After speculation surrounding his sexual orientation arose two nights ago, acclaimed lyricist Frank Ocean has addressed the mattern an open letter posted on his official Tumblr account this morning.

Without further delay, read his courageous words below…


It’s been a difficult few years for Nelly. Indeed, sans 2010’s ‘Just A Dream’, little else has caught on for the St Louis native in recent years.

However, the multi-Platinum star looks set to remedy that with new single ‘Merry Go Round’. The cut, which is all sorts of blazing, features collabo king Chris Brown and was produced by Da Internz. 

Listen to the hit in waiting after the jump…


Pop rebel Pink is pressing on full steam with her new project. After springing a surprise on fans with the set’s debut single ‘Blow Me (One Last Kiss)’, the Grammy winner has unveiled the title of the cut’s housing album.

Find out what the star has christened her latest collection of gems below…


July 13th marks the release of ‘Ice Age: Continental Drift”, starring Queen Latifah, Jennifer Lopez, Drake and Rap Svengali Nicki Minaj.

So, before the epic adventure hits theaters, Minaj took to Flicks And Bits to discuss her character ‘Steffie’, her admiration for co star Latifah and why her family still can’t believe she landed the role.

Her comments below:

On Steffie:

Well, Steffie, she’s a cutsie little ladybug, and of course I call everyone ladybugs if I really love them. But of course she’s not a ladybug, she’s huge, but she’s so beautiful.

She’s a mammoth, she has blonde hair and she does really cute stuff with her hair. She does her lashes, she does stuff with Mascara. And, you know, she’s cutsie! I think she’s great.

On her family’s reaction to her scoring the role:

 I can’t believe I’m in an ‘Ice Age’ movie. My nieces and my little brothers, they’re freaking out. They think I’m making it up. They won’t believe it until the movie comes out that I’m doing a voice in ‘Ice Age 4.

Then on Latifah:

I’ve looked up to her for so many years, she embodies everything that I’d like to do, you know? She went from acting, she does acting, animation voices – she’s everything to me.

To be a part of something she’s a part of makes me very proud. Just working in that environment, the people on the movie were dope people. Everyone was so encouraging. When I was working on it I was like, “This is the best job in the world!”

Watch above…

Your thoughts?

In a bid to introduce a lighter side to her personality, Rap royal Nicki Minaj unveiled the ‘Dutty Wine Vlog’ today- documenting the wildest moments from her time in the UK’s Manchester last week.

Featuring footage from her show in the city and her subsequent journey to Club Entourage, the vlog also see the MC journey to LA in preparation for her performance at the 2012 BET Awards.

All the head spinning fun below…


Rita Ora embraced her ‘inner G’ yesterday, during a promo run in Zurich yesterday.

Channeling her inner Tupac, the ROC star’s intimate snaps surfaced online days before she joins Rihanna, Drake and Nicki Minaj at this year’s ‘Wireless Fest’ in London.

More below…


Seven years.

Indeed, seven long years have passed since talented songstress Tweet blessed the industry with a new project. And while such a lengthy spell away from the limelight would dissolve the strongest of fanbases, it’s made hers even more steadfast.

In this candid interview, the soulful stunner talks her hiatus, the state of R&B, compromising her sound, her new album, and much more. As ever, we ask the questions you really want answers to.

Tweet Shouts Out That Grape Juice

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Forget what Kanye tells you, switch that messy Kardashian trash off!

WE tv smash ‘Braxton Family Values’ is back for a six-episode Summer sizzler this August and we can’t wait. Wonder why? Check out the official trailer for Season 3 of the hit show below…


With comeback effort ‘Big Hoops’ failing to ignite the charts, Nelly Furtado will no doubt be hoping its follow-up, ‘The Spirit Indestructible’, enjoys a better fate.

The cut, which is the title track of her new LP (due September 18th), was premiered live in Paris recently. However, the official studio version surfaced merely moments ago. As ever, That Grape Juice has that good good. Take a listen after the jump…


In what has seen the culture billed as narrow minded, Hip Hop’s response to Nicki Minaj’s ascent to Pop stardom has been ‘harsh’ to say the least.

Labelled a sell out following the success of her quadruple platinum single ‘Super Bass’ and the 5x platinum ‘Starships‘, the Rapper recently faced threats by Hot 97 staple ‘Funkmaster Flex’ who threatened to ‘tear her down’ after mocking the sales of her now platinum sophomore album.

Now, ‘The Voice‘s has spoken out her in defense, urging her to ‘Fxxx Hip Hop‘.

Full story below…


Today marks the global release of Chris Brown‘s fifth studio album ‘Fortune’.

Preceded by a slew of singles and, of course, drama (see: Drake, Twitter, and the like), all eyes are on the ‘Strip’ led set to see how it fares.

And while its lead-in buzz seems strong, we – as ever – are keen to plough through the smoke and see what folk really think. As such, we want to know…

Will you be buying Chris Brown’s ‘Fortune’?

If you consider yourself a fan of Marsha Ambrosius, we’d say you’re in luck.

For, in what we’d call great news, she has confirmed the release of a brand new LP named ‘Friends & Lovers’, the follow up to the #1 album ‘Late Nights & Early Mornings‘.

Details below…


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