Snapback! Beyonce Makes First Public Appearance Since Birth Of Twins

Published: Friday 14th Jul 2017 by Sam

Beyonce makes stage slayage look easy and now she’s doing the same with her post-pregnancy snapback.

Queen Bey made headlines when she gave birth to twins Rumi and Sir Carter exactly one month ago and broke the internet today when sharing the first snaps of the babies.

While doing so, it turns out she was also making her first public appearance.

Looking like a snack, the singer attended rapper Vic Mensa‘s album listening event in Los Angeles with hubby JAY-Z.

Peep pics of Bey below…

Mama is clearly playing no games! Push through!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Alex July 14, 2017

    Wow! I love black women. God hooked us black kings up.

    • Slayriana Grande July 14, 2017

      You sound like a quēer male feminist saying that. LOL

      • Its me guwrl July 15, 2017

        LOLOL!!! Yeap!

  2. Frank July 14, 2017

    That booty ain’t going no where lol

  3. Suicide Blonde July 14, 2017

    She clearly got a liposuction right after giving birth to the twins, that’s why she stayed there for so long, my cousin did the same thing, I mean it took JLo like two years to get back in shape after the twins. Beyoncé ain’t fooling anyone, but she’s not hurting anyone, so go ahead girl. I still think that she ruined her body’s natural shape with surgeries.

    • DanYiel Iman July 14, 2017

      Ma’am GET A DAMN LIFE!! Anything regarding Beyoncé & her body or personality your fraud ass is quick to judge her for whatever your little brain can conceive!!! Dumb ole drug store ruined BLONDE!! 👎🏽😒

      • Suicide Blonde July 14, 2017

        I love you too DanYiel.

      • Yes July 14, 2017

        Drag that simpleton.

    • Natalia July 14, 2017

      Jlo isn’t natural either blondie.

      • Suicide Blonde July 14, 2017

        At least she showed the world her journey, she even completed the triathlon looking terrible, her body looks also more natural than that of Beyoncé, but that’s off topic.

      • Natalia July 15, 2017

        Bla bla bla. She still had surgery. No better than Beyonce.

    • Stephy July 14, 2017

      Babies ruin the body anyways…

      • bravo!! July 14, 2017


    • We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill – tyler July 14, 2017

      What? I can nahhh *Joseline Hernandez voice* . JLo has had soooo much work done

    • EBookbook July 14, 2017

      For one her body isnt even all the way back shes covering up her stomach with a more flattering fit you fool

    • Yes July 14, 2017

      @ Suicide blonde. You’re Mongoliod looking *** is always in a Beyonce post talking sh*t. Worry less about Beyonce, and more on why you’re an insecure bitter old ugly queen.

      • Yes July 14, 2017


  4. Abel Minaj July 14, 2017

    She’s always giving that same tired ass pose but slay I guess

    • Its me guwrl July 15, 2017

      Nicki got bodied by Rem, yew mad?

  5. llawrence July 14, 2017

    Go Go get it get it!!!!!! Slay BEY!!

  6. Jeans July 14, 2017

    Her and Jay Z photo looks so calculated. She looks good though. I agree. Same pose over and over. SLAYsomeMo Bey! Tired of you though lol

  7. Jasmine July 14, 2017

    Why is Jay Z wearing those little boy clothes?

    • Bam July 14, 2017

      No one told him he hit 40 a few years ago.

  8. gina July 14, 2017

    I still see a beer belly.

  9. Meme July 14, 2017

    When your body bounce back game on 100%

  10. We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill – tyler July 14, 2017

    Queen Bey looks so damn good

  11. fatusankoh July 14, 2017

    Beautiful Bey and Jay god bless them and their family for life good healt for the Twines

  12. Brazio July 14, 2017

    When you have lots of money its easy to snap back..its called plastic surgery

  13. U Wanna Bey Like Me July 14, 2017

    Beyoncé looks great. And these hating a** losers in the comment section can continue to seethe. Period.

  14. RICHIE_RICH July 14, 2017

    She so MF thick !!!!! Beyoncé probably hasn’t worked out yet. It’s only been a month since she gave brith. She looks good now don’t get me wrong. Mother is thick and juicy!!

  15. Gross July 14, 2017

    Why is he even wearing a Kurt Cobain jacket, he knows nothing about him. They look so calculated and just mess. Her thighs are fat as hell too that follows down to her calves. They all look the same width.

    • Ben July 14, 2017

      @Suicide f**, how do you know he doesn’t know anything about that ugly strung out drug addict Cobain, you stupid cu**?

      • Gross July 14, 2017

        I wonder if you’d say that to my face in person. Probably not 😂😂😂 stupid Beyawnce twit

      • Ben July 14, 2017

        Save the subterfuge you f****** mook. That being said, your name fits you perfectly, because you’re odious as fk. Gross.

  16. RoyalKev July 15, 2017

    Bey look good even when she got some meat on her bones! She’s just a visually stunning woman! When you got it , you got it!

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