Mariah Huq Backs Nene Leakes In Discrimination Drama, Implies Black Women Are Being “Used & Abused”

Published: Tuesday 22nd Dec 2020 by Sam

Many may be side-eyeing Nene Leakes for asking fans to “boycott” Bravo after being axed by the ‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta.’

Yet, she appears to have found support from former ‘Married To Medicine’ star Mariah Huq.

See what we mean below…

Huq, who co-created ‘Medicine,’ allegedly wasn’t invited back for season 8. Now, in an interestingly timed move is echoing similar sentiments as Leakes.

She hopped on Instagram and wrote:

“NeNe opened the doors for so many of us in this industry.When she talks we should definitely listen! She brought Bravotv to so many of our households that her name should be synonymous with the Network! Ya’ll know her and Andy are play siblings! Lol #Bloop Who protects Black women from being used & abused? #PushThru sis.. #BenCrump is truly God sent! So grateful for him shining a light to social injustice in our communities. He is holding people accountable and making sure we are being taken seriously! Be sure to tune in!”

As reported in April, Huq revealed she hadn’t received a contract for the upcoming season of ‘Married To Medicine.’ Ever animated, she shared the news with a pic of herself at her empty mailbox.
While eradicating racial injustice in the media scape is a must, yours truly is finding it near impossible to buy into the nonsense being drummed up here.
On both of their shows, each lady was at the center of friction and arguably created fractions and factions in the cast that made for uncomfortable viewing.
So, whether being an “OG” or even having a hand in creating the show, there remains the necessity to be entertaining and at the very least be cordial with the rest of the cast. Something that just doesn’t feel to be the case with Nene or Mariah.
How can one cry foul, or in this case “discrimination,” when we have countless success stories of women using the platform wisely and cultivating colossal followings while doing so (see: Kandi Burruss, Porsha Williams, and many more).

Your thoughts?

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  1. Shayla Queen 👑 December 22, 2020

    So, just do whatever you like and when people have had enough, just cry “I’m black! So therefore I cannot be criticised, called out, and don’t have to be held accountable as that’s racist and discriminatory!”

    That’s not oppression, my dear, that’s a privilege unafforded to any other race.

  2. Susan December 22, 2020

    No. The audience was just tired of seeing you two annoying people

  3. We hatee whyy blacc bitchhzz December 22, 2020

    if nene is fired off show the party will never watch show again. She is the star of the show

  4. Happy+n+Rich December 22, 2020

    Mo’Neque’Ne needs to stop before she torches her whole professional reputation, if she hasn’t done so already. She has no case.

    • Shayla Queen 👑 December 22, 2020

      She was given too many passes for her behavior for far too long. She thought she was bigger than the show.

  5. ME YOU US December 22, 2020

    At end of the day that’s was fake tv..this is real bw looking for there due..dont conflate the 2

  6. Nicky December 22, 2020

    Who are these people??!!’

    I only know that cocky big mouthed Nene and she deserves everything coming to her.

  7. tyty December 22, 2020

    Bravo might provide opportunities for black women but at expense of them playing on racial stereotypes of being loud, violent, promiscuous, broken marriages, aggressive, etc… So please TGI stop with the devils advocate bs!! Andy is a racist look at how he was questioning Monique husbands a black NFL Players finances on the reunion but hasn’t addressed any of the Beverly hills housewives husband finances, fraud cases etc.

    Nene is an insufferable moose but bravo and andy are racist.

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