Cheryl Cole To Perform On The Voice / Reunite With Girls Aloud

Published: Saturday 19th May 2012 by Sam

She may not have much of one, yet Cheryl Cole is gearing up to perform on The Voice (UK).

Details after the jump…

The BBC have nabbed the former X Factor judge to perform her new single ‘Call My Name’ on next Sunday’s elimination show (May 27th). Pop icon Kylie Minogue will also take to the stage.

Cole’s appearance comes as a major coup for the broadcaster, who have waged a ratings war of sorts against all things Simon Cowell. Indeed, Cole and Cowell’s well-documented history together (brought to an abrupt end when he axed her from X Factor USA) is well documented, hence her appearance on “the rival” sends an emphatic message.

Yet, the joke could quite easily be on the 28 year old. For, it’s unlikely the Beeb would allow her to enact her favourite past-time of lip-syncing. Especially on a show touting vocals above all. Still, her tabloid celeb status ensures she’ll bring in huge ratings, so never say never.


In other Cole news, it is being reported that recording has commenced on the Girls Aloud reunion project; a project we’re wholly interested to see how plays out.

98.89% of the group’s talent lay with lead singer Nadine Coyle. Yet after her solo effort ‘Insatiable’ bombed something vicious in 2010 (while Cole’s career soared to higher heights), one has to wonder how the new dynamic would work. Time will tell…

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  1. SHANIQUA May 19, 2012


    • ThatBoyLuke May 19, 2012

      She doesn’t have A voice let alone THE voice lmao

  2. Deji May 19, 2012

    Listen to Afrodisiac by Teni! She’s the new Sade! She’s from Africa! Time for a third world superstar! Follow her @teniofficial

  3. I’m Ready 4Ya May 19, 2012

    She may not have THE VOICE but she has great performances honestly she does (better than ri. Katy etc) just check her Xfactor performances

  4. I’m not throwing shade, but…. May 19, 2012

    Is she going to preform or “preform”?
    Anyway, I don’t think Nadines album was all that bad, I still listen to running’ to this day, all she needed was some good producers and songwriters….. oh yeah, and less hate from the media

    • ThatBoyLuke May 19, 2012

      If she’d released “Hands up” as the lead single I doubt the album would have flopped… She made the same mistake Xtina did with “Bionic” of releasing one of the least good tracks as the lead single.

  5. skintightjeans May 19, 2012

    So they have a bytch who can’t sing and sounds like a ran over cat to perform on a show called “The Voice”? um….ok.

  6. Liam May 19, 2012


  7. ass May 19, 2012

    wow. It’s like rhythm nation as a bad dream.

  8. ThatBoyLuke May 19, 2012

    1 – I really enjoyed the Voice UK forst but the last few weeks I just haven’t been tempted to tune in… I’ll definitely be watching this episode, only for KYlegend Minogue though.

    2 – I’m never here for Cheryl solo, Girls Aloud is another matter though… Bring on the Reunion! Sugababes 1.0 and Girls Aloud reforming #WIN
    And btw Nicola is really tallented too…

  9. Shuh May 19, 2012

    Truth is, Girls Aloud only works because of Nadine Coyle – She has ‘the voice’

    Cheryl Cole has ‘the face’ because the fact every girl in the UK wants to look like her, and ever little boy wants to bang her.

    If people could accept talent, you’d find Nadine Coyle would be a huge superstar at least in the UK!

  10. WHIPYOURASS May 19, 2012

    Nicola Roberts has the voice, and her career has done better than all the others

  11. Saetana May 20, 2012

    It doesn’t matter how good a performer she is (and I will give her that much, she is a reasonably good dancer), its vocals that count on The Voice and Cheryl cannot dance and sing at the same time. Mind you, I’d almost rather she danced and mimed, her live singing is worse than Rihanna’s ;o)

  12. MSSPORTYB May 20, 2012

    That Military Jacket That She’s Rockin In The Picture Above, Is Too Cute!!!

  13. Matty May 20, 2012

    even befor cheryls solo sucess they still gav her more then they should have in Girls Aloud. My hop is that yes Nicola will get more parts but same with Kim!

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