‘SNL’ Season 46 Finale Ranks As Lowest Rated Season Ender in Show’s History

Published: Monday 24th May 2021 by Rashad

Not even Lil Nas X‘s highly publicized pants split or ‘Queen’s Gambit’ star Anya Taylor-Joy could save ‘SNL’ from the royal ratings slump that was its season 46 finale.

Details inside:

Viewership = 3.5 million (approx.)

May 22 brought with it the finale of ‘SNL’s 46th season.  Hosted by Anya Taylor-Joy, controversial rapper-singer Lil Nas X acted as the musical guest and cranked gave his latest singles – ‘Montero (Call Me By Your Name)’ and ‘Sun Goes Down’ – their inaugural televised live performance debut.

And though social media was set alight by the star’s blazing stage showing, particularly the wardrobe malfunction that saw the 22-year-old’s pants rip in the middle of pole choreography, ratings figures reveal the hype was not enough to secure a commendable season end for the historic sketch show.

In fact, reports have it the episode’s ratings mark the lowest ever for an ‘SNL’ season finale.


“The finale, which sent strong signals that multiple popular long-time cast members may be leaving, drew a 3.5 household Live+Same Day rating in the 44 metered local markets and a 1.5 adults 18-49 rating in the 25 markets with local people meters.

That was even with the rating deliveries last week and is tied for season lows among both households and 18-49 in the metered markets.”


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  1. True Tea May 24, 2021

    So that cringeworthy Lil’ Nas X performance was SNL attempt to draw in viewers, lol

    They tried it.

    • Detruth May 25, 2021

      Right they’re pathetic

  2. K’man May 25, 2021

    Well that’s what happens when you have a garbage artist perform garbage music!

  3. Clarks0o00ñ May 25, 2021

    This is not lil nas x fault

    • Ace Blanks May 25, 2021

      No it ain’t his fault but he sho ain’t help! If they thought he was gonna draw in numbers being it was the finale they were sadly mistaken. His performances were TRAAAAAAAASH!! Like worst of the worst trash!!!!! 🗑

  4. J May 25, 2021

    I’m trying to be shocked by this

    Ratings are down for everything. What were the ratings for Billboard Awards? Has that been reported? I forgot it came on lol 😬🥱

  5. J May 25, 2021

    K I’m back.

    “2020 Billboard Music Awards on NBC Fall 62% From Last Year to New Record Low in Ratings – 3.6 million views”

    I guess y’all should also shade the entire music industry? They both pulled the same numbers basically 😬

    Looks like SNL actually held a higher percentage than the star studded awards show after further reading.

    I need to start a blog at this point 🥱

    • J May 25, 2021

      Wow that was actually 2020!! I’m scared to see 2021’s ratings 😬😬

      I’ma leave THAT reporting to y’all LMAO

      • J May 25, 2021

        Last update – I’m reading 2.3 million but not sure if that includes DVR. If it does, they need to just hang it up and hand this s*** over to TikTok and Facebook/IG, people aren’t watching TV like they used to and Nielsen is an old outdated ratings system as well.

        Y I K E S

    • Clarks0o00ñ May 25, 2021

      Not u about to start a blog before me.

      My blog is still coming tho.

      • UHoesFunny May 25, 2021

        No one’s asking

  6. Roberta FlackSabbath May 25, 2021

    3.5 household Live+Same Day rating in the 44 markets
    1.5 adults 18-49 rating in the 25 markets

    He might be trash, but those ratings are HIGHER than most primetime network shows.

    The CW shows are lucky to get a 0.2 in adults 18-49, the only demo advertisers care about. Most big network primetime shows are stuck at 0.5 18-49 demo.

  7. Dc May 25, 2021

    His new song is tanking didn’t even move up from snl controversy it backfired on him 😂😂😂😂😂

    • J May 25, 2021

      I’m glad lol something need to humble his ass a little bit, his ego will eventually destroy his career. We don’t even know if he’s an album artist or not.

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