even election offices if you have the right connections. Or even a good copier of the ballots are cheap.

      If you get a good assembly line going, you can easily prep a couple thousand ballots in just a few hours. 2k ballots a day — 14k/wk — for 5 weeks is 70k. You mail them in increments and only putting a couple hundred per box per day, or have an inside connect bring them in to the election office in advance to be mainstreamed into the ballot count as needed. So . . .

      In Wisconsin, this is what happened with the 4 a.m. ballot dump. The ballots were probably already mostly on the premises of the election offices in certain key Dem or swing counties. The number of mail ballots must be declared at the beginning of counting, so when Trump was getting more votes than expected and in danger of winning, some Trump votes had to be replaced with Biden only (no down ballot) votes to recalibrate the totals while shifting the lead to Biden, while making sure the number of ballots was the same as declared originally.

      • Michigan morning November 10, 2020

        Investigate voter FRAUD America thank you my friend I love you

  19. REALTALK November 10, 2020

    A bunch of DUMBASSES if you ask me! Sorry ignoramuses America Is Not white, those days are over get over it!!!! Trump came on the scene lying about Obama promoting racism. The White House shouldn’t be full of white people because that doesn’t represent this country.
    Trump Loss and his own people (republicans) over saw it!!!!!!

  20. Craig Nelson November 10, 2020


  21. Michigan morning November 10, 2020

    😆😂😀American people been scammed by the Democrats . This is the biggest scam that got busted in american history. They should make movie on this 2020 election vote Fraud 😂. Book writter and everything

    • Detroit gal November 10, 2020

      😀😆😆 Trump got these rats, they all gonna be fried when the vote by mail fraud investigations are over and Trump will be re-elected .

  22. Detroit gal November 10, 2020

    I live in Georgia and I just found out today that some people went to vote in Fanning County and was told they had already voted, but they hadn’t. They called Doug Collins and was told they’ve received thousands of calls like that.

  23. Say my Name November 10, 2020

    Hmmmm…..so they “mailed in votes” because C****……yet they are in the streets “celebrating a win”……….yeah, this makes TOTAL sense now….COMPLETE FRAUD!!!!!!

    • Say my Name November 10, 2020


  24. Shemaya November 10, 2020

    The Democrats overplayed their hand because they had to. They were about to lose even with cheating so they did it more.

  25. PinotNoir November 11, 2020

    Breakung news!

    She wishes she were white.

    The End.

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