Watch: Porsha Williams Tells All About ‘Predator’ R. Kelly, Having Suicidal Thoughts, & More on ‘Tamron’

Published: Wednesday 1st Dec 2021 by Rashad

Porsha Williams didn’t bite her tongue on the Tuesday (November 30) episode of ‘Tamron Hall Show.’

There, the ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ star – hot on the promo trail for her solo reality venture ‘Porsha Family Matters’ and memoir ‘The Pursuit of Porsha’ (on book shelves now) – dished on a number of hot topics including her controversial engagement to film producer Simon Guobadia, “abusive” relationship with R. Kelly, battling suicidal thoughts, and so much more.

Look inside to hear the revealing chat.


“I had dealt with a lot of bullying in school…[but] I had a support system and that’s why I wanted to talk about it because it’s not just kids who’ve been neglected who find themselves in those dark places,” she said before later continuing, “All I can say at this moment, it was by the grace of God to save me in that moment because, as a child, you don’t think that once you stop your breath, it doesn’t come back. That’s why a lot of children, God rest their souls, are suffering from that now. A lot of kids have died from suicide. So I wanted to talk about that. But by passing through that [depression and suicidal thoughts] as a child, I kept facing those same demons over and over.”


“He had just been one of the men who was a predator in my life, who had taken advantage of me and mentally abused me in my life. I saw him no different than those [other predatory men from my past]. That same darkness, the same treatment, they faced and met the same Porsha who didn’t know her self worth. I didn’t love myself. I didn’t see who I was in those situations. I was a grown woman. I had a penthouse in Buckhead, I had my own business. I wasn’t your usual so-called victim. But…I did not value who I was, that’s how I got myself into those situations.”


“He’s Nigerian…it’s just called Nigerian culture. They are allowed and are open to having multiple wives. Some have two [wives],” she started before later continuing, “Simon has been in America since he was about 17 and I’m American, so we’re gonna have one wife and one husband.  As far as the cheating goes, no one’s perfect. I cheated on my first boyfriend and that was a horrible experience. The point is to learn from those experiences and decide what kind of man you want to be and what kind of husband you actually want to be.”


Watch the interview in full above.

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  1. Ja December 1, 2021

    Please, as a viewer, I will only have the mental capacity to consume entertainment that moves me forward as a human being. Honestly, Thankfully Porschia

    I feel this brings your brand down.

    I feel you are above this conversation.

    You as a brand is too valuable for this title or even a network for that matter, im sure you have many things going on that even if daytime television doesnt find it worthy of sharing you will profit more prudent if we all just move forward.

  2. Marshamarshamarsha December 1, 2021

    Porsha is beautiful garbage. That’s the best way to describe her.

    40 years old and still a mess! A homewrecking harlot just like Alicia Keys.

    She befriended Falynn. Broke bread in her home. Swam in her pool, then took her man! That’s girl code #1. Even if you weren’t besties , you were still in that woman’s presence , in her HOME on multiple occasions!

    Porsha always had some s*** with her but this is a new low. Then to be parading her recklessness around!! A whole media tour!

    This stinks💩

  3. Urban MILF December 1, 2021

    Explains her p***-poor attitude

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