Hot Shot: Lady GaGa Hits Studio With Kendrick Lamar

Published: Thursday 19th Jul 2012 by David

Check out this shot of ‘Fame’ genius Lady GaGa, enjoying a studio session with Dr. Dre‘s Kendrick Lamar.

Surfacing online this morning, the pic’s arrival sparked reports the maestro is to work on her forthcoming LP in some capacity, following their meeting last weekend captured here.

Unfamiliar with Lamar’s work, check him out in action below…

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  1. the real xoxo July 19, 2012

    im here for this! kendrick is one of the best MCs to come out in the past couple of years

    • Karia July 19, 2012

      yeah kendrick is dope! hope him and gaga make some magic in the studio.

      Muppet Baby Creator Tells Tiny (Ti’s Wife) To Change Her Face; Doesn’t Believe Resemblance to Miss Piggy Is an Accident – this was mean but so funny lol

  2. JJFan1814 July 19, 2012

    This is nothing new. Kendrick & Gaga has been talking to each other on twitter for some time now.

    I am however excited to hear what Gaga has in store. She’s always bringing something new to the table. 🙂


    • HOTSTUFF July 19, 2012

      something new ? think again after reading this :

  3. Stefani Germ, the Gargoyle July 19, 2012

    Of course Lady Caca now walks around in a tiara after Christina did the tiara thing on THe Voice.

    Lady Caca did the slicked back short hair like Aguilera. The crimped long platinum hair like Aguilera, the long straight platinum hait to the side like Aguilera, etc etc etc to the infinity.

    Lady Caca continues to troll Chrostina Aguilera.

    Why? Because she is obsessed with her. Lady Caca can keep being a lunatic, she’ll never have the sound of Christina’s voice, she’ll never have her tone/belting/melisma/runs abilities.

    Lady Caca can stay secretly jealous of the MOST TALENTED pop star : Christina Maria Aguilera.

    Poor monsters and Lady Monstrosity. You can all stay deformed, ugly, brainless, ignorant, blind wannabes.

  4. Destroy Germs and Germanotties with Windex Multi-Surface July 19, 2012

    Lady Caca is a foking useless newbie. She just rehashes everything every other pop star ever did. REDUCTIVE and USELESS.

    Definition of Lady Caca : A MANUFACTURED PIECE OF SH*T, BOOTLEG, FAKE “ARTIST”. An extremely average mediocre piano player + singer. Writes horrific, embarrassing lyrics, sometimes even gibberish.

    Point blank, bottom line.

    Lady Caca is horrifically corny and cringe-inducing. She has fans because there are a lot of people with terrible taste in this world.


    • HOTSTUFF July 19, 2012

      you are so right, read this :

    • Commander of the RihannaNavy July 19, 2012

      Your screen name makes me lol!

  5. Tee July 19, 2012

    Why do some of these artists insist on these close up photo’s, makes the most beautiful person look damn ugly!

  6. Lady Reductive stays a fame idiot July 19, 2012

    Lady Caca is demented.

    Fame since 2008. We are in 2012.


    I am yawing.

    Next —->

  7. aishaaguilerakeys July 19, 2012

    That’s a good push for him !

    “Unfamiliar with Lamar’s work”- yea, my brother won’t allow that, he’s crazy about him !

  8. Stefani is a germ and a Gargoyle July 19, 2012

    Yes Lady Gargoyle continues to troll Christina to this day, since late 2008.

    Gaga hated to be compared to Amy Winehouse look-wise, when she was a brunette. Well this is what she does now : she steals Christina Aguilera’s trademark looks on purpose. Lady Caca is a joke.

    I think she’s obsessed with Christina and not only looks up to her, but also wants to be her. She wants to be a super talented pop star and singer, extremely diverse and unpredictable, one that spreads positive messages of self-love and whatnot.

    Lady Caca will continue to play innocent, but I am not fooled. She’s a foking wannabe and nothing else. There is nothing original or amazing about this useless clown.

    • WHOODIE July 19, 2012

      Lady Gaga sounds NOTHING like Christina FATguilera.. she was a manufactured pop star who failed to reach the success of her counterpart, Britney.. She’s an oversinging, overweight FLOP

      • Commander of the RihannaNavy July 19, 2012

        How is Xtina manufactured? Have you not listened to Stripped?

      • Monsters have no brain July 19, 2012

        LOL the monsters make no foking sense.

        STFU and go back to listening to your foking [email protected] “Born This Foking Wack” album, you stupid ignorant foktard.

        You pathetic deformities.

        Of course Lady Caca sounds nothing like the outstandingly talented voice of this generation, Christina Aguilera.

        Lady Caca and her [email protected]** fans can stay jealous and angry.

  9. Lady Bootleg July 19, 2012

    Lady Bootleg is a fake wannabe and a plagiarist.

    Lady Unethical, illegal Caca should be banned from the music industry.

    She is a clown.

  10. Kesha July 19, 2012

    LMFAO!!! its didnt surfed this morning, it happened 2 days ago!!! where have u been?!

  11. Girrrl July 19, 2012

    gaga give us more fame monster epicness and less over hyped born this way.

    • That B*tch July 19, 2012

      Yes please…I cosign this right here.
      I was not too crazy about her 3rd album but the 2nd one was on point.

      • Commander of the RihannaNavy July 19, 2012

        Fame Monster was an EP, not an album. She only has 2 albums

  12. monstarebel July 19, 2012

    wow kendrick ur workin with that b**** gaga ugh I can’t!!! F*** GAGA!

  13. christinastherealtalent July 19, 2012

    Gagas well has run dry and she knows that. It’s sad that whenever Gaga rehashes something Christinas already done, nobody says anything about it. She’s lost a lot of her staying power lately. I’ve never liked her tacky ass because she’s always been an attention w**** and whenever she breaks into fake tears, they’re obviously insincere.

    • HOTSTUFF July 19, 2012

  14. Acem July 19, 2012

    Meh. I’m over Gaga. In fact, I never really liked her in the first place. What I’m over is Gaga’s hype. She’s not that good and I hate what she did to the world of music. 2007 was a better year in music than what came later, which she tainted.

  15. Jae July 19, 2012

    Love Kendrick…..he’s the truth. Hope the rest of the world see’s him how his true fans do.

  16. Suicide Blonde July 19, 2012

    I’m curious about the direction, she’s gonna take on this new record, it’s gonna be hard to top “Born This Way”, to me her best album.

    • Belladonna July 19, 2012

      Wow I would have never thought you would listen to Born This Way with you being a Madonna I know of some monsters who has a Madonna album (Not the knew one of cours ) lol but one of the other ones, but I’ve never seen a madonna fan who likes or has a Gaga cd they hate her with all there black hearts lol but then again other then this hole Madonna thing you are a pretty cool person on here & that’s saying a lot with all the crazy people on here. Lol

      • Suicide Blonde July 19, 2012

        Thank you, i like Gaga, i have all her albums, i always support her since the beginning of her career, i do think she’s very talented, i’m a Madonna fan but how can’t you no love Gaga when both are very similar.

  17. JER July 19, 2012

    BRING IT GAGA. We need more POP this album and less avant garde s*** WHICH I LOVED, but not every album is supposed to be like that it gets exhasuting

  18. DTG July 19, 2012

    Behind the ludicrous and attention-seeking Halloween costumes, the obnoxiously overblown music videos, the swagger jacking of Madonna’s personality, and the conspicuous plot to manipulate the socially awkward and misfits of society into thinking that they have a voice (and are empowered) through her, is a bunch of banal and contrived gibberish heavily propped by media hype that does not live up to it. What began as a bouncy, pixyish, one-woman-show-esque version of what the Spice Girls did in the late 90s has now become an egotistical, overproduced–yet still oddly generic–mess of grating sounds that is irritating to listen to and takes itself too seriously.

    Once upon a time this character that is ‘Lady Gaga’ may have provided a cheeky and quirky contrast to what had been the model of what was popular, and it may have been quasi-endearing, but when pop stars infuse that much camp into their image, at a certain point the irony *will* get old and lose its charm. In the meantime, this woman has literally crammed about a decades worth of gimmicks, put-on’s and media saturation into a three year span. We have seen her show up kite high, in meat dresses, with horns attached to her head, dressed as a man, with discharged gay soldiers as her escorts, etc., etc. The ‘shtick’ is old. There are only so many heavy-handed stunts you can use to dumbfound the public into noticing before they become either hostile or jaded, and a backlash ensues.

    Lady Gaga has always been a ‘character’ for show, but she has become a caricature and a parody of herself. No longer is it “refreshing,” abstract or inventive; it is now tired and dated. Overexposure is killing the cat and quite frankly Gaga is losing her relevance. By making herself into such a sneaky little cartoon who is force-fed to the public in obscene dosages, she has backed herself into a corner. The only thing left for her to do at this point is to throw on a pair of jeans and act normal, but how boring would that be for someone who named herself ‘Lady Gaga’ and made being strange her ticket to fame? She was here; she dominated the world of music and got her press, but the milk is now sour. The writing was on the wall when dowdily dressed and anything-but-flashy Adele c*** blocked what was supposed to be a Gaga-dominating 2011. Kids do not listen to her, it is not “cool” to be a walking freak show…and quite frankly it is not cool to like Lady Gaga now.”

  19. JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) July 19, 2012

    Gaga´s best was Born This Way like @suicide says. But yeah it´s probably time to change again. I just love artists evolving, not like certain generic crap

  20. Shynlow July 19, 2012

    Cool for her, i just hope the next album will be better than BTW because to me her best album yet is still her Fame/Fame Monster cd.

    & yall please follow me now:

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