Xfinity Spotlight: T.Murph Talks Career in Comedy & Life Beyond the Stage

Published: Thursday 22nd Sep 2022 by Sam

When the spotlight hits, one thing is for certain: T.Murph is sure to bring the funny.  

Renowned for his hilarity both on the stand-up circuit and as an actor on-screen, the Chicago-reared comic has amassed an ever-growing fanbase thanks to his unique brand of real and relatable.  

As longtime visitors will know, here at That Grape Juice, we’re ever eager to veer beyond the surface to discover more about our favorite names.  

Therefore, we’re elated to team with Xfinity to sit down with T.Murph, who opens up in earnest about his grind, as well as how he unwinds.  

Read our exclusive interview—brought to you by Xfinity—here.

You stay booked and busy! How has 2022 been treating T.Murph? 

It’s been treating me well! I’ve been on tour and in a lot of clubs and working on my own projects, and life has been good. 

How did you get into acting and stand-up? Any defining moments you can share?

Working at a Barber Shop! Working at a Barber Shop and being funny and constantly having people tell me that I should try stand up which eventually led me to acting. I want to thank everyone in the Barber Shop! 


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For all the enjoyment, laughs, and upliftment (for others) that comes with your job,  performing takes a lot, there’s also creative blocks and the like. Tell us what T.Murph does to relax and stay inspired? 

I like to hop on a game from home; the Ps5 or the Xbox and connect with my friends that way. I  also actually like to go chill out on a rooftop at some of my favorite locations downtown.  

We know you’ve got the gift of gab. Tell us a little bit about your personal online community you’ve created as an extension of your craft. 

Yea, my social media following in general. Whether it’s Tik-Tok Instagram or FaceBook I like to engage my followers with my point of view and my style of humor. 

Given your line of work and other interests, what are three things our reader may be surprised to learn you can’t live without and why? 

1) my Xfinity internet! Because it powers my video games! I can’t live without my PS5 2) The gym 3) I drink a gallon of water every day! 

We are undoubtedly in the era of diversifying the hustle. Are there additional hustles you have in motion or hope to have in the future? 

Yea, I resell shoes and game systems. I like to buy them and resell them. That’s one of my hustles. 

Like billions the world over, the web is our everything. From updating our readers to catching our favorite shows, what do you use the ‘net most for and with? 

My in-home music, playlists,  and video games powered by Xfinity Wifi. And definitely social media because I’m constantly building my fan base and expanding. 

What’s next for T.Murph? 

Definitely looking to film my 1-hour special! That’s the next thing up for me!

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[Photo Credit: Brian McConkey]

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