Mo’Nique Signs Major Deal with Endemol Shine to Develop Unscripted Projects

Published: Wednesday 4th Aug 2021 by Sam

Mo’Nique is getting to the money.

And this time it’s in partnership with Endemol Shine North America.

Full story below…

Per Deadline, the pact will see the comedienne develop unscripted shows that she will star in and also shape for talent.

The venture reteams Mo with Cris Abrego, the CEO, Endemol Shine Holdings, and the man who cast her in VH1’s ‘Charm School’ 15 years ago when he was at the helm of 51 Minds.

In partnership with Endemol, Mo’Nique will produce the shows through Hicks Media – the production company she runs with her husband/manager Sidney Hicks.

Speaking on the deal, Monique said :

“It is an honor for Hicks Media Inc. to be forming a partnership with such a creative force in the industry as Endemol Shine, and it is an exciting opportunity to have an ally with the fearlessness, integrity and vision of its CEO, Cris Abrego.” 


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  1. Shayla Queen™ 👑 August 4, 2021

    Not this whinging hag again

  2. Clarks0o00ñ August 4, 2021

    I can bet they paid her less than what Netflix wanted to pay her.

    I hope she’s not still waiting for an apology from oprah cause miss oprah dont care about nobody but oprah.

  3. Clarks0o00ñ August 4, 2021

    “Mo’Nique will produce the shows through Hicks Media – the production company she runs with her husband/manager Sidney Hicks.”

    This will not end well.
    Her husband is the problem

    • Shayla Queen™ 👑 August 4, 2021

      Chiiiiile I never knew she was married, I genuinely thought she was gay?

    • KeyLoLo August 4, 2021

      That’s the part that got me. Working with her is fine (I guess, I think) but her husband in the mix won’t end so well. I would NOT want to work w him. He is going to have more say than MoNique

  4. Detruth August 4, 2021

    Hopefully she is getting paid fairly this time. I want her to win she’s still my favorite female comedian she’s hilarious.

  5. Munchie August 4, 2021

    Patience is truly a virtue. I bet those who said what they said back then are eating their words now. Congrats MO!

  6. I DONT CARE August 4, 2021

    The nay Sayers, are such ass-crack s*** smellers. I would rather respect someone who has the balls to standup for what they believe in, THAN a bunch of yes men willing to short change themselves because they have no self respect or idea of what they are worth and will bow down to the big machinery that pays them. STAND for something or FALL for everything. Know your worth!

    • Shayla Queen™ 👑 August 4, 2021

      Shut up! lmaoooooooo 🤣

    • True Tea August 4, 2021

      Mo’Nique is very messy. I’m actually surprised anyone is willing to work with her after she leaked the phone conversation between her & Tyler Perry.

      Also she did not stand up hun, she didn’t get her way & decided to expose an Industry she was apart of since the late 90’s. Where was all this smoke then? Hollyweird has been racists & s/e/x/i/e/s/t for decades & MANY Women have been affected yet no word until very recently.

      • I DONT CARE August 5, 2021

        I have realized that comprehension is not part of the school system in America, so let me translate. I said I would rather respect someone who stands up for what THEY believe in, rather than someone who just follows the crowd just to fit IN. Right, wrong or indifferent , she has never waivered in her belief and stance. Stand for something or fall for everything!

    • True Tea August 5, 2021

      You where being shady darling. Respect Mo’nique or anyone who stands up for themselves…yes but I also respect those who feel indifferent toward Mo’Nique.

      You’re not on Mo’Nique’s payroll & be thankful you’re not because you definitely wouldn’t get much. There was no need read & roast the so called “nay sayers” (in your words) for Mo’Nique.

      • I DONT CARE August 5, 2021

        Yes i was being shady about persons who did not respect her personal convictions. I would respect anyone’s personal beliefs even if it wasn’t mine, but this site has bandwagonists who would rather take personal character jabs at people they dont even know personally or were never a fly on the wall during a given situation.

  7. Tt August 6, 2021

    Hollywood does not like a strong BLACK heterosexual couple operating as a united front. I find it funny he is “the problem” when he doesn’t allow for his Black actress wife to be treated any kind of way by the industry…

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