TV Recap: ‘Euphoria’ Season 2 Episode 3

Published: Sunday 23rd Jan 2022 by Ryan

HBO‘s ‘Euphoria’ is unveiling all.

This week’s episode mainly focused on Cal Jacobs (Eric Dane) and could easily be the series’ darkest episode to date. Full of twists and turns, read our full recap below…

Young Cal is seen at the start of the episode, where he picks up his friend after wrestling practice. The two spend time doing something trivial together – because isn’t that what teenage friendships are all about?

It’s during this time that he meets a girl named Marsha, who is very forward with her intentions and while he resists, Cal cannot wait to tell his friend Derek. He and Derek discuss what he and Marsha did – which will make even the most overt person blush.

The young adults are seen having fun and living life in the next couple of scenes. However, when Cal and Derek get ready to go to college, they unknowingly stumble into a gay bar. The two take shots and dance to music, before they share a kiss.

The next morning Cal wakes up to a phone call from Marsha, who tells him she is pregnant – because even standard tropes still apply to this groundbreaking show.

Flash-forward to present day, and Jules continues her jealous streak toward Rue’s new friend, Elliot. However, they oddly become friends, which was nice to see. It helped to show some real growth to Jules’ character in the show.

Elsewhere, the focus is on the Nate, Cassie, and Maddy love-triangle. Cassie and Nate continue their affair behind Maddy’s back, which didn’t take a genius to predict would happen.

Rue and Fez begin plotting together. It begins with her going over to Lori’s house, where she is fronted with $10,000 – the average paycheck, nothing special.

Cal confronts Fez about the tape of him and Jules having sex, but Fez is unaware of any tape. He reveals that Nate is in love with Jules, but promises to help if he leaves Rue and Jules alone, proving that even though he may deal drugs, Fez is the best and most honorable character on the show.

The episode ends with Nate going to meet Maddy and blowing off Cassie, as Rue escapes with her money after a confrontation with Ali.

While this week’s episode was one of the most detailed, it certainly sets up the events to come.

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