Exclusive: Regina Hall Talks New Movie ‘Master’ & Hosting the Oscars 2022

Published: Wednesday 16th Mar 2022 by Sam

Regina Hall returns to screens in Amazon Studios thriller, ‘Master.’

Serving as the debut offering from director-writer Mariama Diallo, the movie relays the layered narrative of three women striving to find their place at a prestigious New England university; an institution whose rigid elitism is hiding something much darker beneath its shiny veneer.

Hall leads as Professor Gail Bishop, who has become the first Black woman to be promoted to the position of ‘Master’ of a residence hall.

Eager to affect positive change, a series of events sees Gail confronted with the shocking prospect of the school possibly being haunted in a way few could ever have imagined

Ahead of the film’s release on Amazon’s Prime Video on March 18, That Grape Juice‘s Chet Kincaid sat down with Hall, who opened up about playing Gail, hosting the upcoming Oscars 2022, and more.

Check out the interview above.

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  1. J March 17, 2022

    Throw the entire Studio away

    • What would Whitney do March 17, 2022

      I’m sure if amazon offered your ugly face a deal you’d have your mouth wide open. This site is a breeding site for haters. Regina hall has been in plenty successful movies.

    • Roberta FlackSabbath March 17, 2022

      Today, Amazon finalized its purchase of MGM, one the original studio greats. It’s not going anywhere. It just cemented its place. Amazon is now the home of James Bond, Rocky/Creed, Addams Family, Legally Blonde, Barbershop, Stargate, Wizard of Oz…

    • J March 17, 2022

      The Trash. 🚮🗑️

  2. What would Whitney do March 17, 2022

    The oscars gonna be fun with as scary movie , girls trip first Sunday Regina hall hosting.

  3. Roberta FlackSabbath March 17, 2022

    Regina is a great comedic actress and a fantastic dramatic actress in movies like Support the Girls.

    Always worth checking out…

  4. Nice March 17, 2022

    Chet is cute. What’s his xxx twitter handle?

    • J March 17, 2022

      Get you some d***

      • Nice March 18, 2022

        I got all the D he needs

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