Ashanti Performs On ‘Live With Kelly’

Published: Wednesday 25th Apr 2012 by Sam

Knock Ashanti for many things, yet hold the fort when it comes to her hustle. It’s infallible.

The former Murder INC singer is hard at work promoting her latest single ‘The Woman You Love’, with her latest stop being Live With Kelly this morning.

Watch Ms. Douglas work it out below…

Oh Ashanti.

Next to Rihanna, she serves as one of the most frustrating Pop cases. Unlike the former, she actually has talent; an increasing amount at that. Indeed, as showcased in this performance, she has sprung leaps and bounds vocally and with her stage presence. Yet, for all her strides, the song still sounds like construction noise. A fact rendered all the more tragic when considering that she’s been plugging it non-stop for almost 5-months.

Yes, she’s independent now and releasing her new LP ‘BraveHeart’ via her own imprint, Written Entertainment. However, the performance or lackthereof of ‘Woman’ should serve as ample enough reason to move onto the next single. The album’s delay from April to June may seemingly have afforded her a bigger window to drum up buzz. Yet, at this rate, she’ll still be promoting this non-starter come then.

The moral of the story, folks? Independent isn’t for everyone.

Jill Scott, Ledisi, and other acts whose touring gross vs average project spend sees them laughing to the bank? Yes. However, for an artist such as Ashanti – who regardless of her desire to go it alone – will always be compared to the Beyonces of the world (due to the enormity of her past commercial success), I say it’s a “no”.

For, unless she can prove otherwise, the hassle of trying to align different parties for the recording, marketing, and servicing of her music to radio (vs a major label doing it all) just seems like a futile effort. Especially if the end result still sees her appear not only inferior to today’s acts, but also inferior to her own past success (including what she achieved when the going wasn’t good i.e. her ‘Declaration’ LP).

We’re all for her stacking her “coin”. But at what expense? No radio play, no buzz, no interest? Nonetheless, we wish her the best.

Your thoughts?


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  1. Meeeeeuuuuuu April 25, 2012

    I love TGJ

  2. Mahow April 25, 2012

    First of all Ashanti never gave a release date for her Album ……But Im sure she knows what she is doing a new single should be out soon she running her own show so Im sure she is going to make it a success

  3. loso April 25, 2012

    She looked fierce n those voals was on point. Get em Shan. Waiting on that next banger

  4. Os April 25, 2012

    Ashanti is doing her thing i love that song.

  5. Bey Fan April 25, 2012

    Ummmm….. ok…her personality is great, she looks fantastic…. s*** as hell.

    Now the singing….was it lipped, or was she singing over a “too-loud” back track??? Im on the fence about the whole performance. Maybe it was the way it sounded coming from the computer….

  6. mel April 25, 2012

    hmmmm. She can’t sing and that song flopped months ago. Its time to move on…..

  7. UnderRated Artist Lover April 25, 2012

    I cant believe the stuff I read, i only comment when Im saying nice things, why waste energy on something i dislike…(TGJ i do appreciate that you upload stories very quickly and daily, However this blog has to be the most hate-ing ass blog next to M**. U actually write long ass paragraphs putting down artist such as Lil’Kim, you are just as bad as the ignorant fools that comments)..I love the song, I love Ashanti, and she RT me on twitter today, as I was rushing to the television to see this here performance, which like her performance on Jimmy Kimmel & GMA ASHANTI is back…her fans love the music and thats all that matters…for a positive up and coming FB page visit & like

  8. kyra April 25, 2012

    Its clear that its her singing…im not even a fan and i can tell that..vocally she has came a longggggg wayyyyy ..she’s very talented yet underrated….once was one of the biggest stars in the world and now…….she just needs to keep pushing music out..this song been on the scene for a while??? next song ms

  9. juila April 25, 2012

    She’s pretty, BUT she could of picked a nice outfit to try to “move” around in… She has thunder thighs, so it’s not showing her curves nicely. She needs to do some leg lifts…( not hating, just helping). If your going to show up half naked on stage, make sure your body is on point!!!! Still can’t sing and why is she yelling over that back track? It’s time to move on to a better single, because child this song is NOT happening!!!!

    It’s no where on the R&B charts or top 10 single chart….. It’s time to step your cookies up because now instead of battling with Beyonce and ciara like back in early 00s. You now have rihanna, Nick Minaj, Kelly Rowland, just to name a few.

    Beyonce and Rihanna has nothing to prove they’re both two of the top Black entertainers. (No arguing here, i’m stating facts).

    Ciara is making a comeback this year..

    You have alot of struggling “artists” out here and your not going to make it by half ass performances!!!!!!!!

    She needs to go hard, performance and stage presence wise or hang it up and just write for artists……

    By the way I am a fan, I own all her music. She really do needs to move on to another single. Because this time around it’s actually harder to please this generation with out techno pop music.

  10. FLOP April 25, 2012

    NEXT!!!!! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  11. Christina April 25, 2012

    Didn’t she release this song in December or January? Why didn’t she promote it then? Or why not wait until just now to release it? I think it’s alittle to late to promote this song, it already flopped, why keep pushing it? Its not going to catch on. Just go to the next single!!!!! You already had to push back this album because THIS single flopped….

  12. Christina April 25, 2012

    She should of done a song with Chris Brown or Usher for a “comeback” single.

  13. lilly April 25, 2012

    Better than her past performances BUT that yelling is terrible, she NEEDS more practice!!

  14. YOOSONDALOOSE April 25, 2012

    Loved that performance, but the song isn’t going anywhere for her, it has peaked TERRIBLY on the charts and it won’t rise again.

    She needs a new single.

  15. Ashantis#1 April 25, 2012

    Shan knows what shes doing. Alothough this song has been out for more than 4 months, shes promoting it as much as she can to let people know that shes back, that means when the next single drops everyone will know about it. By the way, Shan showed that she can sing on this performance and many others yet people are still criticising her? She done so good on this performance! #teamashanti #BRAVEHEART

  16. prettigurlrockD April 25, 2012

    She’s not pop like Rihanna! Rihanna is POP cuz she does all types of genres as well as r&b and is a top 40 artist. Ashanti is an r&b BISH.

    Ashanti is pretty. She has the look but she lets me down with her live voice. Yelling is NOT singing! Get it together!

  17. june April 25, 2012

    She doesn’t know what she’s doing. She thought the single would take off because of Busta BUT it flopped and sh’es still wasting her time on it? Yeah okay. It’s time to move on

  18. t-blaze April 25, 2012

    TGJ for shame… the like of the BEyondcess of the world..unfortunately in the days of download and Itunes MANY of mainstream have come and gone…even your truly Beyonce. check billboard baby Madonna cant even sale an album. Like you said the bank drop not coming by album sales but touring…simply put TOURING.

  19. aishaaguilerakeys April 25, 2012

    I didn’t see anything wrong with that performane. Smh @ Sam, if itisn’t B, everyone else sucks. Chill.

  20. BitchPlease April 25, 2012

    If record labels would put enough of an artists cd on shelves and the government decrease the price of cd’s sales would go up .. PROMOTION IS A PROBLEM IN MUSIC TODAY..

  21. Take me as i am April 25, 2012

    she did the damn thing. i gettin the cd when it comes out.

  22. Girrrl April 25, 2012

    Ashanti did ok. What’s with the constant Rihanna shade? This performance had nothing to do with her. Both Ashanti and Rihanna are improving in their artistry.

  23. Wes April 25, 2012

    The princess killed it …she really improved vocally I’m sooooo proud of her ,..and she thick damn mmmmm

  24. DatDude April 25, 2012

    She killed this performance once again the girl is underrated and she in it for the money there’s lots of people’s still barely hearing this single yet she still moving up on iTunes.. So she doing something right this is just a buzz letting people know she back on her music game.. Watch her next single be a Banger and still have y’all haters talking just watch and see… The Princess is BACK!!!!

  25. MADAMXTINA2012 April 25, 2012


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