Ashanti Sets February Release Date For ‘Braveheart’

Published: Thursday 3rd Jan 2013 by Sam

Ashanti‘s ‘Braveheart’ has a pulse after all.

A number of well-documented delays have plagued the project, however it appears the singer is gearing up to unleash her latest album next month.

Details after the jump…

According to our friends over at Urban Bridgez, the LP will finally hit stores on February 26th.

Preceded by singles ‘The Woman You Love’, ‘No One Greater (ft. Meek Mill)’, and ‘That’s What We Do (ft. R. Kelly)’, the project is the first to be released on the former INC star’s independent label Written Entertainment (distribution via eOne Entertainment).

If the deafening silence that has greeted each of the album’s singles thus far is any indication, the project could once again make headlines for the wrong reasons come next month. However, in the spirit of keeping it positive, we just hope the next single and the album roll-out are handled much better than we’ve seen thus far.

For, shade as some may, Ashanti has trained her voice to a point where she could be an R&B force – again. However, she’s been shading herself with the team or lack thereof she has powering her music movement. It’s as if she has major label ambition with an Independent budget – a fact which leaves everything from the songs to their markering…lacking. Fingers crossed she rights those wrongs pronto.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Hi5 January 3, 2013

    Ok, good.

  2. the real xoxo January 3, 2013

    the first flop of the year.
    girl she should change it to April 1st! we all know this album will be a joke.

    • BEYONCE4LIFE January 3, 2013


  3. BEYSUS OVER JESUS January 3, 2013


    • Mark111 January 3, 2013

      It’s 2003 all ova again, lol.

      • HeHaHeHa January 4, 2013

        Oh, you mean when Bey debuted @ #1, and then then the next week ASHANTI knocked her off that spot and stayed there for two consecutive weeks. Oh OK, I got you 😉

  4. Year Of The Woman January 3, 2013


    • King B>Rihanna(My Hair is Layed like Beyonce’s Haters Loose P****) January 3, 2013

      kelly rowland fans should be the last one to call anyone else a flop.

  5. RoyalNavy January 3, 2013

    The only people allowed to laugh at Ashanti are Taylor, Rihanna and Adele.

    Taylor and Adele are slaying the albums charts and Rihanna is slaying the singles chart. The rest of you b****** aren’t slaying anywhere, expect Beyonce and Christina who are slaying the f*** out of the two for one deal at Papa John’s every night.

    • Lax January 3, 2013

      @ROYALNAVY,,,,I AM Typing from the floor lmao,,,,
      you nailed that comment,,,,,,rotf,,,,,,lmao,,,
      OMG!!!!!!!Two For One at Pappa Johns,,,,,

  6. OnlyIU January 3, 2013

    This is that s*** i was talking about. Wh

    • RoyalNavy January 3, 2013

      Copy cat b****** coppy catting my avi now? Goodbye b****, goodfuckingbye.

  7. No Shade,No T January 3, 2013

    Umm ok we need to come up with another word other than flop it being over used in 2012 let’s keep it there

    on topic eh this may not work in her favor, i think the releasing it due to her fans not necessarily anything more than that but good luck to her

  8. My forehead tho January 3, 2013

    Poor Ashanti…

    Who ever decided to push her album back until 2013 should be fired. Every relevant musician is releasing an album this year. I highly doubt people will have spare change to spend on her album -_-.

  9. will January 3, 2013


    • Year Of The Woman January 3, 2013

      If that’s true, you’ve just helped to prove how stupid ashanti is. How is her situation so messed up that the cover art that everyone thinks is for her album was actually made by a fan.

  10. SheIsTheQueen! January 3, 2013

    Oh no no baby. The Queen is returning in that month too. Push your album back to the 12th Of Nevruary then you’ll be fine.

    • PIU January 3, 2013

      Who is the Queen? Fossilyonce? Methusulayonce? CantGetANumberOneSingleonce? Her? You mean that Queen?

    • Little C January 5, 2013

      Nevruary – i literally just died. that was hysterical!

  11. WomanToWoman January 3, 2013

    Yall mocking Shan when her album sold more than DIL did first week.

    • BeySting January 3, 2013

      A Keyshia stan defending Ashanti? Birds of a feather flop together don’t they? Fall to your knees and worship the Queen.

      Though she walks through the valley of flops
      She fears no pushbacks
      For she is Beyonce, the queen of the charts and the capital N in your fav’s nightmare.

    • Mark111 January 3, 2013

      And DIL was the highest selling album that year. Year vs week. A week? Really a f****** week? That
      s just… weak.

  12. Truth Tea January 3, 2013

    Let’s be real. Nobody wants this album.
    She’ll be luck if it sell 5,000 copies.

  13. SLAYRIAH CAREY January 3, 2013

    I like her.

  14. OK January 3, 2013

    She should just release a mixtape and forget about trying to push albums. Like Ciara, her time in the industry has passed. No one outside of her die-hard fans is checking for her.

  15. truth(slayer of icki funky ass stans B****!!) January 3, 2013


    • truth(slayer of icki funky ass stans B****!!) January 3, 2013


  16. King B>Rihanna(My Hair is Layed like Beyonce’s Haters Loose P****) January 3, 2013

    I’m glad to hear.Unlike these basic b****** I would rather the album flopped and be a good body of work.Give me great quality music and I am good these other h*** who shall remain nameless only care about commercial success rather than quality that is why the music industry is so f***** up today.

  17. Fierce P**** January 3, 2013

    I don’t usually shade artists except Riyawnna cuz of her stans but this h** better be thinking of a marketing plan to put her back on the map cuz I just don’t see it for her. She keeps delaying s*** and by the time she does little will be interested. Beyonce, Mariah, Fantasia, Alicia keys, Ciara will probably all be heavily promoted this year and I don’t know who will pay much attention to her. Her singles have been weak and she has as much Stans left as Xtina. But who knows. Anything could happen. Good luck to her.

    • Lax January 3, 2013

      Ashanti is a s*** artist and one thing We all know
      is for real and that is that Fine Ass of her’s shyt Ashanti
      is a “Brick House”;,,,,,That Picture is Beautiful!!!

  18. Cream January 3, 2013

    She must did not learn last time she went head to head with King B.

    • Mark111 January 3, 2013

      Lol, it was the end of her career! Not just her’s, her rapper, CEO who she was f****** and the whole damn label! lol

  19. Savannah January 3, 2013

    Why not release her album next month? It’ll flop regardless of the release date. Ashanti is a good songwriter and her songs almost always have good production, so I wouldn’t mind checking it out. I don’t write people off just because they are no longer successful SMH!

  20. Fierce P**** January 3, 2013

    She is the queen: LOL u tried the f*** out of it but you’re right Beyonce has always SLAYED flopanti. Damn truth hurts. I feel bad for this girl. I would hope none of her superiors release anything during that time or any time soon….

  21. Casual January 3, 2013

    Ashanti needs a HIT first, and then worry about putting out an album. Look at Tamar and the instant success of Love & War. Ashanti can’t come out with just any song, but THE song, that essential song to make an instant impact on youtube and iTunes, and slay (to invoke the oft-used word around here) on radio.

    She can do this independently, but she’s got to come correct.

  22. Fierce P**** January 3, 2013

    Royal Navy: b**** seethe. Hefty Xtina would be the only with the buy 3 orders get 1 free special at pizza hut and Papa Johns when her s*** can’t even sell more than 100k first week. That’s y she’s hiding now cuz beyonce is coming. And Rihanna can’t laugh at anyone when her s*** fell off the charts 2 weeks after. Oh the navy gon be getting their feelings hurt when she doesn’t stand the test of time.



  23. Mahow January 3, 2013

    B****** Ashanti is no stranger to breaking records she can have a flop Album all the Albums in singles she has sold ANit nobody f****** with her but Rihanna n Alde

    • Fierce P**** January 3, 2013

      If you are talking about her albums from 2002 and 2003 then yes those broke records. However, her impact on pop culture has dwindled and she’s gonna see LOTS of competition not just Rihanna and Adele. That’s what happens when you take too long of a break and you’re semi-famous (Xtina) OH and she def can’t f*** wit beyonce so bye. U tried it.

  24. Tasha January 3, 2013


  25. IDK January 3, 2013

    I’ll be buying. I didnt buy her last but i heard it was nice tho. All the ones before that were classics. She writes all her stuff so even if she sells close to 70,000 copies or more she will most def profit. Good luck shanti!

  26. The one January 3, 2013

    I’m a die hard fan for ashanti, but this is scary as hell it’s like the plane is about to burn and crash in album sales. I know the songs will be great but as far as attracting listeners and new fans I’m not so sure. I pray and pray she figures out away to market this album. Nonetheless I will support my favorite artist #WrittenEntertainment

  27. millhouse January 3, 2013

    She needs a reality show. She needs to show people a different side of herself… Then she should drop an album. good luck tho. For some odd reason everyone thinks that they can compete with Beyonce. SMH —

    and if you have an album coming out next month, why isnt the single and video out yet. You cant have a successful album without at least 2 videos before the album drops. Just ask Brandy — she could have done 100k in her first week but she waited a month after her album dropped to release another video… Mind you, we still waitin on a new single… Brandy’s comeback was anticipated and she only sold 60,000… So i can only imagine what Ashanti’s numbers are gonna look like….

    Then again, I think Keyshia Cole is releasing the song she did with Ashanti as her next single, so maybe they will try to piggyback off of that song… if thats the case, then that would be smart… Maybe she can get some of Keyshia’s fans interested in buying her album… maybe February is not such a bad month to release her album… All I know is that, with Beyonce on the way, these b****** better be prepared to take a back seat!!!

    • LIKEDBYMANY January 3, 2013

      I was thinking that too. She should do like Monica did with “Trust” use that as a platform. Then while her & Keyshia single is out she should promote her new single at the same time.

  28. JJ January 3, 2013

    Ohh Ashanti, Ashanti….going against Beyonce, Gaga and MARIAH. She will be slayed and reslayed to oblivion……Nevuary is actually a good idea……… LOLEST

  29. Lax January 3, 2013

    To me Ashanti isn’t the only one who needs a make over and a new direction, just saying, call no name , bear no blame,,,

  30. Jer January 3, 2013


  31. Morgan (BEY IS THA GREATEST TO EVER DO IT) January 3, 2013

    Girl let it go just let it go. #Nomorewords

  32. draco January 3, 2013

    Sorry to say this but without Irv Gotti’s beats and production Ashanti wouldn’t be where she is right now. Now that she left the Inc and parted ways with Irv, she won’t sell as much as he was one of the few people who could make her sound appealing.

  33. Scottie January 3, 2013

    Ok. I’m a Beyonce stan. HOWEVER!!! I don’t really dislike Ashanti nor do I really like her. No shade, I’m just very neutral on her since she hasn’t done anything worth hearing since Murder Inc. I’d like to hear her new stuff as long as it doesn’t interfere with the day/week/month of Beyonce’s new music…cuz lord knows I won’t have time for s*** else. Again, no shade to Ms. Ashanti.

  34. BEYONCE4LIFE January 3, 2013

    Somebody please giver her some money so she can afford some studio time with 7 Arelius….we need another “Only U” type single

    • LIKEDBYMANY January 3, 2013

      Yes even though she couldnt dance only u helped sell the s*** outta that album

  35. iluvmusic January 4, 2013

    UM FYI Ashanti’s album is not even coming out Feb 12. She nor her team has confirmed this. So styop the hate the girl is filming Army Wives (which she is a series regular in), Fuse News and writing her own music. So continue to hate while she collects more than one check.

  36. Wes January 4, 2013

    Yessssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!! I can’t wait;)

  37. Mely B January 4, 2013

    I’m curious to see how it’ll do given that she’s going the indie route. I thought her last album THE DECLARATION was “alright” but not better than any of her previous albums. I will at least sample the tracks before deciding whether or not to buy the whole album.

    I also agree with others that the word “flop” needs to die a quick death. I wish her success because as an indie artist, she won’t have an industry “machine” behind her to get her music out there but I’ve always liked Ashanti & her music and wish the best for her.

  38. bash January 4, 2013

    Said with love ( no shade) but what the hell are you thing coming out in the month of an bey takeover… there is room for all but she did end your career… im really holding but cuz this don’t make any sense…not to mention all the other albums coming out at the same time… you can’t compete with there budgets smh

  39. sandra floyd January 28, 2013

    love you Ashanti, God Bless you , you doing good.
    Peace in your valley

  40. be real February 14, 2013




    black folks love same crap over and over and over- No real new artist will get a chance because of Beyonce. No I am serious. A young artist who wants to be a LADY ( and keep her clothes on) can not compete industry where h*es like beyonce and rihanna are half naked everytime you see them.

  41. BAD NAVI February 20, 2013

    B**** plz even if she didn’t postpone her cd it would still flop

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