Watch: Rihanna Shines On The ‘SNL’ Stage *Updated*

Published: Sunday 11th Nov 2012 by Rashad

‘Diamonds’ diva Rihanna shone bright aboard tonight’s episode of ‘Saturday Night Live’.  The Anne Hathaway-hosted affair saw the Bajan bleater unleash live renditions of hits from her forthcoming ‘Unapologetic’ album (due November 19th).

Despite bringing her trusty backing track to the ‘SNL’ set less than 6 months ago to promote a different album, Riri is back…but is she better than ever?

You tell us below:

Not exactly her epic “Where Have You Been” showing from SNL earlier this year, but it was…umm…interesting nonetheless.

Vocally, a decent performance from the hit-or-miss vocal-less but visually – which is usually the singer’s strongpoint – this performance left much to be desired.  Maybe she was going for the “I Was Here” effect, who knows?

But, as much as we applaud Ri’s desire to experiment, here’s hoping future experiments continue with vocal coaching and less graphics snatched from an 80s music video.


In the words of the songstress herself…Where Have You Been?

This is the Rihanna we have been waiting to see and hope the coming days will see more of!  The conviction in this performance was convincing and commendable, as was her control – giving us a second time she’s come to SNL and really given glimpses of her capabilities.

It seems our nightly prayer meetings were not in vain, so now let us pray for continuity because this is indeed the Rihanna we need to stay!

 One step closer to laying claim of that true vocalist titling.

Your thoughts?

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    • king z November 11, 2012

      i agree!

      • FAF November 11, 2012

        I Tried to watch last night but SNL is not funny to me.. by the time I turned back she was wrapping up and I was wondering why she was dressed like this ;/ she looks like she’s going for an outing in SOHO not doing a performance… Atleast she wasn’t as flat as usual

    • Look here you fool November 11, 2012

      I didn’t ever watch you and i,they know the s*** was mediocre. i was just thinking a lot of people need to get their ears checked 🙁

    • Rihanna’s stretched p**** (the navy drinking rihanna’s p**** juice ) November 11, 2012

      This goes out to all you navy stans y’all delusional and there is something wrong with ya’ll heads the mall be open but ain’t nobody shoppin *drops mic*

      • Lax November 11, 2012

        @Rihanna stretched Pus,,,,you Dirty Bytch,,,
        there yo ass go again hating on Rihanna cause
        the good Lord Blessed Her with a Pus and yo ass
        wants even her Pus to belong to Beyonce and Others
        that is so sad, then again,,,,,I wonder how would Beyonce
        ass would look with Rih’s Pus sewed to Her ass,,,,,since
        it bugs the hound dog hell out of you bytches that Rihanna has a Pus of Her Own!!! Dirty “Scum Bag Bytches”.

    • FOLLOW ME @gdboyratedloud November 11, 2012

      How’s that flop ass blog doing?????? Get a new day job heaux

    • HOTSTUFF November 11, 2012


    • FAF November 11, 2012

      But what in the 90’s science TV show Bill Nye Hell??? LOL

    • i&i(asomitan) November 12, 2012

      Sam u were not kidding at all. Dry and boring. THB I was expecting more in Rihanna standards. This is one of her worst performances. I thought she was improving. Meh!!

  1. Jak November 11, 2012

    You seriously didn’t just type “Barbadian”…….

    • Lax November 11, 2012

      I read that on forbes most powerful Women GaGa
      is #14 and Beyonce is Number 32 and Rih never made the list which is fine by Me and since the Bey Hive love harbing
      on each and every little thing I am sure they will have a field day with the Monsters for Gagag being ahead of Beyonce and go after the Navy because Rihanna isn’t on that list, Bum Bytches!!!

  2. Noel November 11, 2012

    Not bad..she has improved. Although…wtf is that crap behind her…totally distracting.

  3. HOL UP November 11, 2012

    She sounded great actually its just the baccground took away from it like lets be honest rihanna has had some badd performances and some great ones this is a good one ill give it to her she found a song she can sing i love it keep it up remember BLACK GIRLS ROCK!

    • Anne November 11, 2012

      There was a lot of lip synching going on and I don’t see anyone calling her out on it. Also Rihanna has been out too long for people to still be saying that she is improving. Think it’s time to face the fact that she will always take one step forward followed by two steps back. She did okay but I think most people grade Rihanna on a curve since the expectations are pretty low performance wise. She knew her limits and performed within them such that both renditions were ‘good for Rihanna.’

      • Lax November 12, 2012

        Rihanna,,,,,Haters has gotten worn down and
        Tired and I know you are truly big Rihanna fans deep down and she’s not giving you much to talk about other then what shes doing on a Daily,,,, but its Ok there are many other Aritist out there for you to talk about…but then again they don’t excite the masses like Rihanna does ,,,

  4. High November 11, 2012

    Perfect vocals. Horrible backgrounds. Nuff said.

  5. Monstarebel (RiRis S** Slave) November 11, 2012

    Her voice sounded amazing OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You go b****!!!! Love you RiRi

    • Pisces Icy November 12, 2012

      I loved the green scene showing the Pisces sign, the PEACE sign, vacations beach destinations, AFRICA, Diamonds in the sky. It was on SNL what do ppl expect? Ppl r wack; the negative commenting ppl don’t have Rihanna $$$$$$$ Her outfits were GREAT; it was Veteran’s Day weekend; and Rihanna and I LOVE us some BOB MARLEY!!!!!!!!! HATERS please stop HATING.

  6. Monstarebel (RiRis S** Slave) November 11, 2012

    Proof that my b**** can sing and has range don’t you h*** ever compare. her to weak vocaless like Cheryl Cole, Cassie,or Ciara ever again!!!!

    • Sleazy November 11, 2012

      Girl…. Ciara slays rihanna LIVE don’t compare a stage walker (rihgoat) to a stage slayer (Ciara) should I pull up that Jimmy kimmel performance? Black girls rock? Your girl sounds Decent she is not whitney houston BYE

      • Heavy Heavy November 11, 2012

        Rihanna’s performance of Stay was the best ever period. Stage presence, emotion and vocal ability. BUT she don’t touch Ciara who can dance and sing at the same time. Something that only a few can do.

      • Lax November 11, 2012

        Rihanna,,,,,Haters has gotten worn down and
        Tired and I know you are truly big Rihanna fans deep down and she’s not giving you much to talk about other then what shes doing on a Daily,,,, but its Ok there are many other Artist out there for you to talk about…but then again they don’t get you the Type of Traffic as Rihanna does ,,,,Now do they? Therefore its understandable
        that much is,,,,

      • Lax November 11, 2012

        @Rih’s many Haters,,,,,,
        I don’t know how old Many of u r but if you are Rih’s age then I’m sure you was partying enjoying yourself doing the damn thing so let the girl live.
        Rih is in no way trying to take anybody else’s shine Shes all about Her own shine, her own Progression up that ladder of success in Her own Lane that she has carefully carved out for herself.

      • Lax November 11, 2012

        Whitney Houston once stated….this
        not that i’m not Comparing their Talent i’m comparing the age one reason she got so wild and out of control is because she didn’t have normal twenties or teens or anything she never got a chance to enjoy her life because she was always doing business that’s a mistake many young artist make their image becomes more important then their sanity so when they hit 30 or older ages you see them actin out and in the press looking like they’re losing their minds so I don’t mind Rihanna acting out now because that means later there will be no excuses she had her fun and when its time to settle down with kids and a family whoever that man may be she can say Ok i’m ready to do this because i’ve been there done that let’s try something new… let the girl live she’s 24 hell
        Not four years old or 99 years old, Gheeeeese…

      • James227 November 11, 2012

        Rihanna sang the s*** out of Diamonds but the other song was a complete fail.

      • mobwife: full of “p*** & vinegar”…..LOL November 11, 2012


        LOL, really? I actually thought she did a better job singing that last cut. Both songs were song with such passion. I’ll say it again, this chick must be happy these days cause she sounds 100% better vocally IMO!

      • FAF November 11, 2012

        GIRLLL ! @Sleazy ! U know Ciara killed it !

    • PrettyPrissyPrincess November 11, 2012

      Baby having range is something that someone like Beyonce has, from her stange,unique clever vocals on Countdown with the boooooyyyeeeee part, to her almost rapping the chorus, to her singing love on top, to her singing halo, to her going into opera when singing DIL

      • PrettyPrissyPrincess November 11, 2012


  7. Daylee16 November 11, 2012

    I really like the performance too. BUT THAT DAM BACKGROUND WAS TOO MUCH

  8. BitchICan’tEvenSpellWelfare November 11, 2012

    She sounded great! Loved it!

  9. Jer November 11, 2012

    Her vocals were impressive. Quit trying to bring everything back to BeYAWNce. Its disgusting. Every interview, post. B**** have every seat.

    • zzzzg November 11, 2012

      I know right. It wasn’t even Beyoncé’s idea in the first place.Rihanna is inspired by Bey and she gave credit because she’s real.But she doesn’t copy her every move like the haters claim. Madonna is her biggest inspiration.She said she wanted to be like Madonna.

  10. Rihanna slayed November 11, 2012

    She just ate Stay cant wait till it’s posted

  11. Junior in Jamaica November 11, 2012

    She was PITCH PERFECT and “Stay” was even better than “Diamonds”. Wish the featured artist Mikky Ekko was there.

    Thank you Rihanna for making them STAY BAD.

  12. Candi November 11, 2012


  13. HOTSTUFF November 11, 2012


  14. Monstarebel (RiRis S** Slave) November 11, 2012

    RIHANNAS PERFORMANCE OF STAY THOO!!! Omg what a beautiful song!!!!>>>>>

  15. WHUT November 11, 2012







    • Teacher November 11, 2012

      Yaaasssss B****!!!!! 😀

    • MrTooIncredible November 11, 2012

      I F***** LOVE WHUT’s POST !!! I LIVEEEEE do u have a twitter ?

    • Lax November 11, 2012

      @WHUT,,,RIGHT ON,,,

  16. Beyonce’s Weave November 11, 2012

    YAAASSSSSS, Riri gave me everything with this performance that I’m considering buying Diamonds again. She had power, she had clarity, she had diction and she sounded just like the studio version. This was an epic vocal and the crowd loved it.

    Yes my gurl Riri has grown, she is so so so much better and I cannot wait for Unapologetic. The unique tone in her voice used in her original Bajan accent is just beautiful.

    • WHUT November 11, 2012

      WATCH STAY!!!!!!!!!


    • Lax November 11, 2012

      She was great we loved her performances and that is
      why there will always be different strokes for different folks.
      People need to understand that while Rihanna isn’t Jennifer Husdon then Jennifer isn’t Aretha and while Mariah, and Whitney are in a League of their own Then on the same Token Beyonce isn’t Jennifer Hudson Either,,,,,

    • Lax November 11, 2012

      And just to know that Rihanna was
      able to do just great with Her clothes
      on and Her legs pulled close together rubbing
      up and down and massaging that “Come Back Pus” that
      her haters and the bey hive is mad about her having and owning, one of her own since they all want Rih’s Pus to be sewed onto Beyonce’s big wide screen flat screen ass with them booty pads… lmao…

    • Monstarebel (RiRis S** Slave) November 11, 2012

      lol I love u b**** your hilarious #navyLife

    • Lax November 11, 2012

      @WHUT,,,,I Miss reading you and wished you would
      add to the Parties more Often to EQUALIZE & HELP
      READING YOU!!!!!!

  17. HOTSTUFF November 11, 2012

    After selling more than 37 million Albums and a whopping 146 million singles (the best selling digital artist of all time) Rihanna,the Grammy award winner, executive producer and song-writer comes back with her unique versatile voice on her much anticipated album UNAPOLOGETIC.

    She has 5 American Music Awards, 18 Billboard Music Awards, 5 Grammys, 11 chart-topping singles, and more than 26 million Twitter followers, 62M Likes on facebook and only 1 name — RIHANNA. The highest-selling digital artist in US history.


    • SCORPIO4LIFE(NOV.8) November 12, 2012

      yeah 99 cent and $1.29 way too brag!!!!
      Never had a number one cd with 62 million followers you would think she would top the chart more often, again way too brag 🙂 She got the popular vote but that’s it!!!!!!!!

      • HOTSTUFF November 12, 2012

        99 cent is lady gaga , now please, have a seat. XOXO

  18. zzzzg November 11, 2012

    Stay was actually better!! It showed off her range and vocals. She killed it! Watch the haters.

    • FAF November 11, 2012

      I would hate for y’all to hear what a REAL singer sound like… you’d probably die of shock….. cuz this ain’t it. Y’all giving it too much

      • Lax November 12, 2012

        Food For Though,,,,
        Life moves on, whether we act as cowards or heroes. Life has no other discipline to impose, if we would but realize it, than to accept life unquestioningly. Everything we shut our eyes to, everything we run away from, everything we deny, denigrate or despise, serves to defeat us in the end. What seems nasty, painful, evil, can become a source of beauty, joy, and strength, if faced with an open mind. Every moment is a golden one for him who has the vision to recognize it as such

  19. WHUT November 11, 2012


    CAT got your SNOUT SAMANTHA????????????

    • Monstarebel (RiRis S** Slave) November 11, 2012

      the vocals in stay were so f****** beautiful

      • WHUT November 11, 2012


  20. Beyonce’s Weave November 11, 2012

    That second song has proven something to me. Not only has Rihanna improved greatly in vocal ability, but she is GOING TO BE AN ICON whether people like it or not.

    • HOTSTUFF November 11, 2012


  21. Teacher November 11, 2012

    It’s quiet now lol…hmmm wonder y?

    • WHUT November 11, 2012

      AIN’T ITTTTTTTTTTT??????????

    • Monstarebel (RiRis S** Slave) November 11, 2012

      Lmao right!!! the haters ain’t got s*** to say I see hmmmm #NavyLife

  22. PrettigurlrockD Bitchess November 11, 2012

    Despite that one note she dodged at the beginning, she did good and definitely hit the rest of them. If she can hit all the notes like this on tour, she will make us proud. I agree with the hit or miss also. But I likes this performance so much gonna watch again!

    • Lax November 12, 2012

      Rihanna in Rio to a crowd of 100,000 or more bytches,,,
      Rio Opens World’s Biggest Music Festival

      About 100,000 people turned out in Brazil for the start of the world’s biggest music festival, Rock in Rio, featuring an all-star line-up including Rihanna, Katy Perry and Coldplay.
      The event is expected to attract 700,000 people over its week-long run, with around 100,000 a day turning out to see some of the biggest names in pop and rock belting out tunes on Rio de Janeiro’s shoreline.
      The mega-show — sold out to ticket-holders paying from $50-100 — is taking place in the “City of Rock”, a specially built venue on the site of what will be the future Olympic Village when Rio hosts the 2016 Summer Games.
      “Hello Rio!” Perry screamed to the delight of the fans after launching her set with her mega-hit “Teenage Dream.” The US pop princess took the stage after several local acts and a fireworks display to kick off the night.
      Elton John and Rihanna also performed on the event’s opening night.

  23. WHUT November 11, 2012

    STILL NO REVIEW!!!!!!!!!!!!


    HAS Samantha been INFLICTED with MENTAL PARALYSIS?????????

  24. Junior in Jamaica November 11, 2012

    Yeah people need to be objective sans the weird background (hello we are here to judge her vocals) she was superb.

    She showed up tonight and got better as the night went on.

    • Lax November 11, 2012

      @Junior drop in more often,,,,

  25. Beyonce’s Weave November 11, 2012

    Stay was just amazing. There is the future icon Rihanna, it showed off her range, vocal ability but most of all VERSATILITY. Not since Madonna has there been any chick who can take on multiple genres and turn them into artistic works of art.

    Rihanna does RnB, Pop RocK, Reggae, Electro Dance and Adult Contemporary pop. She can now add Rap, Rock Ballads, Pop ballads and House to her list. I LOVE THIS CHICK.


    Samantha, where’s the review for Stay? Are you mad. I said it, Diamonds made haters post over 2000 comments on That Hood Juice, her tracklisting made haters mad, snippets made the haters even more mad. When the album drops, the haters will be setting their houses on Fire.

  26. Daylee16 November 11, 2012

    I REALLY like the direction she is going with this album. The songs have more substance and are so different than i would have expected from HER!!!!

    • Monstarebel (RiRis S** Slave) November 11, 2012

      Yes she’s maturing as an artist

  27. Gilberto November 11, 2012

    Did they design those Diarrheamonds backgrounds on Paint? HORRIBLE. TGJ has a point here. Her performance looks like a MV from 80’s. Anyway, I still can’t stand @ Diarrheamonds, especially because of her awful vocals, she sounds like she has c** in your mouth. She sounds like she’s pretenting to be someone else (read Sia).

    • Beyonce’s Weave November 11, 2012

      I think you’re lost. You’re the only one hating here. Instead of hating, go help Beyonce see the top 50 of the Hot 100 again.

      • Lax November 11, 2012

        Tickets, priced at $1,000 go on sale today, Tuesday, January 31, 2012 at 5:00pm (PST). They may be purchased on-line or by calling Ticketmaster at 800-653-8000 or at the House Of Blues box office located at 8430 Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood, California.

    • Daylee16 November 11, 2012

      C** in mouth???? How vulgar can you get?

      • Gilberto November 11, 2012

        B****, I can be vulgar all over your ass.

      • Lax November 11, 2012


      • Lax November 11, 2012

        @GILBERTO Did yo ass have a clue that Rih did a benefit and the tickets was 1,000 each?
        On Sunday, February 12, 2012, partners Three Six Zero Group and Roc Nation will stage an unprecedented charity concert featuring international superstars deadmau5, Rihanna, Calvin Harris and Sebastian Ingrosso of Swedish House Mafia at the House Of Blues in Los Angeles. All proceeds from this once-in-a-lifetime concert will benefit the Children’s Orthopaedic Center and The Mark Taper–Johnny Mercer Artists Program at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. The all-star line up will also include Chris Lake and Michael Woods. All artists are donating their time for this wonderful cause.

    • Monstarebel (RiRis S** Slave) November 11, 2012

      The 2nd bitter hood hive member in this post b**** just give props and keep it moving you basic b****

    • HOTSTUFF November 11, 2012

      and what do you have to say about ‘stay’ ? you are the definition of a pressed hater , it’s so ridiculous, that your opinion doesn’t matter.

    • zzzzg November 11, 2012

      lol in disbelief I see. you sound like a mental patient.

    • Daylee16 November 11, 2012

      oh wow look at you. you breaking bad on a blog site LMAO. Go SIT YOUR PRESSED ASS DOWN

      • Look here you fool November 11, 2012

        LOL you seen to the the pressed one why would you feel the need to reply and used insults

    • Lax November 11, 2012

      @GILBERTO GIVE US a break I mean we know
      you dislike Rih but you know when yo children
      all grow up are you going to always be punching
      their lights out and even though yo children will
      never be as Great as U R Will you always treat
      them like they are still four when they become
      adults and keep right on telling them they will
      be great like Beyonce is to you.

      • Lax November 11, 2012

        Many who hate on Rihanna isn’t a Fan to Her sound
        which is something about Rihanna that Set Her Apart
        from all the rest.
        Rihanna’s Vocals are Laced with Her Caribbeans tone and
        Melodies and sounds and that is something else that make Her so Uniquely Different fro all of the chicks in the game.

    • stacey November 11, 2012

      I agree with you. Most of her fans re clearly deaf

      • Lax November 11, 2012

        Rihannas fans are not deaf we just know what we do and don’t like inRihanna. And Perhaps Rih isn’t for many Therefore leave Rihanna to her Cazillion of Fans, Stans, and
        Massive Navy snd find the one you haters Love & support Because theres those who Respect Rihanna’s Hustle also and it seem to P*** the haters all off because they can’t stand Rih having Her Own Fukn Navy and they are growing ever so stronger and Bigger with each passing year, Bytches
        Haters and Low Life’s.

    • Lax November 11, 2012


      • Lax November 11, 2012


      • Lax November 11, 2012

        and after nine (9) drops,,,,Deery.

      • Lax November 11, 2012

        1 4

        2 Above And Beyonce: Video Collection & Dance Mixes

        3 B’day

        4 Dangerously In Love

        5 I Am Sasha Fierce: Deluxe Edition

        6 I Am… Sasha Fierce

        7 I Am… World Tour

        8 I Am… Yours – An Intimate Performance At Wynn Las Vegas

        9 Live At Wembley

    • SHARON November 11, 2012

      See! this is way beyonce has haters!!

  28. Teacher November 11, 2012

    Sam b**** ass must be still cryin after that performance cuz he has yet to review it! It’s okay b****…we know Rih slayed u to hell and back! Wipe the tears away and come on w/ it!

  29. Monstarebel (RiRis S** Slave) November 11, 2012

    I’m glad Rihanna choose to sing a song like stay showing off range and putting the haters to shame, Rihanna is truly growing as an artist…and to all the people who say Rihanna makes meaningless song your wrong she very versatile and that’s what I love from her you get good powerful ballads like California king bed, Diamonds,Drunk on love etc,Fantastic Dance music like We found Love ,Where have you been , S&M etc and also amazing reggae songs like man down , watch n learn, what’s my name…she’s the s*** y’all will Deal

  30. HOTSTUFF November 11, 2012

    AND I JUST WANTED TO POINT OUT – THAT THE VOCAL PARTY BEGAN SINCE 2005 : YOU CAN ALSO LOOK UP : Rockstar live American idol, russian roulette lives, rudes boys lives, love the way you lie lives, california king bed lives, whats my name hackney lives, umbrella today show lives and so on ….AND LET THIS UNIQUE VERSATILE VOICED POP MEGASTAR SLAY YOUR LIFE LIK ENO OTHER H** IN THE POP INDUSTRY.

  31. zzzzg November 11, 2012

    “It’s not much of a life you’re living
    It’s not just something you take, it’s given”
    My favorite line in “Stay”

    Exactly God gave Rihanna the unique vocals,success,millions of fans.And no matter how much the haters try to compare her,hate,shade her they can’t take that away from her.

  32. king z November 11, 2012

    #theNAVY kills me. i like rihanna (on the radio), don’t get me wrong. but she is NO performer. she gets one performance halfway right and the NAVY acts like she is somebody’s vocal bible.

    You have got to know that if ANY respectable vocalist – brandy, bey, jazmine – gave a performance as BASIC as this b****’s performance tonight – they would be dragged for filth (even by their own stanbases).

    Rihanna is a visuals artist – that’s why her singles do well. nobody checking for a whole album of VOCALs from this chick unless they surrounded by banging beats and autotune. No shade..again..i Love ri and i appreciate her stepping her game up.

    but i have a hard time applauding somebody stepping their game from 1 to 2 when the rest of the artists of her caliber are on stage 10!

    • Beyonce’s Weave November 11, 2012

      Hi hater, Bye hater. STAY MAD.

    • WHUT November 11, 2012

      OH and they’re SIMPLY FURIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      S*** B****!!!!!!!!!!!

      RIDDLE me WHY I can SEE about a HUNDRED DIFFERENT VEINS popping the F*** out NECK from my SCREEN and YETTTTTTTTT the SHADE OF IT ALL is the fact that you don’t EVEN HAVE A NECKKKK!!!!


    • Daylee16 November 11, 2012

      I respect your opinion but i dont think this performance was basic at all. She will never sound like a Beyonce or a jazmime because she has more of a POP sound.

    • Gilberto November 11, 2012

      This is what I’m talking about. She did okay singing these songs, especially for someone like her who sounds awful most of time. She did some X-Factor or The Voice contestants’ performances. That’s it. Both songs are very easy to be sung. I wan to see Rihanna hitting ‘Love On Top’ or ‘One Moment In Time’ notes and range. Like I said, there’s something really weird about her vocals on Diarrheamonds, they don’t sound authentic, they don’t sound like herself.
      It’s pathetic to see Titanic (aka Navy) acting like she did the S*** when she was okay. I’ve been watching real high-skilled musicians performing for years and no one impresses me easily.
      If you want to see a real top vocals performance, watch Whitney Houston’s One Moment In Time on Grammy. This is the deal.

      • Teacher November 11, 2012

        She’s not neither one of those artists so y would she? Beyonce doesn’t sound like Whitney H. or Mariah C. and no one expects her to bcuz she’s y would u expect Rihanna to be some1 she’s not?!?!

      • Gilberto November 11, 2012

        You’re so dumb. I ain’t talking about timbre, I’m talking about vocal ability and technique. Of course you don’t know what I’m talking about, you’re just a basic b****. Go study about vocals before talking with a HBIC like me.

      • Lax November 11, 2012

        GILBERTO I hope that this album and the lead
        single “Diamonds” don’t cause the Bey Hive to Stroke
        Out GILBERTO Because there would not be the bey
        hive to hate on Rihanna so hard, now would it.

    • zzzzg November 11, 2012

      @Kingz In disbelief lol This performance was not basic because Rihanna has her own way of singing a song making it a brilliant performance.She opened her mouth and sang. You act like she whispered the song.

      “I love Ri for stepping her game up??? You haters kill trying to shade Rihanna and than give her a compliment at the same time SMH haters don’t know what to believe.

    • prettigurlrockD Bitchess November 11, 2012

      @king z you speak the truth.

    • Lax November 11, 2012

      @KING Z,,,,Just remember that its a poor frog
      who don’t Praise his own pond, Deery!

      • Lax November 11, 2012

        And while many look for fault with her performances
        always trying to nail,,,,,,
        all of Rih’s Performance and Rih to the cross
        the one reason that make yo ass always be a liar
        is the Mere Fact That Rih is still able to sign in
        on that “Time Clock” and get Paid Now if Rih
        wasn’t Demanding a stage and getting paid for it then yo asses might
        have a Valid Argument but as it stands right now
        yo Caes aganist Rihanna will not stand in any Court
        Room, and is full of Holes, Deery’s!

    • stacey November 11, 2012

      Thank you!

    • Lax November 11, 2012

      @KING ,,,,You bytches would complain if you was getting
      hung with a new rope, u dirth Bum Bytches…

      And speaking of album sales Rihanna’s “Talk” has Out Paced Beyonce’s “4” Hand s down!

    • FAF November 11, 2012

      @WHUT but… why u mad, tho ?

    • mobwife: full of “p*** & vinegar”…..LOL November 11, 2012

      LOL, now God kns I’m not a Rihanna fan but I think you’re beinga little disingenuous. She actually did well especially on that last song.

      As for performers, the media/music industry seem to be hell bent on shoving actual peformers out of the game in favor of those who stand, prance, or strum on a banjo. These are the “new” great stage performers according to the media critics!

  33. tits mcgee November 11, 2012

    Great job Rihanna! Loves it!

  34. Beyonce’s Weave November 11, 2012

    This is the Rihanna we have been waiting to see and hope the coming days will see more of! The conviction in this performance was convincing and commendable, as was her control – giving us a second time she’s come to SNL and really given glimpses of her capabilities.

    It seems our nightly prayer meetings were not in vain, so now let us pray for continuity because this is indeed the Rihanna we need to stay!

    One step closer to laying claim of that true vocalist titling.

    LMAO Samantha eating his own words, I love it. Anyway I have to commend him though for finally admitting that Rihanna is a vocalist despite what her haters think. Rihanna, unlike many acts always sings live. She is an icon in the making.

  35. Teacher November 11, 2012

    This is the Rihanna we have been waiting to see and hope the coming days will see more of! The conviction in this performance was convincing and commendable, as was her control – giving us a second time she’s come to SNL and really given glimpses of her capabilities.

    It seems our nightly prayer meetings were not in vain, so now let us pray for continuity because this is indeed the Rihanna we need to stay!

    One step closer to laying claim of that true vocalist titling.

    ^^^All of this is B*******! U LOVE to hate Rih!! She’s the reason this site is still up and running!

  36. WaitUrTurn88 November 11, 2012


  37. WHUT November 11, 2012

    OHHHHHH and ON taking a BREAK from watching the PERFORMANCE of the MILENNIUM what am I GREETED TOOOOO???









    • Lax November 11, 2012

      I have fallen and I can’t get up right
      now from ROTF,,,,LMAO!!!!

  38. HOTSTUFF November 11, 2012

    @KING Z

    LOL Brandy, jasmine and bey are rnb singers and DO NOT possess the vocal ability and versatility rihanna has. You can’t compare rnb singers to a pop singer, rihanna does not use autotune, i think you’re mistaken her for Britney spears (thats a robot singing) her voice is sometimes pitched but just for the effect ( example when she says ‘S -S-S &M-M M’) , same for Disturbia her only autotuned song, just for the effect…

    • Monstarebel (RiRis S** Slave) November 11, 2012

      b**** I wanna hear Mrs.beyflop do a reggae song she’d fail miserably

    • Gilberto November 11, 2012

      “Brandy, jasmine and bey are rnb singers and DO NOT possess the vocal ability and versatility rihanna has.”

      Thanks, God! Because Brandy, Jasmine and Beyoncé are amazing singers… unlike Rihanna. Thanks God that they don’t have this “the vocal ability and versatility rihanna has.”

      • Look here you fool November 11, 2012


      • zzzzg November 11, 2012

        Rihanna is not a bland singer no matter how much you try to convince yourself.She has a unique tone so she is in her own class. Stop comparing her.

      • HOTSTUFF November 11, 2012

        LOL pathetic … “Thanks God that they don’t have this “the vocal ability and versatility rihanna has.””

        i know for a fact Brandy wishes she had it to score a top 50 on the HOT 100 and jasmine a top 80.

      • Lax November 11, 2012

        Beyonce tries very hard to try and master them
        all because she feels that is what Rih is doing a good
        job of but still yet Rihanna is Wiser and Rawer then all of the Artist Named, Because Rihanna has been CHALLEGENING
        Her self and pushing the enevlope harder then any of these R&B artist with Raunchier , Gritter, and more SEXUALIZED MORE GROWN UP LYRICS THEN ALL OF THESE CHICK PUT TOGETHER, STIRRED AND NOT SHAKEN, JUST SAYING.

      • Lax November 11, 2012

        Rih’s Lyrical content of almost every three or four songs are her way of TAPPPPPIN OFF INTO NEW TERRITORIES, Which many of these SEASONED Artist don’t attempt until much later in life.

    • prettigurlrockD Bitchess November 11, 2012

      Jazmine, bey, and Brandy all surpass Rihanna vocally and hardly ever give terrible performances so don’t know what you’re talking about their vocal abilities are inferior. Have an arena of seats, honey. Lol. Yes, Rihanna can sing SOMETIMES but she is not in a league of being an amazing singer like the 3 you mentioned. But that’s my opinion.

      • HOTSTUFF November 11, 2012


        B**** you need to learn how to read, i did not say their vocal ability are inferior BUT that they do not possess the same as Rihanna. Little do i know, Brandy, jasmine, Bey can’t sing reggae, pop, dance, house ???? i would love seeing Brandy singing Only girl. But like i said They’re rnb singers and Rihanna is a pop singer, so the comparisons are ridiculous. Everybody has their preference, i prefer pop over rnb, therefor rihanna is a better singer to me than Beyonce, brandy and jasmine….

      • Lax November 11, 2012

        And to tell the truth I can’t even imaging
        Beyonce with Her I want to be Ms Perfect
        Sign she wears around Her neck, she would
        sound down right Stupid trying to sing about
        a “Rude Boy” and Her Lyrical content would be
        asking the Rude Boy can you get it up, Shyt.
        Rihanna does it Sexually, and with Gusto almost
        Seemingly Effortless and you Bytches will Deal!!!!!!

      • Lax November 11, 2012

        When Rih is throwing down Her Tracks vocal , melodies
        Rihanna sounds great with Her Deliver of the Lyrics and the
        Melodies with deepth and with a sense that She Owns what Shes Demanding from this “Rude Boy” she tells his what she want to do and how she basicly want it, Bytches,,,, thats Entertainment for the grown and s***

    • BitchICan’tEvenSpellWelfare November 11, 2012

      @HOTSTUFF, don’t do that. If you would’ve simply praised Rihanna without bringing TRUE singers into the conversation, your cause would’ve been much more appreciated.

      Brandy, Bey, and Jazmine DEMOLISH Rihanna vocally. YOU don’t even believe otherwise. That’s called trolling dear.

      • HOTSTUFF November 11, 2012


        YOU PRESSED H** i did not bring other singers into the conversation, i replied to @KINK Z who mentioned them, so have a seat.

      • Lax November 11, 2012

        @B*TCH,,,,,While Rihanna might not in yo view
        and ears Equal up to Brandy,Bey and Jasmine
        And on the same Token Neither can Brandy,
        Bey and Jasmine Equal Up to Whitney, Aretha
        Mariah, so in other words Just because Whitney question IS,,,
        DOES that make any of these Artist any Less??????

    • BitchICan’tEvenSpellWelfare November 11, 2012

      @HOTSTUFF, I’ll NEVER be pressed over pop matters. Yet, what I said stands: if you would’ve simply focused on Rihanna’s performance, you could’ve been spared the embarrassment.

      The aforementioned artists, again, DEMOLISH Rihanna vocally & I say this as someone who enjoys Rihanna’s work.

      Let it go. This is an argument that you can NEVER win.

      • HOTSTUFF November 11, 2012


        i already won and seated you.


      • Lax November 11, 2012

        See what you haters are Pressed about is The Fact
        that Just because Yo Asses hates on Rihanna’s Caribbean laced Vocals you want all of the Rest of the Cazillion of People who love and Support Rih to feel the same way and the World have showed you all that that way of thinking isn’t true and it isn’t going to work , Ever, in Rihanna’s Case.

      • Lax November 11, 2012

        And just so you’d know that is why many of you
        are always working over-time to try and beat Rihanna and Her Navy’s Wheels off because you can not and will not ever be able to make People Hate On Rihanna because of the stupid and childish reasons that many of you hate on Rih,

        The Hate of seeing Rihanna accomplishing many Feature that Beyonce has is enough to keep the Rih haters and that bey hive “Corked & Screwed for years to come. So to Me all Rih has to ever do is keep being Herself and doing Her thing and keep right on paying her bills because that is what counts at the end of each day!!!

      • HOTSTUFF November 11, 2012

        @lax PREACH 😉

      • Lax November 11, 2012

        @B****,,,,Yo ass is a lying wonder you works
        over time to try and prove that Rih isn’t worthy of Her crown and Yo shyt isn’t Selling or holding Rih’s Navy down bytch.

        And if yo ass wasn’t pressed, and salty then you would not be on a Rih post trying to shyt talk Her navy Scum Bag!
        You and Gilberto and that Bey Hive DESPERATE ASSES

  39. Monstarebel (RiRis S** Slave) November 11, 2012

    These two performances VOCALLY slayed any Brandy Ciara or Rita oral performance and yes b**** I said mutha f****** brandy that b**** sounds like a wolf gasping for air I can’t

    • Teacher November 11, 2012

      Lol not a wolf gaspin for air LOOOOOOOOOOL? but 4real get off Brandy..she’s awesome…but f*** the other two!

      • Benron (King Of The F****** Navi)) November 11, 2012

        I DIED!

    • prettigurlrockD Bitchess November 11, 2012

      Oh GOD. I CAN’T. Rihanna has a good performance the navy rejoices out of the woodwork and gotta come for other vocalists. I guess you are really young or haven’t heard brandy’s live performances. She is a beast. Rihanna slaying brandy? GIRL NEVER. BYE

      • Lax November 11, 2012

        Who gives a shyt about comparing Brandy to Rih dah, dah,
        dah Brandy, bey nor Jasmine was on that stage last evening
        it was all about Rihanna getting Her Promo off to a Great start and Rihanna showed Up and Showed Out and hell no Shes isnt Beyonce are any of the Others Shes Rihanna and that’s who came last evening with Her a Game She even covered her ass up so as to give you loose Bytches a break from calling Her s***, s**** or H** for a CHANGE,,,,

  40. Monstarebel (RiRis S** Slave) November 11, 2012


  41. AdamMonster November 11, 2012

    You people are HILARIOUS. Rihfrog was TEEEEEEERRIBLE!!!!!!!! Her performances were basically 2 more comedy sketches on the show! 😆 😆 😆 Her voice is so f****** atrocious!! She makes a fool out of herself every time she steps in front of a live mic.

    • Beyonce’s Weave November 11, 2012

      Her sales figures (37 million albums WW, 146 digital tracks WW) plus sold out arena tours disagree with you. Bye hater.

      • Beyonce’s Weave November 11, 2012

        *146 million

    • AdamMonster November 11, 2012

      …………………and no Rihfrog album ever outsold Milli Vanilli’s, so what’s your point FOOL???? 😆 😆 I don’t give a F*** how many singles that prostitute sells, she’s still a f****** SHITTY singer! PSY can sing this Byoootch off the stage! LMAO!!!!

      Bite one h**.

      • Beyonce’s Weave November 11, 2012

        YASSSS HATE HATE HATE. Haters are losing it today, I love it. Rihanna has given two top notch performances and the hates are in disbelief, they are so mad today. I love it.

    • Gilberto November 11, 2012

      DEAD @ “Her performances were basically 2 more comedy sketches on the show!”

    • zzzzg November 11, 2012

      Girl Diamonds is on it’s way to #1 yall mad

    • Lax November 11, 2012

      @ADAMMONSTER,,,,,Whar ever because Rihanna was still in the top 5 of the Riches celebs on that Forbes list, bytch!

      • Lax November 11, 2012

        Desperation has settled in on Rihanna haters big time!!!!!!

  42. Nichole November 11, 2012

    Rihanna is the most successful singer of her generation. She has a great reign that just won’t let up. Good for her.

    • Gilberto November 11, 2012

      Google: did you mean LADY GAGA?

      • Monstarebel (RiRis S** Slave) November 11, 2012

        PRESSED B****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • HOTSTUFF November 11, 2012


    • prettigurlrockD Bitchess November 11, 2012

      One of the most successful pop artists on the generation. Real vocalists like Adele and Gaga and Bey are the most successful SINGERS of the generation.

    • JB November 11, 2012

      “Rihanna is the most successful singer of her generation”. Really? When did she outsell 21, The Fame, Some Hearts, or Fearless?

    • Lax November 11, 2012


      • Lax November 11, 2012


  43. Beyonce’s Weave November 11, 2012

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Gilberto is MMAAADDDD AS HELL. Yasss Rihanna, make the haters mad. Someone please give Gilberto an oxygen mask + tank because the b**** is so mad she can hardly breathe.

    • Monstarebel (RiRis S** Slave) November 11, 2012

      lol Yaaas that gworl is in here losing her mind hahaha

      • Beyonce’s Weave November 11, 2012

        LMAO, she might need a mental institution soon, she is totally losing it. LMAO never thought I would see the day, what a mess.

    • prettigurlrockD Bitchess November 11, 2012

      Sorry the beyhive wouldn’t be mad. We already know the navy will be steamed and pressed like a fresh perm come bey’s superbowl performance. 😀 stay tuned.

      • Beyonce’s Weave November 11, 2012

        LMAO I see Beyonce Really needs that Superbowl performance. It must be her last chance, she must really really need it that badly for you to make such a big deal about it. Anyway if you want to talk about Bey’s Superbowl performance, go find a blog that still cares about Bey and go comment on it there. This post is about Rihanna’s amazing vocal performances that have got you and the Hive all jittery. That Rihanna Reign, the Black Madonna, the Icon in the making.

    • Lax November 11, 2012

      @perttigurl,,,,Is that Right, when it was yo ass and the
      Bey Hive who used Bey’s Performance at GLASTONBURY
      to wage aganist each and every Performance Rihanna ever gave. So now we are supposed to get Steamed over Beyonce Poppin her big Fat Pus, FakeTits and a Million pounds of Weave, Give Me A Phucking Break and Give the
      Navy a break AND THE WORLD a break ,,,we have seen it all before,,, Shame on Yo ass letting Us all know that
      this Super Bowl is in some kind of way “Saving Grace” for
      Beyonce’s Career Beyonce the wanna be more everything then Rihanna …ha, ha, ha,,,

  44. WHUT November 11, 2012

    and the REVIEW is finally UP!!!!

    Isn’t IT FUNNY that SLAVERY was ABOLISHED in a shorter TIME SPAN????

    That’s ALL I NEEDED from you MUTT!!!!!!




  45. tits mcgee November 11, 2012

    I can’t stop watching the performances. Rih truly “shined bright like a diamond!”

    When she honors her craft, she is so alive, and you can’t help but feel it…

    • Monstarebel (RiRis S** Slave) November 11, 2012

      Yaaas hun it’s just that good I’ve watched each video over 5 times already!!!!

    • Lax November 11, 2012

      Diamonds is one of Best songs ever to me, her
      vocals are on Lock and she Delivers the Melodies
      with Perfection,,,this is a complete turn around for Rihanna
      as far as songs and Musical content goes.

  46. Teacher November 11, 2012

    Hating is expected. I’m not gon argue! Rihanna f****** slayed POINT BLANK PERIOD.

    • Gilberto November 11, 2012

      Hating??? B****, please. I don’t have nothing against her. Why would I hate her? I just don’t give A for efforts. I’ve grown watching amazing vocalists performing, when I see a Rihanna or a Katy Perry performing, I just want to puke.

      • Lax November 11, 2012

        GILBERTO STFU,,,,Yo ass hate seeing her
        name written on the screen in front of you and
        yo ass are always trying to tear Rihanna and the Navy down.
        If you don;t hate her then why in the f** are yo here? Yo ass sure in the Hell isn’t spreading good Cheer, stupid Idiot.

  47. Mariah4Life November 11, 2012

    Sorry but that wasn’t at all good and from what I saw just proves that she isn’t a true vocalist by any stretch of the imagination. She was pitchy and thin, and tried to be something she wasn’t. Even when she occasionally hits the right notes, it still isn’t any good because just the sound of her voice is bad. Ashley Simpson was better than her the night her backup tape malfunctioned.

    • Gilberto November 11, 2012

      This is the problem with rihtards: they don’t know nothing about vocals, but they still think they’re experts because they saw that R****** wasnt sounding as awful as she uses to. Honestly I don’t think she did better than any X-Factor or The Voice contestants could’ve done. The day that rihtards see Barbra Streisand performing, their minds will blow!

      • Lax November 12, 2012

        @Rihanna Haters,,,,
        Of Course everything come with a price
        The price for RIHANNA reaching Her destination is a High One, Complete with Obstacles and Struggles to bear LIKE YO HATEFUL ASSES,,,,But what make it all worth while is the Beautiful Sensation of,,,,Victory….
        that makes Her Stronger and Smarter with every Passing Day. Everything has its purpose, if nothing else life in the Industry is a Lesson Learned…..You grow as you go!

    • Honey CHILD please November 11, 2012

      True indeed, true indeed. Her fans are the bottom of the pit

      • Don’t be fooled November 11, 2012

        Exactly the Navy are rejoicing because a singer was able to sing her own songs and hit her own notes for once…. But isn’t that her job?

    • prettigurlrockD Bitchess November 11, 2012

      I can’t expect the navy to understand vocal pedagogy. It’s over their heads and out of their range. “stupid mf”-mindless self indulgence. Lol.

    • Lax November 11, 2012

      @MARIAH4LIFE,,,,And thank goodness yo ass can go in search of a Mariah Post and stay the F** off the Rihanna post we know what we love and Respect in Rihanna’s Music and it matters a dam if Rihanna don’t ever measure up to mariah because from where i am sitting Beyonce ass don;t measure up either, and SINCE all of you want to see Rihanna flop, fails its easy to praise one and DOGG the s*** out of Rihanna, we have read it all before Bytch.

      • Lax November 12, 2012

        @HONEY CHILD
        @DON’T BE FOOLED
        They say it’s not where you come from, but where you’re going that matters. The path People have chosen, more Accurately the Path that chose Me, is leading me to Awareness, and Stability. Of course, everything comes
        with a High Price like being Dogged out by Low Life’s
        like Yo kind BYTCHES!!!!!!….

  48. Beyonce’s Weave November 11, 2012

    I so cannot wait for my girl Kelly aka, Rihanna Black Madonna to come here, love reading her commentaries.

    • prettigurlrockD Bitchess November 11, 2012

      aka dumb racist b****.

    • Lax November 11, 2012

      @beyonce’s weave Me Too
      @prettigurl why are you here again?

  49. DTG November 11, 2012

    “Rihanna is cliche of everything that has ever been disingenuous about the music business. A soulless Barbie Doll, with plastic doll parts, who was plucked off the streets of no where and put on–simply because the outfit was her size. In other words: commerce…created and puppet mastered by money grubbing music executives as a tool to co-opt what is currently popular for fast cash, and pandered to the dingiest of music listeners who are not discerning enough to care.

    You have to give the label, the management, the A&R people, the songwriters, the producers, the directors and the thousand other magicians involved their credit for being savvy enough to outfit this garden-variety debutante with material and promotion to keep her afloat…but let’s be real, there is nothing ‘special’ or ‘unique’ about Rihanna, herself. She has little talent, no personality or strong image, nor does she command the stage. Anyone could have been cast in the role Rihanna plays; she just lucked out. For all intents and purposes, Rihanna is akin to a can of Hormel Chili; basically a canned product with a label (and a ‘sell by’ date) on it.

    The bottom line is that Rihanna was not built to last and is very “replaceable.” This is why she does not take breaks, and repetitiously puts out a generic by-the-numbers pop album every year. Being that she has little ‘star power,’ in order to sustain her momentum she has to continually strike while the iron is hot, while employing a multitude of petty ‘stunts’ to get attention (tacky wigs, brothel attire, referencing her tumultuous relationship Chris Brown years later.) The moment she sits down to catch her breath, ten more record label assembled chippies will be thrown into the ring and the last two standing will be the next “Rihanna.”

    In 2012, no more do we need windup doll acts like Rihanna getting on camera and posing like an androidian cast-off from America’s Next Top Model, while vapidly bleating over an empty dance track, hanging around longer than the fifteen minutes that is typically allotted for manufactured pop stars such as her. It’s just getting sad now, and the quality is dipping. Gone are the pseudo-interesting songs like “Umbrella,” now she is peddling random, monotonous dead air like “We Found Love.” The girl has run her course; at this point she is on autopilot and is fast becoming the equivalent of a skipping record.”

    • Look here you fool November 11, 2012

      Great read so true

      • HOTSTUFF November 11, 2012

        Great read ? tell me which b**** in the pop industry can sing all the genres of music she can ? this alone makes her unique and irreplaceable. NOW SIT.

      • Gilberto November 11, 2012

        ” tell me which b**** in the pop industry can sing all the genres of music she can”
        WHAT? What the hell are you talking about?

      • HOTSTUFF November 11, 2012

        genre of music for Gilberhoe : reggae, pop, dance, house, rnb.

      • Lax November 11, 2012

        @Gilberto Rihanna can, deery!
        @DTG,,,,Always posting yo shyt trying to Muddy the Waters for Rihanna LETTING THE NAVY and the World know that Rihanna just has to be Doing something Right because if she wasn’t doing something Right then Yo hating Asses would not be on her post, now would you DTG,,,,

    • xedos November 11, 2012

      if rihanna is what you said she is then she would be in the RNB grave yard. example T error Marie. Rihanna has more control over her career than most of these other chicks.. when it come to music , Rihanna is not one track minded. she touches every genre.
      when they told her she cannot do “shut up and drive” because she black she told them “just watch me” the rest is history. rihanna is the only artist who survive beyonceitis.
      you can go down the list of female who’s career did not survive beyonce onslaught.. every successful artist have to have a machine around them. they cannot do it alone. you need good mgmt,and PR . you need good A&R and producers. you need good song writers. all the parts has to be working to be a mega star. Frank Sinatra, Elvis or Whitney never wrote any of their songs . Do you know the planning Clive Davis had to do before he release Whitney’s first album? he pick all the songs, he let her do many photo shoots to find the right picture. he never let her did an interview with urban radio.. had Whitney fall in the wrong hands she could have end up in the RNB grave yard even with that voice. so don’t hate on rihanna because he has a machine behind her. without a machine an artist is nothing. their is a reason why the label has a machine . it works.

      • HOTSTUFF November 11, 2012



      • Lax November 11, 2012


      • Lax November 12, 2012

        Rihanna Haters,,,,,,Rih
        believe Knowledge is Power, and that’s what is to be gained She feels she has to be a Warrior in the Upcoming Battles and Struggles of life. In the words of a wise poet Everyday is a Gift, that’s
        why it’s called the Present…

      • Lax November 12, 2012

        @Rihanna Haters,,,,,,Rih
        also believe that the Energy a Person puts out comes back Tenfold., So…. why not try to be a better person? Treating others the way you’d like to be treated is a Testimony to your own Personal Self Respect. Who and what you surround yourself with is a Reflection of Self, therefore, I choose wisely. On a Much different side of Me
        I am a very Ambitious Woman with a Plan for My Life….
        And the Hard work She put in and the Mid Night Oil burned is only a small part of the Struggle, Folks.

      • Lax November 12, 2012

        @Rihanna’s Haters,,,,,,
        From the depth of my Being I am a Strong
        Woman who is Genuine,Driven, Sure, and Free. Though Young in Years,,, . I’m a True Realist,,,, I love off beat beauty and down to earth people…. I love just being Myself, down to earth and I don’t take Myself all that Serious I love a good Joke loads of Laughter and In real Life I love Humor in My Every day Life, both on and Off the Stage….

      • Lax November 12, 2012

        @Rihanna’s Haters,,,,,
        I love learning about Human Nature ,Social Behavior, anything to do with the Life as it is in many different Countries and development of Human Society. I have a strong interest in
        People in General,,,,,I love People and I love hearing about their Struggles in General it Reminds Me of where and what I have Gone through and come from to get over to this side
        of the Mountain….

      • Lax November 12, 2012

        @Rihanna Haters,,,,,,
        I feel Deeply and Passionately about Life in General even though I don’t Always Express it. I wouldn’t hesitate to move to a different country or township,,, Most of the time I’m Quiet and is all about My work,,,, on top of that I’m very down to Earth I love those Quick Intimate Sparks That Fly when you meet someone and can Bypass the Small Talk and Become as Human and down to earth as possible.

      • Lax November 12, 2012

        @Rihanna Haters,,,,,,Rih has a ….
        Tendency to ask Awkward and Personal Questions due to Curiosity in Other. ,, It’s thought provoking. I want to meet people with Interesting ideas about the world. People who are Intellectual and LOVE LIFE AS I DO,,,. People with a thirst for Understanding. People who have a Desire and the Self Worth and the strength to get off their Behinds and do something about their situations no matter how hard it might seem at the time.
        My deepest Desire is to always stay true to Myself and to those who Support My Efforts……

  50. Jcrewedup November 11, 2012

    Yassss Robyn Rihanna Fenty!!!! Yasss!

    This is one of those times when you forget your stan card and***.up!

    Rihanna slayed on this performance and I don’t want her to EVER look back. THIS is the what I knew she could do.

    I’m telling yall, the best since “Rated R.”

    • Look here you fool November 11, 2012

      the fact you have sade as your avi I can’t smh

      • Jcrewedup November 11, 2012

        So just because I have Sade as my avi means that I’m supposed to “automatically” despise Rihanna? Really?

        Here are the facts. Rihanna is THE MOST interesting pop artist in the mainstream. Period. NO ONE f**** with her. Her pop music is at the top the chain.

        Sade is a completely different matter. Please do not attempt to bring her into a discussion with Rihanna. They have nothing to do with each other.

  51. AdamMonster November 11, 2012


    😆 😆 😆

    • Lax November 11, 2012


      • Lax November 11, 2012

        RIHANNA HATERS,,,,,,
        Diamonds Over View,,,,
        We could go into a lot of detail here about how this is the perfect song for Rihanna at his point in her career, how the Sia influence drips from every syllable, how it sounds immediately classic but fiercely modern. We could mention the Lana Del Rey-meets-’Rated R’ feel. We could say all sorts, but as if you’re going to read any of that before you hit ‘play’ .

  52. Steph November 11, 2012

    LOVE Riri!!!! Keep shinning bright! You have my vote 100%!

  53. Honey CHILD please November 11, 2012

    IF that’s the best she has than ok…It wasn’t her usual painfu goatly vocals, but it wasn’t great or even good. ..Rihanna fan base no doubt settle for anything they can get sad, but true.

    • Don’t be fooled November 11, 2012

      ^^^^^^^ WORD!

      • Lax November 12, 2012

        @HONEY CHILD
        Never under- estimate the Power of them Goat Vocals Honey Child,,,,they helped to do do this,,,,
        “Run This Town” Ft Jay, Kanye
        You Hating Low Life….

    • Lax November 11, 2012

      Rihanna ,,,,,,Haters
      Diamonds Over view,,,,,,
      Rihanna‘s new single “Diamonds” forgoes the neon strobe lights of her recent singles like “We Found Love” and “Where Have You Been” for more of a gently glistening vibe to go along with the song’s title. The production scaled back the energy, giving the song a pleasing lightness which helps accentuate RiRi’s strong vocals and slightly different timbre.

  54. Emptytvr November 11, 2012

    #ICAN’T at Rihanna fans thinking she slayed because one less mirror shattered than usual. The reality is that a “good” performance for her is still below average. If a trained singer sounded like Rihanna did tonight, their fans would be mortified. But I suppose when expectations are low, it’s easy to be impressed.

    • Honey CHILD please November 11, 2012

      yes your words are the good word..true at best

    • HOTSTUFF November 11, 2012

      LOL u need a sofa not a seat

    • Lax November 11, 2012

      Most of RiRi’s songs are power moves, undeniable forces that cannot be denied. This one is sly, saying “come on in, the water’s nice” rather than pushing you into the pool. We’ve scoured the web’s reactions to the new Rihanna song, and most reviewers seem to want to hop in for a swim.
      OPINIONS That Packs a Punch, where it counts.

    • Lax November 12, 2012

      @EMPTYTVR,,,,To hell with you Rih was still able to pull this Off with TI
      “Live Your Life”

    • i&i(asomitan) November 12, 2012

      You pretty much summed it up. I watched twice because I thought I missed something the first time but I dont get the excitement. This was mediocre at best.

  55. Honey CHILD please November 11, 2012

    Lol peole are sad on this post…They have no clue or the slightest idea of what talent or real vocal ability is…yeah i guess that’s why they stan for such a goat

    • Honey CHILD please November 11, 2012


    • Lax November 12, 2012

      @Honey Child we know dam well what Talent is
      Yo Ass Just don’t Feel that Rih is Talented and You
      have a Right to Feel anyway you Like while Rih does
      things like this….
      “If I Never See Your Face Again” Maroon5

  56. Blue’s Cousin November 11, 2012

    I will say her vocals have improved so much!!! and that’s what it is about making improvements.

    • HOTSTUFF November 11, 2012

      Theyve always been there, look up ‘last time’ from her debut album live and after Love the way you lie live

    • Lax November 12, 2012

      And while her Vocals was getting to where they are Presently
      Rih was still able to do this with Eminem’s Help…
      “Love The You Lie” eminen Ft Rihanna

  57. prettigurlrockD Bitchess November 11, 2012

    Why the Navy gotta overexaggerate on her abilities?? It was GOOD. But she is not slaying or mutilating anyone. LOL. Good one. Aretha, MC, and Whitney all have done that. Rihanna having a good vocal performance is like a breath of fresh air though considering she is subpar a lot. Nothing more. @WHUT ur nuts when it comes to ur fave. Calm down.

    • zzzzg November 11, 2012

      Because the haters over exaggerate by saying Rihanna can’t sing time and time again.When she can.

    • Lax November 12, 2012

      Prettigurl Over Exaggerate this,,,
      “Who’s That Chick” Guetta Ft Rihanna
      3xPlatium 1gold 1 silver
      Things like this matter nor yo Bull crap!

  58. Beyonce’s Weave November 11, 2012

    LOL, I see the haters have brought re-enforcements. I personally was already sold with the American Idol – California Kind Bed performance on Rihanna’s vocal ability. She is a top notch vocalist because she possesses something many artists don’t have and those are diction, unique tone and versatility.

    Some people can only sing RnB, some people can only sing Rock, some people can only sing Dance music, some people can only sing Reggae. Rihanna on the other hand can do them all, and she does them all well. That’s what makes her a top notch vocalist. There has never been a woman as versatile as this since Madonna, NEVER.

    • zzzzg November 11, 2012

      • Beyonce’s Weave November 11, 2012

        WOW, She did amazing.

    • Gilberto November 11, 2012

      This is like the 12394th f****** time that a r****** post this performance. Doesn’t she have any other “good” performances? Urgh!
      You know you’re mediocre singer when your stans have just one single performance of yours to show that “you can sing”. Pathetic.
      B****, you can type “Fantasia Barrino live” on YouTube and play any video that you want, I bet this performance that you chose will be better than this performance of R******. Real vocalists have good performances every single time that he/she hits the stage. Picture the difference?

      • Beyonce’s Weave November 11, 2012

        Fantasia Barrino CANNOT sing California King Bed better than Rihanna. Amy from Evanescence can sing California King Bed better than Rihanna but not Fantasia Barrino. Reason is California King bed is a ROCK BALLAD, Fantasia Barrino has never done a Rock Ballad and I bet she wouldn’t sound good singing a Rock Ballad.

        Rock Ballads are not about Vocal ability, they are entirely based on emotion, and Rihanna shows it when she sings Rock Ballads as she did with California King Bed and Stay.

        Here’s an example of a rock ballad.

        They are entirely based on emotion.

      • zzzzg November 11, 2012

        Girl you are doing more than hating you are reaching.

      • zzzzg November 11, 2012

        Rihanna can take a Fantasia Barrino Song and make it a world Wide pop hit. Stop it

      • Lax November 12, 2012

        @GILBERTO And the 12395 time Yo dumb
        ass and the haters and Hive have tried to Hang Rihanna’s Ass and the Navy out to dry and a/h it isn’t working at all….
        “Fly” Nicki Ft Rihanna
        1xPlatium 1 gold

    • Lax November 11, 2012

      @BEYONCE WEAVE,,,Right on,,,,you keep that fire built up high and hot under the haters asses,,,,,

      • Lax November 11, 2012

        I MISS THEM SO MUCH!!!

  59. Honey CHILD please November 11, 2012

    If only this goat was as talented as Taylor Swift..she can’t even sale a quarter of what taylor swift does in a week yet people consider her the best of our generation? these stans are mentally disturbed at best

    • Beyonce’s Weave November 11, 2012

      Yes and we congratulate Taylor Swift on her success and wish her a successful career. However Taylor Swift’s music does not take away from Rihanna’s. Taylor Swift has created a new genre for herself which is Pop Country, she cannot be compared to Rihanna.

      I also love that Rihanna was invited to sing at the Academy of Country Music awards, this again reinforces Rihanna’s versatility.

      Still mad???

    • FOLLOW ME @gdboyratedloud November 11, 2012

      Taylor Swift?????????????? This site does NOT cover that type of music. Take that s*** elsewhere. This site is for pop and rnb.

      BYE b****!!!

      Tryna use Taylor Swift to hide the fact that you fav is a complete flop

      • Honey CHILD please November 11, 2012

        COmplete flop, but your fav doesn’t even have an inch of talent in her entire being…rest h**

    • Lax November 11, 2012

      @Honey and why is it that some of us was born black
      while others have blonde hair and blue eyes, Honey Childs.

      • Honey CHILD please November 11, 2012

        Evolution boo, separation of a book child

    • Lax November 12, 2012

      @Honey Child the Goat was Talented enough to do this with Help
      “Takecare” Drake Ft Rihanna that Goat as her many haters so Passionately calls Her
      7xPlatium 6 gold 1 silver

      Haters can you handle that!

  60. Gilberto November 11, 2012

    Rihtards should go to That Goat Juice if they don’t want to read other people’s opinion about her performance. Don’t r****** have a board/forum? You can be delusional overthere.

    • Lax November 11, 2012

      Hey Gilberto we are where we are supposed to be and You?

    • Lax November 12, 2012

      @GILBERTO We are at That Goat Juice, Deery
      “We Found Love”
      15xPlatium 2 gold Ft Calvin Harris
      Gilberto stick that up yo ass and Puff It.

  61. Keegan November 11, 2012

    I was gonna do this long drawn out wonderful review I m gonna cut it short..she killed it !!!!!

  62. tits mcgee November 11, 2012

    I really hate all this “stanning”. I like what I like when i do. I wish everyone could just do that and not act like their “fave” is perfect or not human.

    Rihanna did great here, and that’s why it took so long for the hate to find a problem.

    I think the reason she gets her success, is becaua

  63. Truth November 11, 2012

    That was pure s***. The only people who would be impressed by this would be the Navy, because they’re so accustomed to seeing her fail on stage. Takes so little to win them over, because frankly they don’t know any better. For the rest of us, it was like watching an amateur on Star Search. What I wouldn’t give to see Simon Cowell critique Rihanna’s voice and performing skills.

    • Beyonce’s Weave November 11, 2012

      And yet he always invites her back on his show X-Factor.

      _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/
      _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/
      _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/
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      _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/
      _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/
      _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/

      • Lax November 11, 2012

        I hear that Ofc….

    • Lax November 11, 2012

      @TRUTH And since yo ass is pure s*** who’s judging what did yo ass expect.

    • Lax November 12, 2012

      “Only Girl”

  64. tits mcgee November 11, 2012

    My grandma used to tell me how people would compare Ella Fitzgerald to Billie Holiday and say Ella was better.

    Yes Ella had a bigger voice, and was slightly more popular, but what made Billie, her equal, was that she knew what fit her thinner voice and sang those songs, and her great emotional interpretation of the songs she sang.

    I would say beyonce has the bigger voice(ella), but Rih is more intuitive about what works for her.

    They are both talented with flaws!

    Some of yall act so silly and feel you have to be one sided to be a fan.

    It is possible to like different artist, and appreciate them for them without nonsense agendas.

    Sorry for the essay. It just get so tedious reading some of this biased s***.

    But its nothing new! LOLz!

    • HOL UP November 11, 2012

      I love this comment

  65. tits mcgee November 11, 2012

    * is because she has her own magic.*
    To complete my previous post.

    For some reason I can’t reply to the same posts on my computer or phone! 🙁

    • Monstarebel (RiRis S** Slave) November 11, 2012

      gurl wtf shut up DONT no one cur

  66. BitchICan’tEvenSpellWelfare November 11, 2012

    Come on now…

    So yall gone tell me that Rihanne sounded horrible here? She sounded bad?


    Fact is, she did that s***–period! Sounded amazing!

  67. CS9 November 11, 2012

    LOL I’m literally DYING at the Navy trying to spin her lacked performances into gold. Good for her is still poor for anyone who can actually sing scales in tune. I sound better than Rihanna when I sing in the shower and along with my car radio, and I’m no singer. If yall actually think that was good, then I got some magic beans to sell you for a really good price.

    It’s sad how just shockingly low the standards for pop singers are today. Rihanna wouldn’t have lasted a day against the talent that existed just a few years before her. This Internet/iTunes generation will accept any flaky no talent shopping mall singer, so long as they are prepackaged the right way.

    • Lax November 12, 2012

      Spin this
      “Don’t Stop The Music”
      6xPlatium 1 gold 1 silver

  68. KingB November 11, 2012

    STAY IS SO BEAUTIFUL <3 thank you Rihanna,you are amazing

  69. Lets Be Real November 11, 2012

    It was cute.Good for Rihanna standards. Lets not compare here guys..and Sam.Yes we know vocally Beyoncé is leaps bounds and flips ahead.but for Rihanna these were pretty good.not amazing like the hardcore navy is claiming lol lets not get carried away.but now ehen the navy try to prove Rihanna can sing live the will not just send me that aol sessions Russian roulette lol. Great job!u havevto remember Rihannas vocal range isn’t very wide so you can only judge her on HER standards

    • HOTSTUFF November 11, 2012

      b**** there area thousand performances of her singing and slaying! …=> _/

      • Lax November 11, 2012

        Less be real Rihanna Sounding more mature and grown up
        is KILLING her haters and the Bey Hive.

    • Monstarebel (RiRis S** Slave) November 11, 2012

      i respect your comment your not coming off as a hater like that bitter b**** Gilberto

    • zzzzg November 11, 2012

      lol A Bey fan telling the truth.That’s how you know Geilber is crazy and delusional.

      • Lax November 11, 2012


    • Lax November 12, 2012

      @Haters the proof is in the sales bytches

      • Lax November 12, 2012

        Haters the proof is in the sales
        2Gold 1 silver

  70. Um November 11, 2012

    I actually liked the Diamonds performance. It was subtle, pretty & the graphics were interesting.

    In other news, why the f*** do people keep downing Bey for Rihanna’s sake? Rihanna already thinks she’s beautiful and clearly like the b****, so why are her fans so annoyingly venemous? If Rihanna considers Jay a “big brother”, don’t you think she’d respect Beyonce as her “big brother’s” WIFE and the MOTHER of his f****** child?

    At the end of the day, Beyonce & Rihanna are both talented, stunning and very different forms of entertainers. However, both are iconic in their own right. Leave them the f*** alone and stop coming for Beyonce’s undeniable talent, megastar appeal and DEFINITE relevance in pop culture. Only the bitter c**** have something to say about her, especially if Rihanna has said nothing but nice things over the years.

    Stay off Beyonce’s f****** nuts. Rihanna’s clearly not pressed so I’m gonna need some of her pathetic stans to refill their prescriptions and get back on them meds. #clapback.

    • Um November 11, 2012

      Oh & “Stay” is such a gorgeous song. I’m here for “Love Song” and “Lost in Paradise” though. And “Get it Over With”

      Yes, I’m a definite Rihanna FAN. I just don’t lick her c*** like these thirsty queens on here.

    • zzzzg November 11, 2012

      The Navy did not bring up Beyonce’s name look at the comments.

      • Um November 11, 2012

        but “The Navy” falls for it like a bunch of idiots. Just comment on the f****** performance and keep it moving, f***. The constant hate makes me wanna hate the b**** you all stan for, when it’s not even her fault. Everybody needs to stfu with the lame hate.

  71. tits mcgee November 11, 2012

    The same feeling I got watch Rih 2nite, is the same feeling i got watching watch Beyonce @ the Billboard awards last year.

    When it shits. It shits! POINT BLANK, PERIOD!!

    Get over it! Not comparing the two, but MY feeling them, in those moment.

    • Floridaevans November 11, 2012

      That’s what I’m saying! You don’t even have to like Rihanna like that but you must give her props when she performs like this.

      And like you said, on THESE performances, she SHITS!

  72. JACKSON360 November 11, 2012

    The way I see it, you shouldn’t call yourself a singer if you can’t actually sing. Rihanna would’ve been better as a video ho in a BET Uncut video. She makes a mockery of the term “vocalist.”

  73. Joya November 11, 2012

    I just don’t care for Rihanna’s voice. IMO, she sounds shrill and childish. Even when she gives a technically “good” performance, I don’t appreciate it because I don’t like her vocal character.

    • Teacher November 11, 2012

      I like this comment! IMO the reason y I think ppl say that Rihanna can’t sing is becuz they don’t like her voice! Not that she can’t sing but bcuz her voice isn’t their cup of tea! She doesn’t have the typical ‘black girl voice’! She’s different and that’s one of the reasons I love her! Thank U for this comment!

  74. Floridaevans November 11, 2012

    People, it’s really okay that you give props when props are due.

    Your fave won’t be offended; you won’t be labeled a traitor.

    Rihanna was great! Point Blank Period and we all have have to muthaphuckin DEAL!!!

    • Teacher November 11, 2012

      Thank U!

  75. MISHKA November 11, 2012

    Diamonds: Too good to be 100% live. i may need the receipts.

    Stay: Decent vocals but let’s keep it real, the song is not that difficult especially when you have seven albums and a couple of world tours on your resume.

    She did really good but the Navel needs to calm down. Anyway, she gets A because that’s the first time I actually see her caring about hitting the right notes and giving the right amount of energy. The last time I saw this was probably during her GGGB days (when I was actually a big fan).

    • Teacher November 11, 2012

      Just give props w/o tryna downplay it or make excuses! Thank u tho 4 being honest n not hatin!

  76. Bilz November 11, 2012

    I think she did well.
    I don’t see what all the hate is for.
    I’m not of the navy and I don’t care for Rihanna. I do however like diamonds.
    Rihanna knows her limits. Her vocals are pop and nothing more. She isn’t versatile because she just does pop. To be versatile you have to be doing something different. She does pop with elements of different genres. All the while never changing her delivery(Vocally).
    I do see her growth though. Also Beyonce isn’t god. She just kind of set the standards her generation.

  77. JER November 11, 2012

    Oh goot LAWT that second song. GRRRRRRLLLLLLLLLL coming to collect yal wigs, weaves, and new growth. Rihanna has a great showing tonight. Get yo life grerrrllllllll

  78. SHADE=DENIAL November 11, 2012

    All I can Say is AMAZIIIINNG!!!! She killed it!!!!

  79. I am BLUE THE REAL HIVE November 11, 2012

    Wow I’m sooo happy for this finally she laern a lesson from Rita ora and beyonce now she start singing live

  80. Sleazy November 11, 2012

    1 step closer ? THIS is rihanna She needs a f****** miracle I just can’t shake the GOAT sound off when she sings I just think goat

    • Lax November 12, 2012

      Sleazy Yo ass don’t have to ever shake the Goat
      sound and you just like many can’t stand the though of a black caribbean getting ahead is understood. You see Sleazy there are many like you who can’t shake the thought of people being black in america, nothing New all of yo shitty thinking is from old days and people like you will never except the Fact that others Blacks are supposed to make it in Society ….kind of like how the Republican feels about the democrats in the US….

    • Lax November 12, 2012

      Sleazy this was a Miracle
      “What’s My Name”
      5xPlatium 1gold

  81. BeyWhoUWanna November 11, 2012

    Now this is what I’m talking about. This was so good I don’t care if she mimed, she really put effort into these performances and it shows. Keep up the good work girl because I couldn’t hate on this even if I tried.

  82. Saetana November 11, 2012

    Fantastic, Rihanna shows the doubters just why she is at the top of her game. Now if she could do this every performance I’d be happy. Glad she appears to be singing songs closer to her vocal comfort range, hearing her try to hit some of the high notes live in We Found Love was painful. Great vocal performance but I’ve got to agree with Sam on the styling, what on earth was she wearing to sing Diamonds? A s*** evening dress would have looked so much better and, as others have said, that s*** going on in the background was distracting. Still, its nice to get a break from the haters as only a tiny number of people are so blinkered that they thought this was a bad performance. And finally we get some promo for Diamonds, even though it has done well without it. I still haven’t seen the video on TV yet, hopefully it should be on the music channels by next week. Looking forward to streaming the album (legally) to see if I’m more enthusiastic to buy it than Talk That Talk – which I still haven’t made my mind up about ;o)

  83. Shaquinisha-Rose November 11, 2012

    That background sh*t bout to give me a seizure!!

  84. Likica November 11, 2012

    Amazing, she slayed! I told you, she sings ballads better than dance songs since her fast songs are full of autotune.
    I want her to do a song with this beat 😀

  85. RICHANDBLACK12(LIKE OBAMA AND BEY) November 11, 2012

    It was great for Rihanna standards , she really did ok no shade.

  86. RUDE NAVY November 11, 2012

    this is also the rihanna i love , i have always believed in her and that she can get better and better 🙂

    now i can see the era being as good as LOUD.

  87. the real xoxo November 11, 2012

    this was good for rihanna standards, but if this was a newcomer nobody would look twice.

    • Lax November 12, 2012

      You know when a person any person gives it all they have got, that’s all they can do.

  88. I AM BLUE THE REAL HIVE November 11, 2012

    • Lax November 11, 2012


    • HOTSTUFF November 11, 2012

      Beyonce has a rnb voice and rihanna a pop voice ! …currently Rihanna is more relevant than Beyonce, wait for beyonce as she comes back out with irelevant rnb next year also, and you will deal.

  89. Golden girl November 11, 2012

    Rihanna did Rihanna and that’s what I love. I love diamonds and love stay lyrics now for as beyonce brandy and jazmine Sullivan these women are amazing artist period they already earn there respect in music industry so stop being ignorant by bringing them up as well as bringing them down so you can prove a point. Respect pples opinions of different artist and move along boo boo. Also its seems like those who are praising one artist and belittling others are true flip floppers to be honest cause these are the ones that will be like ” beyonce kilt it ! But wait didnt you just disrecpect her in the last post?!” b**** shut the f*** up and sit the f*** down Now my personal opinion…..

    She did pretty good I liked it!

    • Lax November 12, 2012

      Golden Keep Schooling their lame asses they want just One Black artist at a dam time,,,

  90. Benron (King Of The F****** Navi)) November 11, 2012

    Poor souls, so depressd she killed it, you can have a seat. Where is @MC, she better have watched.

    • MC (Benron aka Ashanti is jealous of Beyonce) November 11, 2012

      I watch! That was a waste of my life. Anna Hathaway and all the other characters where not funny at all!!! What happened to SNL? It used to be funny but now it just sucks. I liked Rihanna’s performances, she did well but not as good as the Navy makes it sound lol. You guys are going over your heads, don’t get me wrong she did well but not THAT WELL.

      • Lax November 11, 2012

        @MC,,,,I sure in the hell am happy that none
        of you and the other haters are GOD Because
        Rihanna and her navy would have been sentenced
        to hell so long ago that many would have forgotten that
        any of Us ever Existed in the first place.

      • Benron (King Of The F****** Navi)) November 11, 2012

        The Mcdonalds skit made me laugh, and she was pretty good! I told you you’d like it.

      • MC (Benron aka Ashanti is jealous of Beyonce) November 11, 2012

        They all sucked imo. The painting skit, the McDonald’s, the Romney skit, etc all of them!

      • Benron (Mc has a flat ass) November 11, 2012

        The Romney skit was stupid

  91. enoughalready November 11, 2012

    I’m sorry but that was a typical showing, yes! Stay was good (she was standing still), we all know what standing still does for her, and that helium laced Diamond’s performance with the tricked out mic and backtracking (technology) doing it’s job. Rihanna is fake as they come she done played her Navy Cult (aka crazy stans) again….. Stay was real singing cause as usual she was not on pitch and the up and down moments (people who know a real singer hears these things) was typical Rihanna. She needs to sit down and go away for 7 years since she has done this 7 times already and still she has not grown vocally. The people who are behind this girl (writers, producers, engineers, and that marketing team) Deserve a Pulitzer award for what they have accomplished with this girl.. She better pray that satellite in the sky never goes out cause technology is all she has besides the Navy Cult… Enough!!! Oh yeah! her and Chris are lying about their relationship becasue some people dont know how to forgive and except it I do on that note but her talent, Nah!!!

    • Lax November 12, 2012

      @ENOUGHT THIS,,,,,
      “Distrubia” 6xPlatium 1 silver

  92. Cado November 11, 2012


  93. Girrrl November 11, 2012

    Rihanna did a great job on both songs!!!! I’m so glad to be in the Navy. My girl keeps getting better and I think this will be my favorite era from her.

  94. OMG November 11, 2012


    • HOTSTUFF November 11, 2012

      well shes a succeful goat and we love her ! what have you done with your life ? now please, sit.

  95. Lax November 11, 2012

    @DTG,,,,,,And while yo Miserable ass and the Rihanna Haters are
    Hell Bent on trying to run Rihanna accomplishments in the Phuckinnn ground
    Perhaps it’s My duties as a Rihanna General…. Its only Fair to post some of Her Accomplishments to Off Set your Bull Shyt,,,,,,,,,
    And while I will try to Respect A Navi Ofc,,,, who asked Me to Not post long Essays because they don’t get Read I will do My Best to try and Stay True and AS Close as I Possibly can with the Rihanna Navy Wishes,,,,,DTG,,,,U HATEFUL ASS HOLE!

    • RICHANDBLACK12(LIKE OBAMA AND BEY) November 11, 2012


      • Lax November 11, 2012


    • OMG November 11, 2012


      • Lax November 11, 2012


  96. Lax November 11, 2012

    @DTG, BEY HIVE AND HATERS ,,,,The Navy all realizes and know that
    beyond a Shadow of a doubt when you Post yo Negative Vibes DTG that’s
    the Biggest Clue ever to let Us all know that RIHANNA has Cooked Yo
    Goose well done with Her Talent, Charm. Humbleness and down to Earth No
    Nonosense approach to her Career and Her Life and that Rihanna is Loved
    all over the UNIVERSE For Being Herself and Being Down To Earth A Mega
    Artist who’s working on becoming a Legend that the Universe will admire and
    love Forever and For Eternity!!!!!!U Dirty B******’s….

  97. Lax November 11, 2012

    Also what is the guarantee to be successful by dropping an album every year ? Rihanna did it and congrats to her ….Rihanna has a Unique Versatile Voice and her own Style that Many Wished they could steal it for themselves
    And besides that look at how often Jayz dropped Albums,,,,,And no one Complains

    While you and your sourse might just be right,
    through all of that RIHANNA Was still able to do some other
    things that she got paid for and credit for….
    With the global release of her sixth Island Def Jam studio album Talk That Talk in November 2011, Rihanna took another giant step in her journey to dominate popular
    music and fashion worldwide.

  98. Lax November 11, 2012

    Regardless to what you say,,,,Hater
    Talk That Talk’s first
    single, “We Found Love” (written and produced by, and featuring Scottish musician Calvin Harris) was a #1 hit in some 20 territories (including the U.S., UK, Canada, Ireland, France, Germany, Switzerland, New Zealand, and more), with too many gold, platinum, and multi-platinum certifications to count
    These are things you can’t Erase Haters that Rih’s Music Did and the World Knows about it….

  99. Lax November 11, 2012

    Regardless to what you say,,,,Hater
    In addition
    “We Found Love” was by far the biggest single of Rihanna’s career to date, spending 10 weeks at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the U.S., besting her previous record of seven weeks apiece at #1 for “Umbrella” (featuring Jay-Z) back in 2007, and T.I.’s “Love Your Life” (featuring Rihanna) in 2008.

  100. Lax November 11, 2012

    Regardless to what you say,,,,Hater
    We Found Love made
    history as Rihanna’s 11th #1 hit on the Hot 100, and her 20th Top 10 hit. At age 23, Rihanna became the youngest artist in Billboard chart history to earn 11 Hot 100 #1 hits

  101. Lax November 11, 2012

    Regardless to what you say,,,,Hater
    As reported by, she collected her 20 Hot 100 Top 10 singles faster than any other solo artist, six years and four months. The time span beat Madonna’s previous record (by five months), and placed Rihanna second only to the Beatles.

  102. Lax November 11, 2012

    Regardless to what you say,,,,Hater
    We Found Love also
    notched Rihanna her 16th #1 Billboard Dance single. “We Found Love”’s success placed Rihanna in a very rarefied field as just the fifth woman to earn ‘20-and-over’ Top 10 hits, alongside Whitney Houston (with 23 career Top 10s), Mariah Carey and Janet Jackson (27 each), and Madonna at the top (37).

  103. Lax November 11, 2012

    Regardless to what you say,,,,Hater
    Talk That Talk’s World wide
    sales of more than 4.5 million units and counting (as of early 2012), brought Rihanna’s worldwide album sales to more than 30 million.

    And while DTG Articles that is Copied and Paced only on Rihanna & GaGa I Find it strange that out of all the Cazillion of artist from all walks of life that the site that wrote this article did not find any Other artist to do a Survey so to say Other then Rihanna and Gaga. But its all good because at the end of the day Gaga & RIHANNA ARE STILL DOING THE DAM THING, BIG TIME, BYTCHES!!!!!!

  104. Lax November 11, 2012

    @Haters Its all a lie even if you could
    have said it better, bum bytche.
    And another thing Haters its not sad that real music
    is being put under scrunity Bytche its all about something that
    is very simple, and it’s called “Supply & Demand” and
    since all of you can throw Bytche parties on and about Rihanna and her musical performances and how she sit and cross her long legs that it a Personal Problem and how
    Rihanna performs and sounds will always be “SUBJECTIVE” BYTCHES,,,

  105. MC (Benron aka Ashanti is jealous of Beyonce) November 11, 2012

    Breathe Navy, breathe little girls! Y’all are doing the most. Rihanna did well for someone like her but there was no type of killing or slaying at this performance. A clip of “Slaying” and “Killing it” awaits for your knowledge.

    • Lax November 11, 2012


    • Lax November 12, 2012

      @MC Hon the world is build up of more
      than a few artist, Deery. And to tell you the truth we don’t want Siamese Twins singing all of the time, Varieth is the spice of Life not the same person all of the time, yo ass need to widen yo Horizon!

  106. MC (Benron aka Ashanti is jealous of Beyonce) November 11, 2012

    Or this

    • Likica November 11, 2012

      Not better than this sorry 😉

      • MC (Benron aka Ashanti is jealous of Beyonce) November 11, 2012

      • Likica November 11, 2012


    • JOHNVIDAL November 11, 2012

      Don´t bother. This person doesn´t know what having soul and a special voice is. He/She hates Mariah Carey…

      • Lax November 11, 2012


      • Lax November 12, 2012

        No one hate Mariah its just that Mariah is old enough
        to be Rihanna mamma and yet you refuse to accept the Fact that Rih is a frorce to be reckoned with in the game right now and your Weakness is bringing Up Mariah’s Ass all of the time in a Rihanna thread, thats what so dam telling as to how dam weak Rihanna haters have gotten.

      • Lax November 12, 2012


  107. Kathy November 11, 2012

    Wow, I’m pleasantly surprised with “Stay”….I hope she can help Chris Brown re-gain his voice back, also.

    • julesbrownskin November 11, 2012

      There is nothing wrong wit his voice,,

      • Lax November 12, 2012

        @Chris got his voice always had his voice
        and he’ll be just fine, and so will Rih.

  108. PrettyPrissyPrincess November 11, 2012

    Ciara somewhere MADT..Rihanna DID that Diamonds performance, now I wasn’t her for Stay and couldn’t watch it in its entirety but she did really good. She and her team is copying Lana Del Ray kinda nice

    • HOTSTUFF November 11, 2012


      • PrettyPrissyPrincess November 11, 2012

        Girl get your retarded ass out my face ho

  109. James227 November 11, 2012

    One thing I’m happy about. this is not Rihanna vs Chris anymore. There is just to much hate on this post. Opinion are fine but being hateful gezzz

  110. Rihanna black madonna November 11, 2012


    Rita Ora is the amazing talent who can really sing? She went on uk xfactor – THE biggest show in the UK, and yet Shine ya light is not even in the top 10 in itunes? Huh? She went on Xfactor now her single flopped? I thought she owned the the uk and was incredibly talented ? So why is she flopping in the UK?

    Anyway, Rih slayed this SNL. Stay was a penetrative ballad – cannot wait for Mikky Ekko to perform this with her. Beyonce cannot do a ballad like this: she oversings , shouts, and has too many RNB rifts which would just make the song urban. Rih is a pop star, beyonce is NOT.

    LOL LOL I have just seen Rihanna’s SECOND GQ USA COVER…………SHE LOOKS BADASS, and on the subject of BADASS, James Bond actor, Daniel Craig, said HE WANTS RIHANNA TO BE THE NEXT BOND GIRL . Not Rita Ora, Beyonce, Ciara or Keyshia Cole.

    UK charts: Diamonds outselling Rita Ora and Unapologetic is top 10. Rita Ora had to fight hard to scrape that number 1. I have seen Beyonce latest picture on instagram…….she is in the studio all posing it up like bad ass. Only thing is, she is old and fat. Even the tight leggings looked funny on her short fat legs.

    • PrettyPrissyPrincess November 11, 2012

      So you telling me “the one that they call a Queen” isn’t the most popular pop star? Anything Beyonce does it gets major attention, her joining instagram made people forget about the election for a split second. She is celebrities favored celebrity. And the women of 007 said that B would make the better bond girl but who cares about s*** like that tho, only ri fans because the praises only comes from her fans, whereas Beyonce is praised everywhere, everyday. She’s the most popular and respected!

      • Lax November 12, 2012

        Beyonce is Popular very popular But RIHANNA is more Popular then Dr Pepper or Coke and RIHANNA IS THE MOST LIKED MUSICIAN DEAD OR ALIVE, EVER SOOOOO.

  111. Monstarebel (RiRis S** Slave) November 11, 2012

    It’s sad people can’t put their pride away and just give this girl props for having a Great Vocal Performance!!! Yaall always say she sounds like crap n can’t sing well I think she just proved to all her haters she can!!

    • JoJo November 11, 2012

      Girl, I am one stan that can admitwhen Rih does good for herself just as much as I enjoy bashing her (like you enjoy bashing Bey) when she don’t. She did good on this performance, well done her… but her voice is nothing mindblowing like the Navy hype it up to be. And honey the reason others say she sounds like crap, is because a lot of the time she does live. Being good on the odd performance out of how many aint good enough. And ya’ll are delusional if you think she hasn’t given some s*** performances. So thats why people always go in on her.

      • stacey November 11, 2012

        Exactly airheads the lot f them

    • PrettyPrissyPrincess November 11, 2012

      I couldn’t full out stan for someone if once in a while i get a good performance. How can I stan for someone when everytime i have to have a discussion on whether or not they sounded nice? Yes i will stan for couple of songs here and there but stanning is something that was designed to and for B stans (lol) jk but for real tho’, we can do that cause our b**** is the baddest, the coldest on the mic, and the rawest on stage. Even if us blogger fans didn’t exists, B would still have a stanbase of celebrities.

      • Lax November 12, 2012

        Heeeey Bytches Rih don’t have to ever float your boats and if that be the case then get the hell out of dodge Rihanna has Performed a cazillion of times on the stage and off the stage and Rih is well known around the Globe and as of yet no check Written of Other wise paid to her accounts has been recalled for not getting the Job done.

  112. JOHNVIDAL November 11, 2012

    Dead at @POP saying now that he sees this era being good now when just 5 days ago he was panicking. Boy what´s happening? We knew u were bipolar or tripolar. But more than that? 🙂

    Another thing: if Gaga would have released this and performed like this @pop and @suicide would be saying she copied Lana del Rey and calling her names in the of Madonna. No credibility at all you two have

    Finally, I agree with @MC : we are so used to see crap performances that when something is “good enough” people think it is amazing. These Rihanna fans are a little ridiculous exaggerating how “good” Rihanna is doing. They are getting worse to the point of becoming more delusional than Beyonce fans, and that was hard

    • Likica November 11, 2012

      Nope, it’s not because of that. It’s because people claim Rihanna cannot sing but she can and you haters have to deal with it. When she sings her dance songs she sounds crappy (autotune’s fault), but when she sings ballads she sounds pretty good.

      • HOTSTUFF November 11, 2012

        even when she sings her dance songs she sounds great, she just sings them with a deeper voice at times and i think people don’t like it and sometimes shes tired, shes not a machine.

    • Benron (King Of The F****** Navi)) November 11, 2012

      Ok, no one said she was Jesus.

      And she sounded pretty good, “Lana del rey” as you mentioned, could never sing this well.

      • Lax November 12, 2012

        You shyt talkers have been talking shyt since day one and the Navy for the most part know who Rihanna is just like we know who Celine , Mariah, whitney, Jennifer, Beyonce and Mary j is and no amount of shy talk is going to stop the Cazillion of people who support Rihanna to stop because of Yo WHINNING ASSES.

    • stacey November 11, 2012

      These so called fans are doing her no favour. When she stays in tune, she is Whitney Houston to them! They are equally as bad a beyonce’s fans!

      • JOHNVIDAL November 11, 2012

        Agree 100%! Just what I said

      • Lax November 12, 2012

        @STACY Try telling Rihanna 26 million Twitter Followers that bull shyt, deery!
        How in the hell can yo ass speak for Me…. Mrs or Mr Bytch??????

      • Lax November 12, 2012

        @STACY I am not a so-called Fan,,,, I am a Fan how can yo fingers type such Utterly Bull shyt anyway? I love Music and
        I do have other Artist Music that I love but just the Mere Though of a “Shyt Head” as yourself Calling Rihanna Fans
        So Called Fans You shyt Head can Quietly STFU….

      • Lax November 12, 2012


      • Lax November 12, 2012

        No matter how Rih does in a Performance good or bad Rih and Her Team know what the phuck they are doing. And yes
        they want all of her Performances to measure up and its clear that the people who book Rihanna know what they are in for and that is why she’s booked you dirty birds! If
        they had wanted any other artist they would have Asked for them don’t you dirty bird know that by now?

        If they had wanted some soul they would have called
        Fantasia, Jennifer, If they had wanted some R&B they would have called, Monica, KESHA, Usher, If they had wanted a Stripper breaking it down in the middle of the stage like a bytch in heat they would have called Beyonce and no they wanted what they got and that was Rihanna and it matters a dam to me if Rihanna was strutting back and forward on that stage Because the Fact of the Matter is there’s people who will pay to see Rihanna strut accross a stage and “Breath On A Mic” Bytches and yes I know yo Asses can’t stand that so keep offering yo Opinions ,,,,

    • RUDE NAVY November 11, 2012

      True Navy worry about anything , so ……

      I can see she kind of stepped her game up in this performance and this is it for me.

      do i like ALL of the snippets of “unapologetic” i Heard so far ? NO i do NOT , but they are Cute still !! so I will Be Dealin’ .

      and I used to love stefani and U KNOW IT , but I left her ass for good since i saw she’s a big hypocrite !!

      and U can NOT and Will NOT comment on if she’s copying Lana or not Cuz we all know she’s copying Lana’s Looks and poses now and it is a muthafuckin’ F A C T , it’s sickening that she lost all of the originality she once had when she started ……

      i still like her somehow and i’m giving her more chance … (S) . but she’s not helping @john !

      and I’m Tribolar since u asked 😉

      • Lax November 12, 2012

        Rihanna Caters to her kind and I will tell yo asses right now no one and I mean not a single navy Officer is wanting any of Beyonce or anybody else’s Fans to stop supporting their FAVE to support Rihanna…

  113. Likica November 11, 2012

    Rih, you need to make a duet with Natasha Bedingfield. Her voice is unique as well and I like her music. I would like to see you doing a song with her like this (such an iconic song). 🙂

  114. JoJo November 11, 2012

    Ok this was a very good performance (for Rihannas standards)… Just learn to be consistant with it Rih, not when you feel like it.

  115. HOTSTUFF November 11, 2012


  116. Rihanna black madonna November 11, 2012

    madonna said you can never ever repeat yourself – even if it was a smash. LOL LOL at beyonce, who was crushed by Rih in 2009 with Rated R. She is working with Sean Garrett. How so futuristic! Sean Garrett is sooooooooo trendsetting. So, for this album, we have: Sean Garrett, Missy, Miguel, Hitboy, Kanye West etc. So, she is stuck in RNB mode as Rih crushed her artistry with Rated R, when Rih dropped rated Rm she has no choice but to make 4.

    LOL Beyonce lucked out in 2008. She ripped of GGGB concept. Here is how:

    The name : Good girl gone bad was a strong statement. Beyonce came with I am sasha fierce, trying to evoke her inner bad girl.

    The fashion: This was the album when Rih started to add fashion and hair. She started to make quality videos. Beyonce, then started to wear avant garde fashion designers like Giles Deacon – a designer RIH WORE FIRST, AND BETTER.

    The songs / music: Rih is the first black girl since Janet, who uses multiple genre’s. BEYONCE ENEVER EVER DONE THAT SHE IS BLACK RNB. SHE ONLY DONE TO COPY RIHANNA.

    Disturbia – Sweet dreams
    Umbrella – Halo
    Take a bow – If i were a boy
    Shut and drive – single ladies
    Hate that I love you – If I were a boy
    please don’t stop the music – Sweet dreams
    Rehab – Ego.

    She ripped off Rih’s concept of mixing style only GGGB was Cinderella and IAMSF is the wicked old ugly witch. GGGB is so much better than DIL AND IAMSF and Beyonce knows it. She is 35 and she went in the studio to copy and teenager. How old was rih when she made GGGB? A teen.

    It worked for Beyonce, But then Rih dropped Rated R and that blew Beyonce of her stool. She did not know what hit her. Never would she expect Rih to make such a creative velvet rope style LP at her young age. Much more artistic than what Beyonce was doing at 21. Rated R, creatively blows DIL out the game. By the time Beyonce, had time to recover, Rih dropped loud. And then is was over for Bey, she had no choice but to make RNB, Rih was moving too fast to catch up. That is why she launched operation Rita Ora . Beyonce knows she cannot beat Rih, so she thought a white girl could do it for her.

    Now that has failed. She is frantically trying to save her dying career. Rehashing past glories, like the superbowl and pepsi – going back to make a DIL part 2, going on instragram tough, trying to be all into fashion etc. I have just seen her latest pics of her ‘ modeling ‘ some ‘ edgy ‘ fashion Only she does not have the body or swag for high fashion and is making a fool of herself. Beyonce is gonna be the Bionic of 2013, but the humiliation will be worst for Baddiebey, than Xtina.

    Oh well. Her career was not gonna last forever.

    • zzzzg November 11, 2012


    • Lax November 12, 2012


  117. mobwife: full of “p*** & vinegar”…..LOL November 11, 2012

    Ann Hathaway looks like a damn MAN……ewwww!

    Wow, Rihanna surprised me on both performances! She sounds good! This chick must be happy. Her interview wih Andy Cohen was even upbeat. Her voice sounds strong………damn, what the hell is going on?…..LOL 🙂

    *the background on he 1st video was awful & annoying though…

    • bxgirl100 November 11, 2012

      fyi: Ann Hathaway cut her hair for the movie Les Miserable, she was upset about it also but it needed to be done for the role

  118. Monstarebel (RiRis S** Slave) November 11, 2012

    In only 3 short days Rihannas Diamonds video already has over 10 million views on YouTube , While Ciaras video got me good barely has 2 million n it’s been out for 2 weeks awww poor tranny…

  119. S*** November 11, 2012

    That LAST NOTE!

    You can tell her voice has matured a LOT!

    Ironically, Bey’s Voice reached a major “growth spurt” at this age (24) too.

    Vocally, Musically, RIHANNA >>>>>> Your Fav!

    • MC (Benron aka Ashanti is jealous of Beyonce) November 11, 2012

      “Vocally, Musically, RIHANNA >>>>>> Your Fav!”

      LMFAO! S*** is really and truly your name. Breathe little girl, stop exaggerating things.

  120. S*** November 11, 2012

    This is when Bey reached her major growth spurt btw at the same age Rih is now(24).

  121. S*** November 11, 2012

    Pretty soon Rihanna will be vocally superior to Grandma Bey, cuz her voice is on a major decline!

    • stacey November 11, 2012

      Are you being serious? U have been seeing poor performance from rihanna most of the time. But the few times, she stays in tune, she is a vocalist? I can’t…

    • Lax November 12, 2012

      @S*** preach!

    • rose colored glasses November 12, 2012

      Tell rihanna to catch up kelly rowland first. Lol hell catch up to ciara sia hell any girl singer for thatvmatter

    • Benron (King Of The F****** Navi)) November 11, 2012

      Mc, let them stan in peace, Im sure if Mariah drank water before she went on stage to perform triumphant then the lambs would get this excited after she performed too 😛


      • MC (Benron aka Ashanti is jealous of Beyonce) November 11, 2012

        Like Rihanna did before singing “Hero”?

      • Benron (Mc has a flat ass) November 11, 2012

        Nasality > Sounding like nails on a chalk board and then doing “whistle notes” to cover it up.

        Im kiddding, but no like this:

      • MC (Benron aka Ashanti is jealous of Beyonce) November 11, 2012

        N****, do I have to remind how long she has been doing this? Of course, naturally her voice will be hoarse because she is recording an album, not enough proper rests, she is 42 years old, etc….as opposed to a 24 years old who………

        Don’t be jealous that Mariah can hit the highest note that mammals can his other than dolphins. You fave could NEVA.

      • Benron (King Of The F****** Navi)) November 11, 2012

        My fave could neva what? HEAR THOSE inaudible shreiks?

        Maybe if she had the skills of Rihanna she would only have to record like 20 songs for her album insatead of 100+ like Mariah said she did. Mariah’s career is over, maybe she can go communicate with the dolphins you speak of at seaworld, she wont be missed.

      • MC (Benron aka Ashanti is jealous of Beyonce) November 11, 2012

        “HEAR THOSE inaudible shrieks?” You are right, you’re fave sounds like a nasal goat in the process of being decapitated. My fave already proved her self so for you to go there is just dumb so _/

        “Maybe if she had the skills of Rihanna she would only have to record like 20 songs for her album insatead of 100+ like Mariah said she did.”?!!? Mariah gave her fans QUALITY 13-16 tracks that were filled with VOCALS. You just jumped shark with this comment right here. Maybe if your fave gave QUALITY MUSIC WITH VOCALS she would sell albums.

        “Mariah’s career is over, maybe she can go communicate with the dolphins you speak of at seaworld, she wont be missed.” I’ll just quote what your fave has to say about Mariah: “her voice is an instrument. It’s unreal.” You KNOW full well not to try me when it comes to Mimi.

      • Benron (King Of The F****** Navi)) November 11, 2012

        I’m sure you think tis quality, but the sales of her last album says more people want Rihanna than Mariah. She is the singles queen but cant make it onto the chart. Mariah is extremely talented, you were the one who said she sings like a dolphin (WTF). You’re just trying it today with the navy, let us be excited.

      • MC (Benron aka Ashanti is jealous of Beyonce) November 11, 2012

        1.”I’m sure you think tis quality, but the sales of her last album says more people want Rihanna than Mariah.” Benron, I guess you didn’t read my comments when TGJ posted this performance. I already criticized her for this performance and I don’t think this was quality performance but the fact still remains she has nothing to prove. LMFAO!!!! Comparing Mariah who has been in the biz for 22+ years to Rihanna who has been in the biz for 7 years? Of course naturally Rihanna is going to sell more today because she is new, young and fresh + makes generic music. Mariah sold more in her last album than Madonna, Brandy, Monic, Toni, etc and all the other 90s divas and superstars. Did you really expect her to sell like she did the 90s? You have got to be kidding me!

        2. “She is the singles queen but cant make it onto the chart.” Singles charts is the only chart that the goat is successful in so I can’t knock that.

        3. “Mariah is extremely talented, you were the one who said she sings like a dolphin (WTF).” I never said she sings like a dolphin, I said her whistle register is the highest notes that ANY MAMMALS CAN HIT OTHER THAN DOLPHINS. This is not an insulting thing, this is a rare human gift.

        4. ” You’re just trying it today with the navy, let us be excited.” No one is trying it but you and the Navy acting like Whitney Houston just slayed her live performance. You guys just act like Rihanna farting is the best thing ever and that no one has done it before.

      • Benron (King Of The F****** Navi)) November 11, 2012

        Look, I can agree that Mooriah’s whispers sound good but her generic gospel wannabe tracks are stupid and pathetic tbh. Was I supposed to be motivated by her whispering on “Hero” or “Falsetto whispering on triumphant” or “Chest voice whispering on You will always be my baby”? Cuz I wasn’t.

        And you’re right, in 7 years Rihanna has already halfed the amount of records Mariah has. She already is catching up with hit singles (in the u.s, cuz she passed her ass worldwide) and is a media force. The last tiem the media mentioned Mooriah is when Eminem told everyone about how her h** ass phucked him, or when that waddling duck cussed her out and she tried to play victim, like for real? Mooriah is desperate.

      • MC November 11, 2012

        1. “Look, I can agree that Mooriah’s whispers sound good but her generic gospel wannabe tracks are stupid and pathetic tbh” Gospel wannabe is that suppose to be songs like Trough the Rain? Those songs were written, produced, and conceived by Mariah (something your goat doesn’t know how to do). They have meanings unlike your fave’s 13 words repetitive, generic, shallow mess of “songs”.

        2.”Was I supposed to be motivated by her whispering on “Hero” or “Falsetto whispering on triumphant” or “Chest voice whispering on You will always be my baby”? Cuz I wasn’t.” You just stepped into the realms of disrespectful and rude. Hero and Always be my baby are vocal geniuses. The layering, tone, milsma, runs, inflections, range, etc makes these songs her signatures that lessors (your fave doesn’t even make the category of lessor) can’t and will not dare to imitate. You know this is a stupid argument because these songs are signature ballads/up-tempos that have meaning especially Hero. I invite you to listen to the lyrics:

        “It’s a long road
        And you face the world alone
        No one reaches out a hand
        For you to hold

        You can find love
        If you search within yourself
        And the emptiness you felt
        Will disappear

        And then a hero comes along
        With the strength to carry on
        And you cast your fears aside
        And you know you can survive”

        You’re not impressed? You did say Rihanna’s mediocre performance slayed and that Rihanna is a good singer so >>>>>> irrelevant.

        “And you’re right, in 7 years Rihanna has already halfed the amount of records Mariah has. She already is catching up with hit singles (in the u.s, cuz she passed her ass worldwide)” She passed her world-wide really? Conveniently you are the one and only person to tell me this. Again, may I see the receipts from credible sources. Who cares if Rihanna passes Mariah’s sales? I’ll tell you, not me. Rihanna is another case of Shania Twain. Shania that the most diamond albums out of the females and she had tremendous amount of commercial success but who cares about her? She is not an icon or a legend. #getyourlife

        “The last tiem the media mentioned Mooriah is when Eminem told everyone about how her h** ass phucked him, or when that waddling duck cussed her out and she tried to play victim, like for real? Mooriah is desperate.” Last time I checked Rihanna was popular because Chris Brown made her face his punching bag. How dare you come here and tell me this about Eminem? The c*** addict that first rapped about Mariah in 2002 then again in 2004 and again after she married in 2008? He is obsessed and you need to shut-up. Mariah so desperate she is going back to the man that beat her senseless, f***** countless men, smokes crack and pot, infected p**** w****…oh wait….that’s the goat. Benron, have all the f****** seats in the world. You know damn well whats up and you are pushing my buttons. Stop.

      • Benron (Mc has a flat ass) November 11, 2012

        I know whats up, but you are def going to hard on Rihanna when Mariah was the one who had some creepy ass break down because her ass went cRazy. She has terrible Botox and Gigantic fake boobs and is super insecure. Couldn’t this hero come along and convince her to not airbrush the phuck out of every picture, or wear clothes her size?

        We both know Mariah (yesterdays news) was more sucsessful then Rihanna. But, you don’t need to mention this every five seconds, Rihanna’s career is still going, she could pass mariah. Mariah’s is over, she is on reality T.V. while Rihanna is on the charts. But I’ll stop because this argument is pointless.

      • MC November 11, 2012

        You are now beyond disrespectful. Mariah had mental/emotional breakdown because her movie flopped after it was released on the day of 9/11, her father died, she was working non-stop without sleep, her label payed her money to leave, no label wanted to work with her, her boyfriend for 2 years broke up with her, etc….she was going through A LOT at one time and a lot was expected of her and how is this relevant to what we where talking about?

        “She has terrible Botox and Gigantic fake boobs and is super insecure.” She has chubby high-boned cheeks not botox…she is half-black that’s why she doesn’t age as fast as white women do. She does have fake boobs, but how is this relevant to what we are talking about. Don’t even try the “insecure card” what are you a Nicki stan? You are playing with fire because your fave is the one who has NO security in herself and no self-esteem that is why she went crawling like a bug back to her assaulter.

        “Couldn’t this hero come along and convince her to not airbrush the phuck out of every picture, or wear clothes her size?” What? She airbrushes her pictures (even when she was skinny because she wants to) and she does ware clothes her size because she lost the weight. I rather a woman who airbrushes her pictures + wares clothes smaller than her size that a s*** who already
        f***** the whole football team and smokes crack.

        “Rihanna’s career is still going, she could pass mariah. Mariah’s is over, she is on reality T.V. while Rihanna is on the charts. But I’ll stop because this argument is pointless.” PLEASE SHOW ME WHERE I BROUGHT MARIAH UP? In fact, I used Whitney for example today and YOU are the one that brought up Mariah. Mariah is over along with the legends. Just……hmm…..bye.

    • Lax November 12, 2012


      • Lax November 12, 2012

        MC,,,,,Acts like they only want Mariah”s ass to Shine. I am sure of this Mariah Fan’s wasn’t even born when Mariah, Aretha, Celine, Barbara, Cher, Tina, Glady’s, Patti, Diana, and Whitney & Countless Others was working their Asses off not to Out do any of the Others but just to Survive in that Dog eat Dog World.

        And how did all of these Diva’s fair as far as who was the Good, Better Or Best of the Phuckin Pack back then MC???
        What did they do because we all know that Whitney’s “always love you” was Certified Many many times and how did their Fans try and WRITE all of the Others Artiast who did not sing as Natural and as well as Whitney back then You Hateful Bum Bytch???Explain that since yo ass wasn’t talking to ME in the first place…. it’s Just that I see yo ass as Wanting to always Debate and prove a Point about Rihanna and what Shes doing and How some Other Bytche Whos Old enought to Be Rihanna’s Mamma like Beyonce and Mariah’s Asses….You always goes straight to the point in all of Yo Comments end up
        with Yo ass giving Rihanna as less as you can in the Rihanna did Good Department and Building up every last Others artist in the Universe to somehow make Rihanna the Lesser of them all Phuck yourself,,,,Hell even a bad dog gets a better comment then yoass gives Rihanna on a Daily and you are always on a Rihanna post talking shyt….Now I can get Back to commenting how I want and Minding My Own Dam Business and thank Goodness all of yo Young asses is fast asleep! And in Dream Land.

  122. Auntie_Jackie November 11, 2012

    I’m sorry, but I didn’t that it was that good. It just shows that the bar for her has been set so low that if she even sounds “okay” people say it’s good and that she’s improved. It’s the same narrative for the last 7 years. I wasn’t impressed.

    • Lax November 12, 2012

      Auntie we know the bar is set very low
      for Rihanna in the haters views but that bar
      has pulled Rihanna all the way to the front of
      the Line as far as getting her bill paid is concerned
      thank you as always for yo Input which is Rarely Positive to try and help a Young working girls make it in that dog eat dog world of entertainment.

  123. miss marvel November 11, 2012


  124. Roberto November 11, 2012


  125. Rita ora is a Flop November 11, 2012

    Rita Ora dissed Rihanna at the ema

  126. julesbrownskin November 11, 2012

    She was wonderful.. I’ve been missing this Rihanna who can sing.. Jus beautiful..

  127. bxgirl100 November 11, 2012

    I enjoyed both performances. I was on the fence about purchasing this CD, but she just won me over with this performance

  128. Honey CHILD please November 11, 2012

    F****** goat….

    • Lax November 12, 2012

      The Rihanna Navy don’t need a
      GOOD BLOW JOB, WE are doing good with “Our Rihanna” and don’t give a good Got Dam what you hateful Bytches think or say Just so You Know Bytches.
      If Rihanna don’t sound like Celine, Mariah, Beyonce or Jennifer Husdon then that’s fine by Us too,,,,

      Its you who hate her so dam hard or the one’s struggling with the Navy to try and Make the Navy Bend Hey Bytches It aint happening, Never Bytches.

  129. PrettyPrissyPrincess November 11, 2012

    Why is B name all up and through this post? These girls are so intimadated by B. Ladies, just know that at the end of the day, rihanna would be a member of the BHive and yall would be somewhere stanning for ciara. most of rihanna fans are old ciara fans

    • CHYNA November 13, 2012

      Actually it’s the other way around dummy! The Hive is intimidated, that’s why they always flood the Rihanna Post. #JealousMuch?

  130. Jay November 12, 2012

    Adele would’ve NAILED I Was Here…

  131. sowhatbiotch November 12, 2012


  132. leyonce November 12, 2012

    i feel like shes singing about chris breezy ….so much emotions….finally rihanna…hats off!!! yaaaay rhi rhi im proud of her she came a long way vocals on point damn it took long but… so proud of my bajan!!! black girls rock!!!!!!

  133. R&B November 12, 2012

    who does not dream of a collaboration between RIHANNA Y BEYONCE? would love to see them together in a video, SONG, PHOTO

  134. R&B November 12, 2012


    • CHYNA November 13, 2012


  135. Haw November 12, 2012

    Vocal is okay,
    but this performance is a lil bit boring to me

  136. :( November 12, 2012

    That preformance actually made me like Rihanna less. If she’s able to sing like that why not do it all the time. Or does she not care about given her fans a good show.

    • CHYNA November 13, 2012

      Who cares if you like her less h**!! She’s still doing it big and will continue! #STAYPRESSED!

  137. mc the place to be!! November 14, 2012

    i friggin loved this her band are always on point!!

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