Pop phenomenon Lady GaGa continues stacking up her promo spots, most recently appearing in hit US TV show ‘Gossip Girl’ where she “performed” new single ‘Bad Romance’. I say “performed” as, like with all TV  shows, such performances are never live (which is justified). In any case, GaGa better that promo! I’m loving ‘The Fame Monster’!

Randomness: I’ve never seen an episode of ‘Gossip Girl’. Is it actually any good?

Your thoughts?

For the last 10 or so weeks, R&B singer Mya has been doing the damn thing on Dancing With The Stars, so much so that she’s danced her way into the final week. Check out her performances above. I’m really hoping she wins – she’s been so consistent through-out the duration of the show. Go Mya!

Your thoughts?


Former Sugababe Keisha Buchanan has quashed rumours that the original line-up of the controversial brand band are set to reform. Consistent of Buchanan, Mutya Buena and Siobhán Donaghy, the trio burst on the scene in 2000 with the smash ‘Overload’.

Speaking of the rumours on her Twitter page literally moments ago, the 25 year old singer said:

“I’m not re-forming the sugababes. We’ve spoken & I’m pleased they’ve lent me their support & vice versa. But we’re 100% NOT reforming xxx”

Though a supporter of what the band used to stand for (Pop music that you were ‘allowed’ to like LOL), I’m definitely more eager to see what Ms. Buchanan serves up on her own. Her solo album, which she is recording as I type, drops next year via Island Records.

Your thoughts?

That Grape Juice was invited to the DVD recording of Beyonce‘s ‘I Am…’ show here in London this past Sunday. Having already attended back in May, I was sure of a great show, however I could never have fathomed being picked during the ‘Say My Name’ segment! LOL

I have a major habit of leaving my professionalism in my seat and reverting into stan mode at concerts (can’t help it, I’m still a music fan just like everyone else) and this was no different. After making eye contact with Beyonce (or perhaps due to my bright blue mac jacket…thanks Topman!), I next find myself with a mic in my face and our encounter all over the big screens for 20,000 people to see. Though ‘in the zone’, I can feel my Blackberry vibrating…calls, emails, texts…”I’m watching you on screen right now with Bey LOL”.

As mentioned, this was the DVD recording hence I’m pretty sure I’ll be the ‘hyped fan’ making the cut LOL. Can’t wait to see it LMAO. Sweet Jesus…

In any case, a wonderful evening. Bouncy did the damn the thing!

Tidbit: The stars must be aligned right for my household, as the 1st time I went my stan sister got the towel…and this time time I did. Random, ay?

Your thoughts?

It’s finally here! There official full-length video for Beyonce and Lady GaGa’s new remix for ‘Video Phone’ has been released! The clip was directed by Hype Williams and hit the airwaves literally moments ago. The song, which has thus far peaked at #51 on the Hip-Hop/R&B charts, serves as the 8th single from Beyonce’s 3rd multi-platinum studio album ‘I Am…Sasha Fierce’.

Even though the budget for this project was clearly as low as all of Beyonce’s recent flicks, it definitely had my blood pumping! Yes they looked like a couple of cheap video models for the most part, but it was thrilling to see two of music’s current biggest stars share a screen. I may be just having an adrenaline high right now but I am definitely liking the song a whole lot more after seeing this!

Sidebar: the intro was SICK!



The ever fashionable Rihanna hit the stage at the 02 Academy in Brixton early today. She performed several songs from her catalog including new material from her upcoming album, ‘Rated R’, which will hits stores on November 20th. Featured in the concert were surprise guests Jay-Z and Young Jeezy. Peep the performances below:

‘Wait Your Turn (The Wait Is Ova)’

‘Umbrella’ (featuring Jay-Z)

‘Hard’ (featuring Young Jeezy)

Sidebar: Sam attended the event and barely made out with his hearing intact…


In what seems to be ‘new music video season’, Alicia Keys has put forward her clip for her new single ‘Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart’. The project debuted on BET’s 106 & Park just a few minutes ago. Keys’ forthcoming album, ‘The Element of Freedom’, hits stores on December 15th. Notably, the first single from the album, ‘Doesn’t Mean Anything’, failed to climb further than #60 on the Billboard Hot 100.

This is typical Keys video – glamour shots, her posing next to her piano and shots of the city. I am still trying to grasp how the super hero concept ties in with the song or even the rest of the video for that matter. It definitely seems a bit jarring. However, given the strong support that many people have been giving the song, I sense that it may outperform it’s predecessor, regardless of video. Whether or not Alicia has lost her ‘Midas touch’ remains to be completely determined.

Check out this behind the scenes look at Janet Jackson‘s ‘Make Me‘ video. Simple, clean and killer choreography…I’m liking what I see.

Randomness: I’ve just come back from the Rihanna London show. My head hurts…haven’t ascertained whether it was her or the fact I haven’t eaten anything (literally) all day. Ignore my tired babble…

Your thoughts?

Belly dancing beauty Shakira has just dropped the full version of the video for her new song ‘Give It Up To Me’. The track was produced by Timbaland, who also co-wrote the track along with Dwayne Carter, and features the ever-present Lil Wayne. Shakira’s new album, ‘She Wolf’, will be released in the US on November 23rd.

The video is by no means as thrilling as her other recent releases (see She Wolf) but it serves its purpose. I appreciate the fact that Shakira is experimenting with new sounds and concepts on this album, as well as more intricate choreography instead of remaining in her comfort zone (although I have no problem with her mesmerising hip shaking). All the more power to her for being creative with her artistry.

Sidebar: I am eager to hear the Illuminati theorists perspectives on the symbolism of her multi-handed Statue of Liberty. Bring on the crazies…


As the world (well figuratively speaking) awaits the video for Beyonce and Lady GaGa‘s clip for ‘Video Phone’, a brief preview has surfaced. Looks like some $$$ was put down on this one. Liking what I see, yet will reserve full judgement until seeing the video in its entirety.

Your thoughts?

Yet another clip has surfaced from Beyonce’s ‘I Am…Yours: An Intimate Performance at Wynn Las Vegas’ tour DVD. Filmed at the Encore Theatre in Las Vegas, the project will be released on November 23rd and footage from the event will air on ABC on November 26th.

As usual, Beyonce killed it! She truly has an understanding of her gift and demonstrates what a dynamic performer is all about. I will be first in line if she ever comes to Trinidad and Tobago!

Sidebar: Sam went to her recent performance at the o2 Arena in London this weekend and got the coveted ‘Say My Name’ moment. Aren’t we all just happy for him…?


R&B star Chris Brown kicked off his ‘Fan Appreciation Tour’ in a sold-out venue at the House of Blues in Houston, Texas on Saturday. Included in the set list was the very first live performance of the 2nd single from his upcoming album, ‘Graffiti’. The song, entitled ‘Crawl’, has already managed to debut at #99 on the Hip-Hop R&B charts after only 3 days of official release. The video for the track can be seen here.

Great performance. It looks like Rihanna isn’t the only one who has been taking vocal classes recently. I applaud him for singing this live given the high energy, dance-infused nature of his show. Keep it up Chris.