Exclusive: Usher Lines Up New Single

Published: Friday 29th Oct 2010 by Sam

That Grape Juice has exclusively learned that Usher is set to release ‘More’ as the next single from his Platinum selling comeback ‘Raymond vs Raymond’.

As at writing, the club-destined anthem is to serve as his next UK / International offering, with intentions for the track Stateside currently unknown.


The R&B crooner is evidently looking to keep the party going, given the striking similarity of ‘More’ to the LP’s earlier hits ‘OMG’ and ‘DJ Got Us Falling In Love’. That said, for variety sake, it may have perhaps been a better call to see the lush ‘Make Love Into The Night’ afforded the single treatment.

In any case, (for those who missed it months ago) check out Usher’s shows-stopping performance of the song at the NBA  All Stars game …

Your thoughts?

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  1. kw October 29, 2010

    I remember the NBA performance but was it really show stopping. Not sure if I agree with that statement, . I do agree however that I would prefer a R&B song to get the single treatment. Anywho much success to this single.

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  2. FortuneCookie October 29, 2010

    “Guilty” would have been a better choice as a single

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  3. Soulful Roses October 29, 2010

    I’m happy Usher is seeing success with “OMG” and “DJ Got Us Fallin” In Love Again”……but, they are so not his style. He seems so out of place singing songs like that. Usher needs to realize that he doesn’t have to go with whats in. Usher can pull me in just standing there singing one of his slow jams. But with that being said, I will always root for him. Hes just an all-around great entertainer 🙂 …Go Usher!!

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  4. Jay October 29, 2010

    I think its a great single choice for the european side of the globe because this would be another hit for him there, anyway i like the song and i look forward to the video and what not, btw that was a show stopping performance!!

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  5. NICE! October 29, 2010

    YAWN THE F*** YAWN!!!

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  6. usher October 29, 2010

    king USHER

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  7. Wire October 29, 2010

    Another #1 smash hit as usual.

    Poor Fist Brown. Deuces and Yeah 3X will never do it.

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  8. OMGTré! – Blog *click FOR KANYE WEST NUDE PICS** October 29, 2010

    I wish Usher would go back to 8701…

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  9. JORDAN October 29, 2010

    This song is old as f***

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  10. royalkev October 29, 2010

    ^^^^ So true 8701 was his best album. It’s the reason why no matter what he does, I continue to be a fan. I am not in love with “Raymond vs Raymond”, wasn’t crazy for “Here I stand” or even that into “Confessions” – it’s all like 1 long song!… but, I’m still in his corner though. He deserves all his success. He’s definitely this generations King!

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  11. royalkev October 29, 2010

    BTW, that was a showstopping performance. Usher was killing them!

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  12. amar October 29, 2010

    have u guys all heard ushers first every song he made
    call me a mack
    yout tube it

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  13. J_Nova October 29, 2010

    Dammit usher can I get some R&B please..

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  14. Wire October 29, 2010

    8701 wouldn’t sale if it was released today.

    You African people illegally download his music.

    Whites (mainstream) buys it so he has to cater to them.

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  15. NICKY October 29, 2010



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  16. royalkev October 29, 2010

    @ Wire – You idiots are so ignorant. “Africans” aren’t downloading as much as whites. African Americans, Caucasian people as well as many people of different races are downloading tons of music in every genre. The only style of music you can sell huge numbers in these days seems to only be in Country. Alicia Keys isn’t catering to white mainstream and she sold over 400,000 in her first week. She always sold millions! I’m not entertaining you any longer after this, but you really need to think before you state anything so ridiculous! You need to go back to the root of all your evil and undo everything!

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  17. DANBOFFICIAL October 29, 2010

    R&B SELL OUT B****



    NEXT >>>>>>>>

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  18. DANBOFFICIAL October 29, 2010





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  19. drfenty October 29, 2010

    chris brown who?

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  20. DANBOFFICIAL October 29, 2010






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  21. Lamb No1 October 29, 2010

    He looks so gay 🙁

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  22. Renae October 29, 2010

    ‘Make Love Into The Night’ in my opinion is the best song on the album. Why don’t just ask the fans??????

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  23. Janet October 29, 2010

    Just wanted to point out to the Rihanna fans that just because you like her doesnt mean he’s over. People are JUST beginning to give him another chance. Deuces blew up like it did without a lot people supporting him. Chris is taking small steps in the right direction and obviously its working because everyone who “hates” him continues to talk about him for no reason. I mean did the post even mention CB? It’s gotten to the point that you guys even know his new songs. Good job Chris! Im proud of you.

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  24. Janet October 29, 2010

    Now for the Usher. I love this dude, but another pop song? I’ll admit its smart because OMG and DJ Got Us Falling In Love were huge compared to There Goes My Baby, Hot Tottie, Lil Freak, Daddy’s Home, etc. I miss R&B Usher but to be honest R&B Usher really sucks these days. I hate the last 3 songs I named above.

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  25. Soulful Roses October 29, 2010

    @DanBUnOfficial is a deluded PUNK! That is all…

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  26. lola October 29, 2010

    Wire, get your p*ssy, racist, ignorant, retarded a** off the f**king blog if you’re going to make hateful racist statements like that! Last time I checked the people who own all these major illegal download sites are f**king white! Every single race and ethnicity illegally download music! That’s just like me saying that only white people getting f**king wasted and end up killing innocent victims while driving drunk because that’s all we see on TV is white people partying, getting sloppy drunk, and getting DUIs!

    Anyway, Usher is nothing but a punk a** sellout who is catering to the mainstream audience! It’s very sad and pathetic. I love music and if I was an artist I couldn’t imagine making meaningless pop music just to stay relevant! It’s so obvious and low that he’s only doing this music to stay around. Usher has never done pop whatsoever, he’s been able to have his urban music crossover!

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  27. Piotrek(L) October 29, 2010

    I think that It is the best choice as an UK / International single, but why so late Usher… Altough it still has a chance to be a huge hit 😉 I also claim that , Folling Around or Guilty should be the next US single. The enormous potential of this songs cannot be wasted!

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  28. Avenger October 29, 2010

    Usher sold out and is making white music for white people. Trying to cater to that gay ass Lady Gaga audience. Black radio is abandoning him too. OMG and DJ got minimal airplay on R&B/Hiphop stations. Lately he’s sounding like that Uncle Tom Taio Cruz.

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  29. MUSIC LOVER October 29, 2010

    I like “More.” But it is ridiculous that he isn’t going to release “Foolin Around,” which is close to his past hits of “Burn” and “Confessions.”

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  30. Sky October 29, 2010

    ToWire….just go back sit tight in that double-wide trailer and be breezy!!! Lmbo!! It’s comment like that that African Americans should laugh at and not get upset…It’s the ignorance coming out!! If they continue to upset us with their ignorance then they continue to win!!

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  31. GangsterA October 29, 2010

    i love more i hope he release foolin around too its my fave

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  32. HAREE October 29, 2010

    Rihanna stans are so disrespectful You just mad because both usher and chris brown have more talent than rihanna. haaahahhaha

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  33. NAS ( B Rockah Stan 4eva) October 29, 2010

    @Wire….RMOTFLMAO!!!!! You sure need an entire THEATRE cuz you’re so funny!!!!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  34. UGh October 29, 2010

    ‘Make Love Into The Night’ oh boy, that’s a panty dropper right there. I love that song. Best song on the album. yeah man

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  35. ~Team Weezy~ October 30, 2010

    Raymond Vs. Raymond is such great album, so I don’t know why Usher insists on releasing all of these crappy songs like OMG, DJGUFIL, or More. The worst songs on the album are his singles IMO (besides There Goes My Baby of course, that’s my s***). I think it’s time to move on and just start touring.

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  36. SevenFootSounds October 30, 2010

    Would be a good choice! Because something more urban like Lay You Down or Hot Tottie won’t be successful for him in Europe.

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  37. sasha October 30, 2010

    burn was a huge record in uk and thats a rnb song

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  38. USHER December 29, 2010

    @ wire: really? not only am i white and DISagree with you 100%, but i also download half my songs from the internet. Besides, if it was really illegal the government would make it harder for WHITES and people of ALL races and ethnicities to access the downloads. In case you haven’t noticed your ignorance, racism, and prejudiced personality has turned everyone who takes the time to read the comments against you. You just disgraced the majority of the white population because not all of us are racist and some of us have respect for people. Next time you want to state an opinion make sure you don’t drag innocent people like me into all your crap. By the way, Usher is black too and could probably LEGALLY buy more songs than you could ever dream to afford, he could download more too 😛

    0 0
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