‘The X Factor’ Officially Axed After 17 Years

Published: Thursday 29th Jul 2021 by Sam

The plug has been pulled on ‘The X Factor.’

Full story below…

The singing competition, created by Simon Cowell, launched with the UK series in 2004 and became a global phenomenon.

Indeed, beyond birthing the careers of homegrown stars such as Leona Lewis, One Direction, Little Mix, JLS, and Alexandra Burke, the show launched localized iterations airing in France, Israel, and many other countries including the USA – the latter of which formed Fifth Harmony. 

In its heyday, ‘The X Factor’ was event television, the epicenter of conversation, and a mega-machine producing stars on an annual basis. For its revolving door of famous judges, its exposure and large pay-packet made the gig one of the most sought-after.

Recent years, however, have seen ratings wane – with many viewers bemoaning the yearly sameness of the format and its arguable disconnect with the modern music marketplace.

It led to the series being benched in 2019 for a “multi-year hiatus.”

However, a new statement from ITV makes clear that it won’t be back:

“There are no current plans for the next series of The X Factor at this stage.”

It’s worth noting that with Cowell owning the format he could possibly take it elsewhere for a revival in the future. However, sources close to the situation suggest there is a universal understanding that it’s run its natural course.

Instead, Cowell – who recently closed his Syco label – is focussing his energies on his new ITV show ‘Walk The Line,’ another singing competition format that sees talent compete for a monetary grand-prize (instead of a record contract).


There is no denying that, at its peak, ‘The X Factor’ was everything. From the raw talent to the ratings-driven “drama” to huge celebrity performances. It was a moment in time.

Unfortunately, it didn’t adapt to the times and evolve at a fast enough rate.

With the advent of social media and millions now hip to the inner workings of the music industry, it called for a show that skewed less pantomime and one that was more rooted in the willful discovery of viable recording stars. Sadly, that didn’t happen and format fatigue ensued.

Still, there’ll be memories…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Nicky July 29, 2021

    I knew it. C******* is using YouTube bots for views . Look at her likes and comments.

    Mani 21M views
    #3 Trending

    C******* 17M views
    #9 Trending

    She’s desperate and thinks the public is dumb. However she may be debuting outside top 50. Mani will still be higher it’s projected 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • beyunlimited July 29, 2021

      you keep calling someone a m*****? you’re calling a beautiful girl a m*****? hahahahahahaha. We all knew that you’re the one that probably look like one. Just get a mirror bro. You will that bad karma soon. just watch and see.

    • Shayla Queen™ 👑 July 29, 2021

      Don’t Go Yet is about to overtake Wild Side in YouTube views. You talk pure shït, my darling.

  2. Nicky July 29, 2021

    F** w Mani. It’s gone cost ya. Big time.

    • beyunlimited July 29, 2021

      Honestly, you r the only one bothered here. Camila and normani are friends and both have money and fame (Camila is more popular tho). they are successful and talented in their own unique ways.

    • Yummy Cummy July 29, 2021

      STFU Nicky da biggest c:u;n;t. Bet yo p:u:s:s:y got teeth

  3. KeyLoLo July 29, 2021

    Good…do the same for American Idol and the rest of these overrated sing a long a ss shows

    • True Tea July 29, 2021


      There will never be another Whitney. Time move on…

  4. Yummy Cummy July 29, 2021

    Wonder how many audition guys or girls that he f*****????

  5. truthteller July 29, 2021

    Glad it’s off the air now that we know the racism that went on with Misha B being accused of bullying and Alexandra Burke asked to bleach her skin.

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