Behind The Scenes: Migos, Nicki Minaj, & Cardi B – ‘MotorSport’ Video

Published: Friday 17th Nov 2017 by Sam

Migos made waves last month when they united Nicki Minaj and Cardi B on the same track. And now they collective aim to make a splash with the video for ‘MotorSport.’

Already #14 on the Billboard Hot 100, the track looks set to drive to higher heights with the arrival of its accompanying visual (which is the first from Migos’ ‘Culture II’ album).

Ahead of its debut, the group take viewers behind the scenes.

Cop a gander after the jump…

Will Nicki be Skype-ing her part in or is she not taking part? If the latter, it’ll certainly beg the question of…why?

Stay tuned.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Its me gowrl November 17, 2017

    She slayed Nicki ass lol

    • SMH November 17, 2017

      Lmao on what planet? Planet Delusional?

      • Lilshawty156 November 17, 2017

        lol , literally slated what? 😂

      • Its me gowrl November 18, 2017

        Yew mad?

  2. erica November 17, 2017

    nicki mad, she’s not bother by remy or kim but you see that cardi B gets under her skin!!

    • Its me gowrl November 17, 2017

      Honey Nicki super pressed by Remy and Kim. U mad? U pressed ho

    • ??? November 17, 2017

      lol gurl bye, nicki & her PLATINUM PLAQUES and 80 BILLBOARD HITS is not pressed over an ex-convict who still cant get a hit, a washed up plastic botched science project who hasn’t been relevant in 20 years and only goes platinum on paypal, or some mumble rap reality tv h0 that needs to depend on streaming for a hit. bye gurl lmao.

      • Its me gowrl November 18, 2017

        Girl shut up

      • Slicc Loskii November 18, 2017

        Meanwhile #WAKEMEUP is a hit! And how u got 80 billboard entires but no number 1 or a grammy? And kim has 4 classic and 3 multi plat albums with out streams and a fake ass.. went plat in less then 30 with pure album sales….. don’t be a hater dear…. migos and cardi is winning thats why nicki wanted in on the song cause she is fading away.. if she such the queen why dont she just drop a record and end everybody.. she can’t with her nursery rhyme rhymes… talking bout some k i ss ing girl sit the f*** down and go read a book and learn some real bars.

      • DanYiel Iman November 18, 2017


  3. 2bad2bme November 17, 2017

    Cardi’s record label is making her hype die down by holding out on this next single. Just like Nicki, she will do a million features before she releases her own body of work and people will get tired of her and she won’t sell as much as she could have. These record labels be messing these artists up but the artists go along with it because they give them a check. SMH

  4. stan November 17, 2017

    “Will Nicki be Skype-ing her part in or is she not taking part?”

    Maybe she’ll show up in TV screens a la Khia

  5. #TeamTinashe Stan (Major Announcement To Be Released Soon!! :).) November 17, 2017

    Song is trash!
    But Cardi looks good too bad I don’t like what she represents :/

  6. GucciRoxx November 17, 2017

    It was already put out that Nicki was duped into being on a song with Cardi. In order to save face and not looked played she went on and acted like nothing was wrong DAYS AFTER the release.
    Her not being in the video only further proves that THAT was the case.
    9 times out or 10 shes in it and they think they’re surprising us.

    • Faf November 17, 2017

      She’s in it quavo s aid thanks queens

  7. Coco November 17, 2017

    Cardi keeps answering my third eye.

  8. NeverBeenASport November 18, 2017

    Nicki already shot her part. She already explained that the song was her & Quavo at first. The video shoot where she had blonde & blue ponytail. They’re just gonna add parts to that.

    • Its me gowrl November 18, 2017

      Nicki a flop

  9. Joy November 22, 2017

    What a joke! Nicki knew Cardi B was coming for her spot, so she got desperate and made a song with her.

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