JLS Begin Work On Fourth Album

Published: Monday 16th Jan 2012 by David

In love with ‘Beat Again’ sensations JLS?

Eagerly anticipating their follow up to 2011’s ‘Jukebox‘?

If the answer to both of the above is yes, you can sleep a little easier tonight. For, in what will come as a surprise some, the quartet have confirmed the release of a brand spanking new album online seconds ago.

Full story below…

Announcing the news on Twitter, the recently engaged Marvin Humes revealed:

Studio time! Recording for album 4! Feeling good! Marv x.

And while this comes literally 3 months since the release of their last effort, we somewhat look forward to it!

Let’s just hope this album sees you expand your creative pallets and see you deliver an LP worthy of your title as the UK’s leading male troupe.

In other words, ditch the auto tuned vocals and Boy Band 101  lyrics and give us something the world- and not just love struck teenage girls (and boys)- can relate to.

Your thoughts?


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  1. Yes January 16, 2012

    This is old news, the 4th album is out in November..

  2. Yes January 16, 2012

    New single from the 4th album will be out in July/August

  3. Queentina>>>Your Fave January 16, 2012

    Who?? They must be local cause Ive never heard of them unil now

  4. Slaydele, Slay$ha, and R.I.P Amy Slayhouse January 16, 2012

    I cant with them. They need to disappear and take Cher Lloyd with them

  5. Yellow Gorillah January 16, 2012

    They really need to show some GROWTH! Always coming with the same s***.

  6. Minajesty January 16, 2012

    they are better than one direction they need to do something DIFFERENT

  7. bey’knight January 16, 2012

    its a shame how much better the wanted’s music is better than theirs, a lot more organic and raw. 20 years from now when the wanted are celebrated and JLS are as memorable as their bubblegum hits, people will try to play the race cards. Race has nothing to do with it , these chaps are dead complacent, uninspired and stagnant

  8. riri January 16, 2012

    JLS are s***! They amke the wanted look good! I think the wanted are s*** too!

    They are finished!

  9. :) January 17, 2012

    Im getting so bored of them. They release albums more frequently than Rihanna

  10. Felicia February 7, 2012

    JLS ROCKS!They always bring something fresh & neww touch to each & every album,from love songs to sad songs,from dancing ones to party songs!Hope with this album they will put it 4 in 1 coz they are really working hard there in LA!Luv u boys & keep up the gud work!!!luv u lots mwah:D

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