Kenya Moore Reveals She Has NOT Filed For Divorce, Claims Marc Daly Is Fighting For Their Marriage

Published: Wednesday 16th Dec 2020 by Sam

Kenya Moore‘s marriage may have looked to be in ruins. But the ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ star says husband Marc Daly is “fighting” for their union.

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An iconic group named EnVogue once sung “hold on to your love” and, per the former Miss USA, that’s what her restauranteur hubby is doing.

RHOA viewers have seen the couple run the gamut of emotions – with much of the scenes screened showing Moore at her wits end with her husband of three years.

Indeed, on the newly launched 13th season of the Bravo hit, the masses meet Moore at breaking point – after lamenting that Daly (who lives in New York) rarely visits Atlanta, isn’t willing to repair relationship in therapy, and effectively pays her dust when she visits NYC with their daughter Brooklyn. 

However, speaking on Watch What Happens Live, she says her man has had a change of heart.

Moore told host Andy Cohen of the status of her relationship with Daly (who she has been separated from for 10 months of their three year marriage):

“Right now Marc is really fighting for his marriage. He wants to go to counseling. He’s made appointments. He’s asking to publicly apologize to me and a lot of things that I never thought I’d see the day.”


This isn’t dissimilar from what Ms. Moore has said many a time – including during the season 12 reunion…only to say the exact opposite once filming resumed a short while later.

It’s also of note that the couple are still separated.

Whatever the reality of the matter, we wish all involved the best.

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  1. Likebutdon’tLove December 16, 2020

    She insists on believing this man actually wants her and this so called “marriage”. I thought kenya was smarter than this. I guess other I’m noticing from all of this

  2. Susan December 16, 2020

    Kenya, girl, stop lying. That man does not want you. You’ve gained 30 lbs because he doesn’t want you. I hope this is your last season on RHOA

  3. tyty December 16, 2020

    Kenya just wants love and the happy ending she has always dreamt off. She needs to go therapy deal with the unhealed trauma of her mother not wanting her. She will see vast improvements in her whole life if she let this man go and dealt with her issues.

    • Shayla Queen 👑 December 16, 2020

      This. She needs to heal and learn how to love herself before she can find love with anyone else. It’s clear that it all stems from her mom.

  4. GWARL December 16, 2020

    So in May during the reunion you claim to be working it out, then when filming started you say the exact opposite. No in December he’s fighting for his marriage? She must think we’re stupid.

  5. Gee December 16, 2020

    Kenya continues to lie to herself when it comes to her relationship with this man. He deals with her when it is beneficial to him. He will continue to string her along until she decides to leave him, and emotional games alone once and for all.

  6. Divab December 16, 2020

    She doesn’t want to be seen as a failure, but girl he don’t love 💗 you not one pinched of a hair and even Brooklyn isn’t in his future to care and ❤️. She’s stupid as all he has shown her is nothing but disrespect from day one

  7. PinotNoir December 17, 2020

    Her mother’s denial trained her to take ish until people who hate her start liking or loving her. #catch22

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