It may have taken her seven years and the absence of Beyonce & Lady GaGa, but yesterday saw Rihanna finally a nab a US #1 album, with the LP ‘Unapologetic‘.

So, perhaps in realizing it’ll be sometime before she scores a second number one album, she has taken to Twitter to milk  celebrate her  win, thanking her fan base before their support.

Her message below…


Via ‘She Is Diva:

Check out our girl Alicia Keys looking all flavors of cute today, arriving at BET‘s ’106 & Park’ to speak on her new ‘Girl On Fire’ album.

Giving us even more of a reason to love her, she was all the way open on married life, motherhood and changes in her life influenced the project, which we’ve had on repeat all day.

Watch here!

It’s common-knowledge that Christina Aguilera‘s ‘Lotus’ campaign has been rocked by many a speed-bump.

Indeed, its lead single ‘Your Body’ was never performed, which led to slow album sales, which ultimately resulted in more media muck being hurled at the singer.

However, it appears several positive facets to the project are beginning to emerge – one being the fact that, as of this week, ‘Your Body’ can officially be deemed a chart-topping Billboard hit.

Details below…


‘Rumor Has It’. ‘Love Song’. ‘Rolling In The Deep’.

The above three serve as one of the many reasons Brit gem Adele became one of the highest selling entertainers in chart history last year, with the release of her sophomore set ‘21′.

Now, in what will leave quite a few Pop damsels in commercial distress, the project has now hit sales of 10 million units…in the US alone.

Good news below…


The proof, as they say, is always in the pudding..and if the last few days in Nicki Minaj‘s world are anything to go by, we’d say life is pretty sweet for the Rap star.

Unveiling a new eight track EP named ‘The Re-Up’ last Monday, this week saw her reap many a reward from the project after its sales forced its supporting LP, ‘Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded’ 79 spots up the Billboard 200 in the space of 7 days, placing it at #28.

So, just in case that wasn’t enough to put a smile on her face, she’s now scored a new personal best on a critical tip.

Details below…


Superstar diva Mariah Carey has made no secret of her love for all things “festive”; as such, there were few better choices than her to switch on the Christmas tree lights at the Rockefeller Center in New York last night.

Cheered on by the thousands in attendance, the American Idol judge also performed her classic ‘All I Want For Christmas’, as well as ‘Christmas Time Is In The Air Again’. The latter is being used to promote the re-release of Mimi’s second Holiday album  ‘Merry Christmas II You’ – which originally hit stores in 2010 and birthed moderate hit ‘Oh Santa’.

Watch the 42 year old soar below…


Rita Ora was the centre of all attention in London Town last night, arriving at The Savoy hotel for the ‘Britain Fashion Awards’.

Sporting a Vivienne Westwood piece, the Pop fashionista hit the event joined by new found friend Cara Delevigne and spent the night alongside the Valentino, one night after celebrating her 22nd birthday in the city with Rapper Big Sean and the aforementioned Cara.

Snaps from last night’s outing below…


Kelly Rowland certainly keeps busy these days.

Indeed, when not wrapping up her fourth studio album, ‘Year Of The Woman’, the ‘Ice’ singer has wracking up an impressive collection of collaborations – the latest being with Epic Records rapper Future.

The pair took to the stage on Jimmy Kimmel Live! tonight, performing ‘Neva End (Remix)’ – the lead release from Future’s ‘Pluto 3D’ LP.

Peep the performance below…


Another day, another Twitter battle.

Indeed, after the week started off with a bang with R&B bad boy Chris Brown’s fiery exchange with TV writer/comedienne Jenny Johnson, now his ‘Right By My Side’ co-star Nicki Minaj is stewing her own brand of Twit-battling with a rant against former ‘American Idol’ judge Steven Tyler (of Aerosmith).

The rock icon asserted during a recent interview with MTV that Minaj and fellow feuding judge Mariah Carey should, “Shut the f*ck up and focus [on the] talent”.

As what he said next has had much of the net abuzz for the past day or so, tell us:

Did Minaj respond fairly to Tyler’s comments?


50 Cent has a hit on his hands!

One night debuting the inspirational cut, 50 Cent continues in his bid for chart supremacy with the release of his video for ‘My Life‘, featuring Eminem and Adam Levine.

Is it strong enough to catapult him to the top of the Hot 100, and push his new ‘Street King Immortal’ LP?

Find out below…


“Worship the Queen and you might could pass“.

What was that? Oh yes- that was the sound of Nicki Minaj making life a little more harder for her naysayers.

Not sure what we mean?

Find out how the Rapper’s fan base ‘The Barbz‘ has given her cause to celebrate today, below…


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The Best You Never Heard is back! After a lengthy rest on the bench, each week will once again see That Grape Juice spotlight an array of little known gems. Featuring picks from the TGJ editorial team, we want to know…who chose the best song! Let us know below…


Christina Aguilera – ‘Get Mine, Get Yours’


While 2002’s ‘Stripped’ saw Christina Aguilera bare her most vulnerable self on tracks such as ‘Beautiful’, the set also ushered in the arrival of “Xtina”.

Many cite the release of single ‘Dirrty’ as the singer’s official transformation from teen-queen to sex-symbol, often neglecting the fact that the album itself packed a number of sensual moments to aide her racy agenda. The most notable of such cuts? ‘Get Mine, Get Yours’.

Unapologetic before Rihanna was, the mid-tempo blazer served as a manual for a “no strings attached” ‘encounter’. Critiqued by some for too quickly accelerating the star’s shift from role-model to rock-star, the cut remains noteworthy in that it’s the female commanding the male to “freak my body, baby, nasty naughty, baby”.

In many ways, it’s songs like this that paved the way for the sexual liberation of some of today’s most risque female acts. Xtina the feminist? That’s up for debate. What is certain, though, is that the song is fire! {SAM}

LISTEN: [audiotube id=”DDyPYh3xBh8″]


Whitney Houston – Call You Tonight


As many know, 2009 brought with it the chart return of the legendary Whitney Houston. Christened ‘I Look To You’, which would go on to be her last) was  a stellar collection of carefully crafted hits and material which embraced both her legacy and vocal ability at the time.

Interestingly, throwback groove ‘Million Dollar Bill’ was picked to launch the LP’s campaign, somewhat unfortunate  because said album housed a classic-in-the-waiting in the form of fan-favorite ‘Call You Tonight’.

Helmed by Stargate and Johnta Austin, the mid-tempo gem did a stellar job showcasing Nippy’s then-“new voice” and was the perfect representation of what a Whitney record should sound like in 2009 (or 2012 for the matter). With engaging lyrics, great melodies, and a powerful yet understated vocal performance, ‘Tonight’ was arguably a missed opportunity to make her Platinum coloured comeback even more triumphant. {JOE}

LISTEN:  [audiotube id=”WolnrWxOj8s”]


Destiny’s Child – Killing Time


Dwarfed by the success of later albums and subsequent solo careers, Destiny’s Child‘s 1998 self titled debut never quite gets the recognition it deserves – on many a front.
Boasting songs which bridged Pop, Country and R&B, the LP’s strongest point – save for ‘No No No’ – comes courtesy of Stinson/Wiggins produced ‘Killing Time’.


Packing a crossover appeal much of today’s R&B lacks, ‘Time’ sees DC at their best, serving the conviction and harmonies unmatched by any of their then-rivals.


Clearly the inspiration for much of the material on Kelly Rowland’s first solo outing ‘Simply Deep’, here’s hoping the coming years see the disbanded group shine a little more light on the cut and the supporting album so many consider…a classic. {DAVID}
LISTEN: [audiotube id=”j9M2RWSZl-k”]

Christina Milian – Never Mind


Picture this:  You’re at the club…getting your groove on.  Next thing you know, you spot a fine so-and-so doing their thing. They turn around…and in a split second things go from sugar to you-know-what. ‘Dip It Low’ diva Christina Milian thought to share that scenario in song.


The track is lifted from one of many studio sessions the singer had when crafting (what was to be) the follow-up to her 2006 album ‘So Amazin’ (see: scrapped albums ‘Elope’, ‘Dream In Color’).  And while the attache project never surfaced, Milian proves once again with this number that she is able to cook-up a radio friendly joint whenever she tries. When, and if, that will ever be fully manifested again…only time will tell. {RASHAD}
LISTEN: [audiotube id=”N_3Xuu3eIdU”]

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