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Snubbed: Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, & Sade Shut Out Of 2015 ‘Rock & Roll Hall of Fame’ Nominations

Dolly Parton, Bon Jovi, and More Join List of Snubbed, Yet Eligible Acts

janet jackson sade thatgrapejuice Snubbed:  Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, & Sade Shut Out Of 2015 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Nominations


‘What have you done for me lately?’ takes on new meaning after reports have surfaced that Grammy-winning pop icon Janet Jackson has been snubbed, yet again, from induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

With a four decade career that boasts over 100 million records sold and countless industry awards lining her shelves, Jackson reigns supreme as the second most decorated female artist of all time (second only to Whitney Houston -who was also shut out).  Apparently her efforts, which span across music and film, have yet to be enough to impress the academy who votes and helps decide who will be inducted into the prestigious institution.

But, it looks like she’s not the only one…


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Album Tracklist: ‘Whitney Houston Live: Her Greatest Performances’

whitney houston live performances thatgrapejuice Album Tracklist: Whitney Houston Live: Her Greatest Performances

The legend lives on.

Whitney Houston‘s iconic talent is set to be celebrated on November 10th when ‘Whitney Houston Live: Her Greatest Performances’ lands in stores.

As reported, the set will sew together some of the diva’s most dazzling live showings on the CD/DVD release.

Given the wealth of Whitney’s talent, we don’t envy those tasked with narrowing down her many amazing moments.

Find out which ones made the final cut below…


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New Whitney Houston Album Confirmed / Set For November Release

whitney houston live album thatgrapejuice New Whitney Houston Album Confirmed / Set For November Release

The Voice.

In life, it’s a title Whitney Houston wore without competition and since her passing a tag she continues to embody.

The diva’s longtime mentor Clive Davis has made it duty to ensure the latter remains unchanged. For, today, the industry great stopped by the Today Show to announce the release of a brand new Houston album.

Details below…


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Must See: Behind The Scenes Of Lifetime’s Whitney Houston Biopic

whitney houston yaya 600x351 Must See: Behind The Scenes Of Lifetimes Whitney Houston Biopic

As widely reported, much ado has been made about Lifetime‘s upcoming biopic on the late, great Whitney Houston.

However, hoping to silence the naysayers, director Angela Bassett invited Entertainment Tonight onto the Los Angeles set of the movie this week to provide a behind the scenes look at filming.

Is lead Yaya DaCosta doing due diligence to Houston? How does Deborah Cox, who’s voicing Whitney’s songs, sound? And what does Bassett feel about the backlash? All the answers and more await in the video below…


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Whitney Houston’s Mother Cissy Slams Lifetime Biopic

whtiney and cissy houston 123 600x337 Whitney Houstons Mother Cissy Slams Lifetime Biopic

Lifetime‘s Whitney Houston biopic has been hit by yet another jab. This time courtesy of the late diva’s mother, Cissy Houston.

Controversy has engulfed the Angela Bassett helmed project since its announcement, with opinion split on almost every facet. Indeed, everything from the featured stars to it being a TV telepic instead of a cinematic release have come under fire. And let’s just say say, Ms. Cissy has poured fuel on the flames.

The 80-year-old offered Entertainment Tonight a statement about her views on the film — and it definitely wasn’t endorsing.

Her words below…


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Whitney Biopic: Snippet Of ‘I Will Always Love You’ (Performed By Deborah Cox) Surfaces

deborah whitney Whitney Biopic: Snippet Of I Will Always Love You (Performed By Deborah Cox) Surfaces

Much ado has been made about Lifetime‘s upcoming Whitney Houston biopic.

From song clearances, to starring actors, to its very existence; the Angela Bassett production hasn’t been short on controversy.

The latest round of debate ignited this week when it was announced that Deborah Cox will be voicing ‘The Voice’ in the made-for-TV movie. Legalities surrounding copyright means it won’t be possible to use Houston’s hits in their original form. Hence, Cox – a powerhouse in her own right – is providing “vocal tracks” for lead Yaya DaCosta to “perform” to.

Naturally, the news has many eager to hear whether Cox can do justice to Whitney’s iconic catalogue. And it seems folk won’t have to wait too long to find out.

TMZ have premiered a clip of the re-sung rendition of the late diva’s signature hit ‘I Will Always Love You’ – which was recorded on set in Los Angeles this week.

Listen below and, as ever, let us know what you think!


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Deborah Cox To Voice Whitney Houston Songs In Lifetime Biopic

deborah cox whitney biopic Deborah Cox To Voice Whitney Houston Songs In Lifetime Biopic

Lifetime‘s biopic on the late, great Whitney Houston hasn’t even hit screens yet and is already causing quite the scene.

Indeed, debate has greeted almost every morsel of news revealed about the movie; from it being a cable production instead of a big screen offering, to its lead stars, public response has been potently polarized.

The latest facet of the Angela Bassett directed telepic to come into question is the licensing of Houston’s music.

According to E!, with legalities surrounding the use of Whitney’s iconic song catalogue still being hashed out, original versions of the tracks will not feature. Instead, Yaya DaCosta - who has been cast as Houston – will “lip-synch” to re-recorded takes on the songs performed by none other than Deborah Cox.

Details below…


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