Hot Shot : Drake Lends Support To Frank Ocean

Published: Wednesday 18th Jul 2012 by David

Peep this snap off ‘Odd Future‘s Tyler The Creator and Rap deity Drake, taken last night at Frank Ocean‘s LA ‘Channel Orange’ show last night.

Caught backstage, the lively pair showed their support to the ‘I Miss You’ crooner whose debut album has moved over 200,000 units in the space of two weeks- spawning the well received jam ‘Bad Religion’.

Drake’s sighting at the show comes two days after it emerged his latest tour, ‘Club Paradise’ has pulled a sweet $42 million worldwide since its launch in February

This, landing his show in the top 5 of Pollstar’s Worldwide Tour Mid-Year tally.

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  1. Latrell4Bey July 18, 2012

    So Happy For Mr. Ocean!

    • Beyhive July 18, 2012

      how cute, drake and frank probably dating. they’ll make a cute couple cause vanilla and chocolate goes well together.

      • FAF July 18, 2012

        LOL!!! I hear that

      • Lordus July 19, 2012

        My thoughts exactly!! 🙂

        I wonder how many times the young HOMOPHOBIC “Taylor the Uninteresting” has run in between his cheeks too?

  2. messymel July 18, 2012

    that’s nice. frank is really blazin his own trail tho and doesn’t need drake’s support, ! So glad to see that he’s caught on. I see Frank as almost opposite of weeknd/drake etc. who seem like they are playing roles & trying to seem “cool”. frank feels more real to me.

    • EJR43 July 18, 2012

      Somebody who had to release their album on the heals of a publicity stunt seems “more real” to you? IYSS…

    • Lordus July 19, 2012

      Frank has been trying to appear cool for awhile. He runs with Odd Future who claim to be anti-homo and anti-God! Frank is riding the temporary high from the new gay agenda thanks to Obama.

  3. Nacole July 18, 2012

    Yay for Frank! I downloaded the cd legally last week but I’m having a hard ass time trying to find the physical cd but no doubt I will get it!

    LOL @ Tyler The Creator always too stupid…

    Shoutout to Drake for being supportive of Frank!

  4. China July 18, 2012

    Of course, he smashing

    • ENOUGH ONIKA July 18, 2012


    • Jayla July 18, 2012

      TRUE LOL

      • JJ BEAM July 18, 2012

        Drake? Oh it’s a gay thing

    • Lordus July 19, 2012

      Yes sirrrr LOL

  5. CoutureNoir July 18, 2012

    I’ll bet Drake, as well as Beyonce were paid to say they “support” him. . . Drake and Wayne talk so much head about the gays, and what they refer to “Pu$$y A$$” dudes in their music Come on now. . . lets not be dumb.

    Frank Ocean is only trying to capitalize off of the fact that Gay people lend their support to music artists heavily in comparison to heterosexual men . . . Tyler the Creator and Odd future do whatever they can to add shock value to peoples belief systems in hope of making money from it. . . Homosexual or not good music is good music, and his music is not good, neither is almost anyones for that matter these days.

    • lol July 18, 2012

      You act like Frank made a s** tape with a gay man released live during every gay pride parade in the USA . Decorated his tumblr and twitter with rainbows. Started a gay chat room website with Perez Hilton and slapped Ann Coulter with his d***. First Frank has stated many times he is a story teller in his album he touched on the following :

      Blacks being descendants of Egyptians/modern day degradation of black women in our couture … “Pyramids”

      Teenage pregnancy epidemic … “Sierra Leon’

      suburban teenage drinking and partying…”Super Rick Kids”

      Junkie Love …”Pilot Jones”

      Philosophical views of women …”Pink Matter”

      infatuation with Forrest Gump told from jenny’s perspective…”Forrest Gump”

      one sided love and infatuation… Bad Religion ( also possible reference to famous cult leader Jim Jones who famously made his hundreds of followers drink cyanide from their “syrofoam cups”

      He didn’t just release I 18 song gay soliciting album like Gaga did with “born this way” . Him following in love with a man and writing one maybe two song alluding two it does not mean he or his label where pandering to gays for their support . If that all you took away from the music then obviously you heard only what you wanted to hear in the words of Lady Gaga “wear an ear condom next time”

      • CoutureNoir July 18, 2012

        wow. you poor and naive soul. I apologize if shedding some light offended you, but this is a PR trick plain and simple. . . and if your response is any indicator of how the masses are responding to this matter then this lets me know that people need to remove the blinders from their eyes and recognize a marketing tactic when they see it. . . but hey this “identify with the gays” trick seems to be working for new artists whose talent is enough to gain recognition who account for the largest market share of music consumption outside of teenage demographic. . . worked for Gaga, Nicki Minaj, and Beyonce. . . and apparently for Frank Ocean now. . >.>

      • CoutureNoir July 18, 2012

        I meant “but hey this “identify with the gays” trick seems to be working for new artists whose talent is *NOT* enough to gain recognition. . . Just to be clear.

      • lol July 18, 2012

        In reply to CoutureNoir

        The difference between Frank Ocean and Gaga,Nicky Minaj, and Beyonce is that they are females while Frank is a male a BLACK MALE at that . Frank Ocean revealing his same s** love interest had no way proven positive reciprocation and fan fare . Females have always easily been established as pioneers for gay rights with PROVEN results and supportive fan bases ask Barbara Streisand ,Madonna,Cher , Tina Turner , Chaka khan etc

        While male who have come out as gay in the entertainment industry never achieve the same level of success George Michael,Ricky Martin, Elton John whoose careers have become second rate at best and newly released album poorly debuted and even have become the victims of long running jokes in the arena of public opinion and comedians. Simply put your argument is not very valid , even in america black gay man is somewhat a social pariah in their own community.
        So for frank to reveal what he revealed what and is a huge RISK and could have been EXTREMELY DETRIMENTAL to his career , his music alone is not very gay stereotypical

      • Nacole July 18, 2012

        Great Points! It’s clear that the person hasn’t heard his cd and I suspect is writing from a point of jealousy because perhaps an artist that he or she likes flopped.

        Frank is an artist and he decided to write about “joy and pain” and part of his pain has to do with his love for a man and people want to act like he did something wrong by being true to himself.

      • Lordus July 19, 2012

        All I took from what you wrote is that Frank and his PR camp used the strength of the gay dollar to sell Channel Orange. There are many great singer-songwriters, straight and gay, who never pull the PR move Frank did. I’m not feeling his music. I didn’t before he disclosed his sexual orientation. I guess that makes me a hater or homophobic according to some?

    • FAF July 18, 2012

      “P**** N*****” does not mean Gays…

      • CoutureNoir July 18, 2012

        they also reference F*gg*t a$$ n***** too. . . -_-

    • Lordus July 19, 2012

      This from start to finish! Folks just mad about the truth.

      • Negrodamus July 20, 2012

        Yall just mad because that man is gay or whatever. Calm down. He came out. His CD sold well. Who cares? Did you even listen to his music or did you automatically dismiss him because of this revelation?

  6. christinastherealtalent July 18, 2012

    As a gay male myself, I’m very proud of Frank. But why does it seem like all these urban acts coming from all over the world lending their support? I hope they’re being sincere and not just trying to use the gay community to capitallize off the situation. Everybody knows that the teen demographic and gay community is who you lean towards when you’re trying to sell your work.

    Keep up the great work Frank.

    • Princess Pocketbook July 18, 2012

      What makes you think Frank isn’t using the gay community. Blacks use the Blacks community. Whites use the white community. Republican’s use Republicans. It’s all the same. Nicki used the gay community. She said she was gay. Remember? She lied.

      • Memorize July 18, 2012

        Nicki never said she’s gay, only bisexual dumbass. Do your research.

      • FAF July 18, 2012

        Nicki never said she was bisexual, that was Gaga…

    • Nacole July 18, 2012

      I agree with some of what you say except for you suggesting that only gays are buying Frank’s cd because that is so not true.Music is for everyone and people of all persuasions support artists.I have noticed several people making that nonsense suggestion.

      It’s time for people to just listen to the quality of music and enjoy his music instead of coming with these silly agendas.

    • Lordus July 19, 2012

      I had no idea people lend toward teens and gays to sell music? Naive me. I thought people just made music and whoever could relate to it enjoyed it irrespective of race, gender, sexual orientation or creed?

      I do agree with you about the blogs & music industry exploiting Frank’s announcement for further their own purposes.

  7. the real xoxo July 18, 2012

    frank > drake

  8. Princess Pocketbook July 18, 2012

    Oh Drake that’s so nice of you. Lending your support to a gay man right after you called Chris Brown a ffaagg 🙂

    • Lordus July 19, 2012

      Drake was in TDot doing a show screaming “stop the violence”. Folks went in on the guy. Like dude really? Didn’t you just throw bottles in a NY club that jacked up everybody? Drake is just fake but according to him #YOLO

  9. CoutureNoir July 18, 2012

    Its a public relations trick to make a worldwide audience believe that he he is gay to replicate success of artists adored by the gays [Madonna, Whitney, (r.i.p), Cher, Kylie, and Britney.] They have Beyonce and Drake put a stamp of approval so people outside of the US buy into it, because he wont be successful long in the US. . . . It’s especially irritating to me for the UK, and France music audience, and all the other international lovers of music [ Greetings from the United States you guys are so awesome across the pond, we love you BTW <3 ] because hip hop and R&B artists are trying their HARDEST to fool you guys into believing that the picture they paint of r&b, and hip hop culture in the United States is what it really is, when it really is not. They have come over to your side of the pond and tried to give you this image that is so artificial and people in the States always realize this for what it is because we understand the true motivation for artists who will not survive in the US for long periods of time.

    • CoutureNoir July 18, 2012

      [*he] whoops. type fail. =^_^=

      • TARBABY RANGER July 19, 2012

        first off Laguna is in Orange County a good 60 miles from LA (Burbank) at least. Thats not factoring traffic. Take a seat. Secondly, busting shots at frank wont minimize what he has done. stop hating and step your game up.

    • lol July 18, 2012

      yawn …another complainer that lives all the way in the f***** uk trying to give his or her two -peice about an artist in america posing as if you know Frank and his management team on a personal level . Not everything is a damn ploy some time s people want to live in their truth and when you don’t live in your truth you 30 years later people come out the wood works outing you for staying in your glass closet (: SEE JOHN TRAVOLTA … do you think Frank said to himself “oh Im gonna fallin love with a guy then write a song about so i can gain fans !” .. hell no , Frank is the epitome of a real honest person .

      • CoutureNoir July 18, 2012

        Haha I live in Laguna Beach California buddy, and I actually work for a PR group in Burbank. . . and judging by your reply you don’t really look at the details because you didn’t see the part where I live in the US; also your assessment of the situation at hand indicates that although you probably mean well, you’re kind of naive and don’t understand how the mainstream music business works.

      • FAF July 18, 2012

        RIGHT!! Ppl in the UK swear they know everything about US artists! LOL

      • CoutureNoir July 18, 2012

        wow. I think you guys are dumb. I live in Laguna Beach california. -_- long sighhh

      • Lordus July 19, 2012

        If Frank wanted to “live in his truth” then why did he wait until 2 weeks before the release of his CD to finally decide to do so? This was a good PR stunt. No, I don’t think anyone believes Frank decided to fall in love with a man to write about it in a song. I think the timing of him disclosing his affair with a man is what most people see as deceitful.

  10. JJ BEAM July 18, 2012

    Now ain’t this some s***. Frank dumb ass could not even take a complaiment from Chris Brown. What a dumb gay dude. Now Drake had words and bottles throwing at Chris Brown so now he want to buddy up with Frank. But I always thought Drake was gay anyway

    • JJ BEAM July 18, 2012

      Now this c*** Drake wants to support Frank because of Chris Brown.

      • lol July 18, 2012

        Chris Brown dissed Tyler the creator before he made under handed supposed compliment ,so i can see why he didnt like it . Besides who gives a f*** about chris brown feelings anyway ? and just beacuse Drake came to his show does not mean he’s gay after all chris is friends with OMARION and we all know what MS. RAZ B has to say about that

      • FAF July 18, 2012

        I doubt that has anything to do w/ it… Chris brown ended his issues w/ Frank months ago…

      • JJ BEAM July 18, 2012


        Thank You

      • Lordus July 19, 2012


        It was Tyler that dismissed Chris first, then Chris came back at him. Frank had nothing to do with the conversation. Nobody knew Frank was apart of Odd Future. He was making his own moves over at Def Jam. Chris gave Frank a legitimate compliment and he didn’t have to kneel down in front of him to get it! *wink*

        Omarion & Chris have known each other for many years. If Omarion turns out to be gay, so be it. Drake is just jumping on the popular Frank Ocean bandwagon.

    • Nacole July 19, 2012

      @ JJ Beam…Don’t hate on Frank because his digital sales almost equaled Chris Brown who actually lost more fans since his FAME release.

      Oh and please lets not speculate on someone else being gay as if your boy Chris Brown is not suspect because word on the street is that it was a dude that texted Chris that fateful night,you know the one that showed those DM that Chris sent and every word sounded just like something he would say…

      PS,I was able to FINALLY get two physical cd’s today because they were sold out when I got to Best Buy Tuesday.

  11. Benron July 18, 2012

    Every n**** wants Franks d*** now (pun not intended) The yall wanna ride his newfound fame. Expect many people begging him for collabs!

    • JJ BEAM July 18, 2012

      Agree but I will not buy another Drake CD ever

      • lol July 18, 2012

        Drake dont need your pitiful 5 dollars NEXT!!!

    • Lordus July 19, 2012

      LOL, but it’s true. The d*** riding has reached a fever pitch and yes, pun is intended!

  12. Gees July 18, 2012

    You would think fraud ocean attempted suicide they way mugs “supporting” ..

  13. christinastherealtalent July 18, 2012

    Princess Pocket…

    You missed my point. It’s very rare to see anybody outside the “white” race stand up for gays. I know this because most of my friends are black and they come from families who don’t accept anybody being gay. Now all of a sudden, here comes Jay Z, 50 Cent, Obama, Drake, Jamie Foxx and so on lending their support to the gays. I like Obama but it would’ve sounded more sincere if he hadn’t done it during the presidential campaign. Jay Z and 50 Cent haven’t had anything out recently with the exception of all 50’s flops and Jay Z teaming with Kanye. Jamie Foxx is a solo has been and horrible actor. What great way for a has been to get a little publicity. Lend your support to the gays!!!!

    • CoutureNoir July 18, 2012

      Exactly. All the people whose 5 minutes of fame has ended or will end in exactly 5 minutes wanna love the gays all of the sudden. . . but Kylie, Madonna, Whitney, Cher, and Britney were worshipped by the gays because of their actual talent. . . -_-

      • TARBABY RANGER July 19, 2012

        Jay Z is on top of his game. have a seat. now you are reaching. No rapper is using gayness to sell. Can you find one hip hop male artist before Frank that used gayness to sale?

      • Lordus July 19, 2012


        Frank is not a Hip Hop artist he’s R&B. There have been a few gay men who sang R&B. Luther Vandross comes to mind.

  14. Nacole July 18, 2012

    Cynical people are so pitiful to me. It’s too funny to see someone speak on Frank as if you know his mind because to say that he was trying to capitalize on gays with his announcement just because he actually decided to sing about his life is too stupid but then again these sentiments usually come fans of other artist that may have flopped so now you mad at Frank for being Frank.

  15. Tbozfan10 July 18, 2012

    So who is going to mention the fact that he didn’t leak that he was bisexual or even gay. It was a magazine that heard his CD that mentioned the fact that the word “he” could be heard in a song. It was from there that it became headlined on every blog. Frank had to address it because everyone was talking about it. And all he did was write a letter. He didn’t go to the television and do a prime time interview like he could have.

    You people are too stupid with all this “its a PR stunt” b.s. just admit the fact you don’t like his music because you aren’t comfortable with the fact he could fall in love with another man but you don’t want to admit it, so you have to have another excuse not to like him.

    • Acem July 19, 2012

      He didn’t HAVE to address anything. He could have just let people speculate. Hell, he didn’t even have to use the pronouns “he” and “him” in that song. He knew what he was doing and that it would get peoples attention. And what TV show was going to give Frank — a virtual nobody — a prime time interview? It was a PR stunt. Because let’s face it: without this whole “gay” thing, Frank has no image and is about as marketable as a marble. This was his ONLY way to get attention; otherwise, he would have been some sterile Anthony Hamilton/Glenn Lewis type whose music would have flown completely under the radar.

    • Negrodamus July 20, 2012

      Yep! However, it’s much more interesting to declare this a PR stunt crafted by the gay Illuminati. Why can’t the man make music expressing how he REALLY feels? A true artist makes music from their own souls not to reassure the status quo.

  16. Yoloww July 18, 2012

    To be honest with use, frank O is not good lookin at all and i cant really get into his music, im not trying put him down for what he is, he just doesnt interest me.

    • lol July 19, 2012

      weird Frank still has h*** linin up at his show to quote what personal blog ger who attended the show women were lined up and down the block…so theymust like his face 🙂 regardless he landed in VOGUE with that face just sayin , and he’s not a model with a mic anyway he’s a real artist you can continue to listen to justin bieber

  17. Girrrl July 19, 2012

    Dropping that CD a week early after that “heartfelt” letter was q PR stunt. Frank said the label planned on dropping it early so it would not leak (following the watch the throne example). Frank sent out that letter to get some shine and capitalize off of yge CD dropping early. Gosh I hate these bandwagon stans who can’t face the truth. Also Drake does not need Frank Ocean for sales. Take Care and the tour are doing well.

    • lol July 19, 2012

      u mad 🙂

  18. POP ROYALTY ( F*** Yo Fav) July 19, 2012

    no surprises here.

  19. Negrodamus July 20, 2012

    It’s crazy! I told my friends I couldn’t a physical copy of the CD and I’m immediately asked “Ain’t he gay?”. This was followed by adamant declarations of non-support. I’m assuming that for most str8 guys, supporting or associating with a gay man is some sort of assault on their manhood or sexuality. My take is this: its a CD, of music. Calm down fools.

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