Exclusive: Christina Milian Spills on New Netflix Rom-Com ‘Resort To Love’

Published: Monday 26th Jul 2021 by Sam

Christina Milian takes the lead in Netflix‘s new rom-com, ‘Resort To Love.’

In the film – which is produced by Alicia Keys – the multi-hyphenated star plays rising singer Erica.

By happenstance, she unintentionally agrees to perform at her former fiancé’s wedding on a luxurious Mauritius island resort.

While navigating a tricky spot in her music career, she’s also tasked with keeping her past relationship with Jason (played by Jay Pharoah) hidden from his bride-to-be Beverly (Christiani Pitts).

The fun-filled film follows Erica as she explores rekindled feelings, a possible new romance with Jason’s brother Caleb (Sinqua Walls), and more.

That Grape Juice caught up with Milian ahead of the flick’s July 29 release on Netflix.

Check out her EXCLUSIVE chat with TGJ’s Chet Kincaid above.

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  1. Yummy Cummy July 26, 2021

    She used to be a music producer f*****, now she is film producer f*****, ok gurl! Do yo s*** thang!

    • Maryjane July 26, 2021

      She is married with 3 children! Crawl back!

    • The Only Yuppie July 26, 2021

      You flavorless, tip obese lipped ghetto lullaby. Jason Aldean is wack!!! Come for me you ugly bish!!! Lost all year!!! The Weeknd name is Abel. Not Jason!! Watch the karma!!!!

      • Yummy Cummy July 27, 2021

        That’s right! Tell that trashy bish. She’s a piece of ghetto trash.

    • Fancy BISH (FLAVOR & FAVOR) July 27, 2021

      I won as usual, all the flavor taking care of me and ON me lmaoooo…both of ya’ll are retarded and make no sense WTF lol

  2. Are You Kidding Me? July 26, 2021

    Sinqua is still fine as wine. Had a crush on him since Once Upon a Time when he played Lancelot.

    I’ll check it out. I need Megan Good to hurry up with that Love by the Tenth Date series. Unfortunately they’ll have to recast Brandon P Jackson’s homophobic self.

  3. Kevon July 27, 2021

    Beyoncé’s Ex-Drummer Files for Restraining Order, Alleging “Extreme Witchcraft”
    Kimberly Thompson reportedly claims that she suffered from Beyoncé’s “magic spells of sexual molestation,” and that Beyoncé “murdered my pet kitten”…post that grape juice

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