R&B singer Chris Brown is set to star in holiday flick ‘This Christmas’ alongside Regina King. The teen star co-directed this video for the song (of the same name) from the film’s soundtrack. Both the song and video are pretty decent. Veering off topic slightly, this has just reminded me of how quick 2007 has gone by – we’re at the end of the year already. Anyway, ‘This Christmas’ will hit theatres across the US on November 21st.

What do you think of the song/video?

As many of our readers will know, I interviewed R&B singer Mario last week (look out for the interview later this week). The ‘Crying Out For Me’ singer confirmed that he will be doing shows in the UK during December. Below are the dates and other info:

Tuesday December 4th – Jazz Cafe, London

Wednesday December 5th – Jazz Cafe, London

Thursday December 6th – Jazz Cafe, London
Tickets for the shows are available now via See Tickets, click here to purchase.

Will you be checking for Mario’s shows?

As the release of ‘The Beyonce Experience’ DVD draws nearer, new performances from the set are starting to surface. Check out the red-hot performance the singer gave of ‘Freakum Dress’ above and the ‘Baby Boy / Murder He Wrote’ performance below:

Hate it or love it, these go to show why she is considered to be the ‘Hottest Chick In The Game’.

What do you think of the performances?

Hip Hop star Jay-Z’s new LP ‘American Gangter’ shot straight to the top of the Billboard 200 album chart this week, with sales in excess of 425,000. The rapper is now tied with the legendary Elvis Presley for the most #1 albums – both having 10 apiece – just behind The Beatles.

Some other chartings this week include Chris Brown’s sophomore set ‘Exclusive’ which debuted at #4 with an impressive 294,00 copies sold and Cassidy’s ‘B.A.R.S’ album which charted at #10 – selling 63,000 copies. {Source}

Having heard the album myself, I feel Jay deserves to do well with this record. I’m guessing the naysayers will have to fall back now.

Your thoughts?
Hollywood actresses Gabrielle Union, Nia Long and Sanaa Lathan were interviewed together for the December issue of Essence magazine. As well as addressing the hardship they face as black women in Hollywood, the trio discussed internet gossip blogs. Check out what they had to say:

Gabrielle: Just last week somebody gave me a baby. This isn’t Perez Hilton or the White gossip people, these are women of color, specifically Black women who, for whatever reason, don’t like the company I keep.

Sanaa: She’s talking about the gossip sites.

Essence: The blogs.

Sanaa: That are run by Black women.

Gabrielle: And now because everyone is clamoring for celebrity tidbits, the bigger gossip sites and even mainstream entities are picking up on it. No fact-checking, no nothing. And in one week’s time, there were like five different dudes, a baby – I’m a homewrecker. In literally seven days. I can’t point the finger at the White media. They don’t care about us. Paparazzi are not staked out in front of any of our houses. They are not going through our garbage because they don’t care about us in that way. So when you hear crap about us, it is coming from our own community, which hurts.

Nia: We are some of the few Black actresses whose passions are rooted in our community.

Gabrielle: There is this idea that there is integrity in journalism; if it’s written it has to be true. But that’s not the case. When blogs or any of the magazines get it wrong, there’s no accountability. In the next breath, they’ll complain on the blogs that we don’t have enough Black stars. Well, you rip us to shreds every two seconds from our nose to the weave to the clothes to the shoes to the ashy ankles. {Source}

Though I can see where they’re coming from (especially Gabby), they know the business they’re in and what comes with it. In a day and age where any publicity is becoming good publicity, they’re best bet is to just get on with it.

Do you agree with their comments?
R&B superstar Mary J. Blige features on the cover for the November issue of fashion and beauty magazine Genlux. As has been the case recently, Mary’s looking great. ‘Growing Pains’, Mary’s forthcoming studio album, is set for release on December 18th.

What do you think of the cover?

The video for Alicia Keys’ new single ‘Like You’ll Never See Me Again’ premiered on TRL yesterday (November 13th). Considering the, somewhat, lacking nature of her last vid ‘No One’, I’m really found this to be much more engaging. Rapper Common makes a cameo in the vid. Alicia’s new album ‘As I Am’ is in stores now.

What do you think of the video?

Like myself, I’m sure many of you are tired of Soulja Boy’s ‘Crank That’ song/craze, but this remix caught my attention. Last month I posted a performance of the 17 year old performing a more edgy-rock inspired version of the song on the Jimmy Kimmel show with former Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker. Since then, this studio version of the remix has surfaced; I’m liking this one alot and think it’s actually better than the original.

Hit or Miss?

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A short preview of Beyonce’s forthcoming ‘The Beyonce Experience Tour’ DVD has surfaced. Having attended the London show back in June (click here to read my review), I feel it definitely captured the spectacle of what was one of the best live shows in a long while IMO. The DVD will be released on November 20th.

Will you be picking up ‘The Beyonce Experience’ DVD?

As reported a couple of weeks back, ‘I Still Will’ is the latest single to be lifted from 50 Cent’s ‘Curtis’ LP. The video for the track, which features R&B star Akon, premiered yesterday. Jesse Terrero (‘Wanksta’, ‘Candy Shop’) directed the clip; I can’t lie, I’m feeling this one.

What do you think of the video?

Rapper Lil’ Wane covers three special edition covers of the January/February (Love/Hate) issue of XXL. Check the two below:

{Click pics to enlarge}

I’m kinda lost for words with Weezy and these covers. Damn.

What do you think of the covers?
As many of you by now Kanye West’s mother, Dr. Donda West, sadly passed away over the weekend. West was 58. Whilst no official word has been given on the cause of death, some reports have cited ‘complications from cosmetic surgery’. Check out the reports below, both via TMZ:

A plastic surgeon refused to perform plastic surgery on Dr. Donda West because he thought there was a risk of a heart attack. Dr. Andre Abolian told her she needed to get clearance from an internist but Dr. West went ahead with a tummy tuck and breast reduction without the co-sign from the internist.

The fire service were called to Ms West’s residence, following a 911 call:

A hospital spokesperson tells TMZ that an unresponsive West was brought to their ER around 8:00 PM Saturday night. They attempted to resuscitate her, but were unsuccessful. She was pronounced dead around 8:30 PM that night.

Whatever the cause, this really is sad. When I heard the news on Saturday, I was in shock. Evidently Kanye and Donda were close and it’s probably near impossible to identify with what he’s going through right now. Having been in London when he received the news, I can’t help but think what the plane journey home must have been like for him. My condolences go out to the entire West family. RIP Dr. Donda West.

Your thoughts?