Mariah Carey In “Final” Talks To Judge American Idol

Published: Saturday 21st Jul 2012 by Rashad

Despite husband Nick Cannon jokingly suggesting that reality talent show titan ‘American Idol’ would not be able to “afford Mariah Carey, it appears the show’s executives are looking to prove otherwise…

For, as widely speculated, the heels of ‘Louboutin’ singer Jennifer Lopez‘s exit has excited rumors of who would come as her replacement.  Now, reports have now surfaced indicating the ‘Vision of Love’ diva has ‘Idol’ in her views…to the sum of a cool $17 million for one season.

If in fact the deal does finalize, the singer’s paycheck would trump that of ‘X Factor USA’ rival Britney Spears who saw her payout reach $15 million.  A position (on X Factor), ironically, that Carey was also rumored to be vying for at the announcement of its U.S. spinoff.

The announcement comes on the heels of Carey revealing her ‘Triumphant’ return, set to make a splash on radio in August.

(Source:  MTV)

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  1. XoMoDe July 21, 2012

    I thought they supposedly couldn’t afford that ho. See how FAKE people are?

    • @TheIndiigo July 21, 2012

      Ho? Never that. The Queen is happily married with twins and a legacy that most singers aspire to match. Go pay your light bill before coming for musical royalty.

      • XoMoDe July 21, 2012

        Yes, ho. A ho that spread her legs for Eminem hoping to get him to rap on one of her shitty ass songs (thankfully it never happened)…a ho that messed around with her married record label CEO to get a career and broke up his marriage…then married him herself just so she could stay top billing over everybody else at the label. A ho that sold her singles for 49cents just so she could cheat her competitors on the charts…a ho who was later replaced by that same CEO with Jennifer Lopez. 😆

        Mariah is a HO! THAT’s her legacy.

    • @TheIndiigo July 21, 2012

      These lies that you font are showing your ignorance.

      Prepared to be slayed after the release of “Triumphant”, roach.

      • XoMoDe July 21, 2012

        Right, just like she “slayed” me after her BOOTY remake of “I Wanna Know What Love Is”. LOL

  2. China July 21, 2012

    Mariah is KingDiva… AND YOU WILL DEAL

  3. @TheIndiigo July 21, 2012

    I personally wasn’t too excited about Mariah on AI. I’d rather see her do some coaching or be a guest judge for a few episodes. But I do think this could work in her favor. Mama is 42 and can still slay. This is just some added exposure and more of a platform for her music.

    I’m all for it. GO QUEEN GODRIAH!

  4. JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) July 21, 2012

    We all know she will be a great judge cos her talent and her personality screams QUEEN. That said I didn´t want this but who am I? I mean, I don´t really know if it would be for the better (exposure) or for the worse (lack of time to focus on music) but anyway, life is full of decisions and she is the one who has to make this one
    One thing is for sure I can´t wait for the album. My dear true great Mariah Carey

  5. john July 21, 2012

    i wasnt really feeling mariah last alumb. but all i got to say is finally. i judge that can actually sing. j.lo is a superstar but i never felt she should be judging somebody singing. when she not even a strong vocalist herself. not if this was a dance competition show, lr a actong competition show. that woulda been another story.

  6. @TheIndiigo July 21, 2012

    The lessors will have to deal that Mariah is everything. She has been everything since Whitney (God rest her soul) was shaking under her “I’m Your Baby Tonight” wigs in 1990.

    • Merrick July 21, 2012

      And 10 years ago JLo and Christina Aguilera was making Mariah shake under her fake silicon b******.

      If Mariah was “everything”, she wouldn’t be resorting to reality TV. That’s where C-listers and has-beens go to try and scheme their way back into pop culture after radio and the public stops being interested.

      • @TheIndiigo July 21, 2012

        10 years after that, where are they both at now? JLo has to resort to dance music that barely save her career and mask her flop vocals and X-Tina has ‘Bionic’.

        Mariah remains perched and unbothered and is flattered that most of the contestants will cite Mariah or Whitney as a direct influence.

        JLo needed AI. X-Tina needed The Voice.
        Mariah doesn’t need AI. They need her. Get that right and raise your FICO score while you’re at it, lessor.

      • aynon July 22, 2012

        she kind of dose need american idol, noones checking for her anymore. the only time you hear about mariah is when her obnoxious husband is preaching about how she is so above music-reality TV shows and yet here we are…

  7. Suicide Blonde July 21, 2012

    Only 17 million, mmm…J.Lo 20.

    • NewF*YorkBabe. July 21, 2012

      Jlo first season she made 15mill. Same as BritBrit for X-Factor, Jlo got 20 mill for the 2nd season (probably because she was already inching to leave the show) but the 20mill kept her

  8. ThatGrapefruitJuice July 21, 2012

    Mariah I said no before and I will say it again, NO Don’t DO IT! But if u insist, let them pay u the moon and the sky. I wish a movie around the album release was to happen that would be fitting. I need a media blitz around Mimi’s album release and I KNOw we her fans will get it. I’m wanting a premier album for my other Fave this Fall but if not I will wait for Spring or next year some time. MiMi I think this AI job should go to Queen of Soul since she seem to really want the job but I don’t think she is the right image for the AI predominant audience 🙂 . No shade just saying :).

  9. Nichole July 21, 2012

    20 mill for J.Lo, and 17 for Mariah? Talk about an insult, considering Mariah has REAL musical talent.

    • NewF*YorkBabe. July 21, 2012

      Jlo 15 mill first season. (Like Brit for x-factor)

  10. monstarebel July 21, 2012


  11. MC July 21, 2012

    I kind of want to see her judge people, but AL is dead

  12. theman July 21, 2012

    Lol Mariah would not take 17mil from idol, while they gave JLo 20mil. That has not been confirmed…

  13. number1k9 July 21, 2012

    Regardless if J.Lo made 15 mill her in 2nd season on Idol or 20 mill.

    Brintey and Mariah Carey are both big names, and have had huge careers in music. Being that MC is known for her vocals, or was at least…. And Brit got $15 mill for her 1st season of XFactor US, I think if MC were to join Idol she shouldn’t be taking ANY LESS than 20 mill for her first season.

    Then again, MC has not been “hot” since about 2005 minus the # 1 fluke of “Touch My Body, in 2008. Besides that, she has only been famous for the birth of her twins and marrying Nick Cannon in the last 7 years. Sad.

    But even sadder is if she would really only be getting 2 mill more than Britney is, and Brit debuted in 1998 musically, MC 1990! ! !

    • MC July 21, 2012

      Like you said she has been around since 1990 and since that time she has done a lot and accomplished so much. She doesn’t need to prove herself musically, because she has already done a tremendous amount for the music industry. She can make music if she wants to or not, but like I said she doesn’t need to prove herself.

      • number1k9 July 21, 2012

        She does not need to prove herself.

        But like the commenter below me said Mariah doesn’t need to the money so doing it for any amount really is essentially “OK,” she is only building her twins bank accounts anyway.

        BUT, what that posted below me: (THEONE) failed to realize is that Jennifer Lopez also does NOT need the money either. She’s been earning big bucks since 1995.

  14. TheOne July 21, 2012

    Mariah is super rich already, so do you lessers really think she is bugging over the pay check! She gets to work with her friend every day and free promotion for her album, while making more to add to her empire: that you will never make in your existence. LoL @ calling someone a flop when you yourself don’t have anywhere to fall from! Mariah is about to slay yet again!

  15. Eminem Says Hi… July 21, 2012

  16. Queen Brit Brit July 21, 2012

    Not like anyone was going to buy her album so…

    • @TheIndiigo July 21, 2012

      But who bought Britney’s? Britney couldn’t even leave her own house to buy her own album since her dad still has her on smash. Your posts are invalid. Curve.

      • Queen Brit Brit July 21, 2012

        More people brought Brits last album than they did Mariah’s. So please. And HIAM debuted at #1. Mariah could never

    • MC July 21, 2012

      wow coming from a Brittney fan lol

  17. Marcus July 21, 2012

    Mariah does not need the money, but it would be cool if she would do this. These kids need some real talent judging them.

  18. yeyay July 21, 2012

    I think this is a reasonable good move…was getting Diva vibes from Nick Cannon, but 17 million and with Randy Jackson being her manager and all…good deal..she’ll have ample TV time to promote her brand and music….this could work…and Mariah has nothing to prove…she’s done it all already and most of the Girl contestants want to be her anyway..

    • JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) July 22, 2012

      haha EXACTLY! People don´t want to be J.Lo. or Britney Spears. They want to be a really timeless diva like Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston

  19. danny b July 22, 2012

    As far as Mariah’s career goes in terms of this news, I wish she wouldn’t hop on this sinking ship that is American Idol. She is too big and good for this show. If anything, she should only owe that as much as a performance, during the season or on the finale. But to be a judge? You’re owing them too much Mimi and you don’t need it. I’m sure you’ll make an excellent judge, but you’re beyond this, imo.

  20. JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) July 22, 2012

    There´s an explanation for all this. It seems she decided to do it so she can stay in the same place for longer for her twins shake (kind of what Celine did). And it is actually good for her new album cos she is going to work in the same program her manager does, so she won´t have a problem to prepare for the album release. And of course she can promote it big way without taking too many planes
    I still didn´t want it but her personal decision makes sense and it´s probably a smart one

  21. MISHKA July 22, 2012


    I don’t know about y’all but I smell a DIVORCE coming this way. Mariah, you don’t need the money, honey.

    Oh well, Christina Milian is single too, Nick. Love don’t cost a thing, right.

  22. LadiiReDDs July 23, 2012

    It’s hilarious to me the way some of you young’n calling her a C class star because she chose to do this .., she is getting 17 millions to watch others and say yes or no I’m actually excited she gonna be on hopefully there’ll be more “color” in the show
    She actually can tell people if they can sing or not … Yellow bottom (teeth) Jackson to busy trying to be white and the rocker stay high so … good for her
    C class ya kids are stupid

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