Hot 100: Nicki Minaj Quietly Tied A MAJOR Whitney Houston Record with Her Historic 23rd Top 10 Hit ‘Barbie World’

Published: Friday 14th Jul 2023 by Rashad

When it comes to breaking chart records, few can boast a more royal track record than Rap Queen Nicki Minaj.

As if being the first female act (of any genre) to collect 100 Hot 100 hits wasn’t enough to brag about, she is listed as the most top 10 and top 20 hit-decorated female rapper in the chart’s 64-year history – a title she extended last week with the #7 debut of the Ice Spice-assisted ‘Barbie World.’

Spotlighting the latter point, Minaj banked her 23rd top 10 hit with the ‘Barbie’ arrival – not only extending her record among female rappers but putting her in some pretty exclusive company overall.

See what we mean inside.

‘Barbie’ may have bounced to #35 on this week’s Hot 100, but with her 23rd print in the tally’s topmost dectet Nicki tied late Pop icon Whitney Houston‘s record on the all-time list of most top 10s (among women).

Sharing sixth place, the only five female acts to possess more hits of the same stature are Taylor Swift (41), Madonna (38), Rihanna (32), Mariah Carey (28), and Janet Jackson (27).

Having already collected two top 10s this year alone (the first being the Ice Spice duet ‘Princess Diana‘), the rate at which the Harajuku Barbie is amassing the placements could easily see her break the tie before 2023’s end and be well on her way to being the first female rapper to own 30 top 10 hits.

Until we find out for sure, click here to check out TGJ’s weekly Hot 100 recap: TGJ Chart Check.

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    Billboard Hot 100: All-Time Top Black Solo Artists (adjusted all-time Hot 100 points):

    1. Mariah Carey 15.8 million
    2. Stevie Wonder 14.3 million
    3. Janet Jackson 13.4 million
    4. Michael Jackson 13 million
    5. Drake 12.8 million
    6. Whitney Houston 12.6 million
    7. Rihanna 12 million
    8. Usher 10.3 million
    9. Prince 10 million
    10. Aretha Franklin 9.9 million
    11. Marvin Gaye 8.2 million
    12. Diana Ross 7.8 million
    13. Donna Summer 7.6 million
    14. Beyonce 7.4 million
    15. Lionel Richie 7.4 million
    28. Nicki Minaj 4.6 million

    • What Would 50 do July 14, 2023

      . This chart does not add Micheal Jackson , Jackson 5 career.

      • What Would 50 do July 14, 2023

        Mariah is 15.8 mil points Whitney
        12.6 points cause of Mariah same Xmas song.

    • Holliewud July 14, 2023

      This just goes to show how much Nicki’s stats are a joke

      • #TruthHurtz July 14, 2023

        The highlight of this is “female rapper”. You can’t necessarily compare Nicki to pop culture as a whole because it wouldn’t make sense. But you can do is congratulate her for success in her era.

  2. j July 14, 2023

    Only the QUEEN

  3. Meg Theeee Stally July 14, 2023

    But answer this why do her songs always freefall in the 2nd week. Anyone know?

    • Josh July 15, 2023

      Because her fans are broke. They need to save up and buy her a Grammy.

    • UHoesFunny July 15, 2023

      Why can’t Meggie Thee Man even chart? 💀

    • NickiTheUndisputedQueen July 15, 2023

      They dont always frefall actually lately they been sticking like grits

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