Jagged Edge Interview

Published: Sunday 15th Jul 2007 by Sam
I will be interviewing R&B quartet/Def Jam recording artists Jagged Edge tomorrow (short notice, I know). Please drop any questions you may have for the guys in the comments section. Only genuine and reasonable questions will be considered.

UPDATE: Thanks for the questions. The interview went great. Be on the lookout for it toward the end of the week.

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  1. Anonymous July 15, 2007

    thanks…..my question is ..how was it like working on the new record with other artist(ashanti) and when can we expect a video?

  2. Anonymous July 15, 2007

    thank for giving us da chance…even if I don’t belive you! :P…but my question is what kind of artist they have worked with on da album!

  3. Darion July 15, 2007

    how does it feel to still be in the industry after so many years?

    what is their opinion on the music coming from their hometown in ATL?

    do they ever plan on writing or producing for other artists?

    what groups/artists were inspiring on their new album?

    how do they seemingly stay out of the press and tabloids?

  4. JC July 15, 2007

    – How their next album is gonna be different that their previous ones ?

    – Are they pleased with the sales of their latest album ?

    – Why haven’t they released a live DVD since all this time ?

    – Who would they like to collaborate with ?

    – Do they have anything (new ?) to say about RL’s song (from Next) “Hater In You” where he disses them ?

  5. Anonymous July 15, 2007

    Could you ask Brian what happened with him and Letoya’s relationship. Also the other one use to date LaTavia. Also ask them how they feel about the state of music right now..that since fans have the ability to get the music free it’s not the money making industry it use to be for an artist. How do they feel about that? What else would they be doing?

  6. Anonymous July 15, 2007

    Ask them why’d they pick “Put A Little” as their first single. Also, how Ashanti got featured in it and the how the videos gonna look.


  7. Anonymous July 15, 2007

    Oh gosh, that’s there first single? Booooo. That song is wack and sounds dated.

  8. Anonymous July 15, 2007

    Love the new single and it is blowing up on the radio here..

    Want to know when we should expect the video..

  9. Anonymous July 15, 2007

    Who have they worked with on the new album??

    How was it working with Ashanti?

    When can we expect the video?

    How do they feel about being one of the only R&B groups out now??

    What do they think about the state of R&B?? Do they think it’s changed from back in the day??

    Do they feel they aren’t promoted enough?

  10. Anonymous July 15, 2007

    ask them f*** why they act they are from the alt

    when they can from hartford ct

  11. Toya July 15, 2007

    What makes this album any different from the rest?

  12. candice July 15, 2007

    Any advice for an undiscovered talent?

    I’ve been a fan since a Jagged Era and yes, I bought/own each cd. I’m excitedly waiting for that new stuff.

  13. Anonymous July 15, 2007

    Ask how did they hook-up with Ashanti & when are we getting a NEW video for Put A Little…

  14. Anonymous July 15, 2007

    could you ask who they are working with on there next album. any other producers besides JD? and why there next album is going to be called BABY MAKING PROJECT.

  15. Anonymous July 16, 2007

    If you could work with Michael Jackson on his new album, what sort of sound would you project?

  16. Anonymous July 16, 2007

    How is it being at Def Jam with three music icons running things ? Also what made you guys decide that would make a great home JE?

  17. Anonymous July 16, 2007

    What been your greatest high and low while in the music industry?

  18. Anonymous July 16, 2007

    Will they be touring anytime soon?

  19. Anonymous July 16, 2007

    Since they work so well with Jermaine Dupri, who also works well with Mariah Carey, can the fans look forward to any collaborations between JE and Mariah on either their new project or hers? – Alexis

  20. Anonymous July 16, 2007

    Any plans to do a Mariah/Boyz II Men-style duet?

  21. Anonymous July 17, 2007

    are there any plans for them to perform in the uk anytime soon???

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