Britney Spears – ‘Gimme More’ Video

Published: Friday 5th Oct 2007 by Sam
Apologies about the quality, Youtube are on a rampage taking the vid down!


As you know, it’s not all that often you read about Britney Spears around these sides. However, there’s no denying that the premiere of her ‘comeback’ video ‘Gimme More’ is an event in itself. Made available on iTunes earlier today, I pity anyone who actually paid for this. It’s not as bad of a train wreck as I assumed it would be (see: set pics), but it isn’t good – at all. There is talk that this is only a promo video and the proper vid will debut Monday 8th October on MTV’s TRL. For her sake, I hope it’s true. Then again, the song is already a bonafide hit – currently sitting at #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #1 on the Digital chart (all without a video).

In other Britney news, the title of her new album been revealed. The long-awaited CD is called ‘Blackout’ and is still set to hit stores on November 13th – despite Spears’ much-publicised troubles. {Source}

What do you think of the video?

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  1. Anonymous October 5, 2007

    kinda lame, just her on a pole, spinning.


  2. Anonymous October 5, 2007

    boring as SH*T. any nite out a real stripclub would be tons more fun, and that was BRITNEY SPEARS dancing!ouch.

  3. Anonymous October 5, 2007

    I admit i’m a britney stan it’s lame compared to her past ones but i loooove this song. where would the world be without crazy ppl anyway? would it be funny if she outsold rihanna/ nicole even with all this controversy since they were poised to be the next biggest things.

  4. Emir B October 5, 2007

    ugh…i mean she’s cute in the video, has a very nice pretty face/smile, def. good editing taking all the fat off her stomache and ass and acne off her face…BUT is she serious, just to walk around some pole not even really pole dancing just talking, skipping, o so happily around the pole, the blondes around her were doing more work and a lot sexier than Britney…sorry Britney, everyone and their mom knows you needed to do a thousand times more than just walk around, but at least you got some good excercise burning that fat off..?

    for more check here

  5. Anonymous October 5, 2007

    some of the new songs that leak actually sound wonderful i think she picked the wrong single and this is not the official video its a promo

  6. Anonymous October 6, 2007

    all i can sy is that shes still gud lookin

  7. Anonymous October 6, 2007

    I really do hope this IS NOT the official video, please britney! I mean its not as bad as i was expecting – she’s still very s*** & pretty. i’m not even that much of a brit fan – but i just love this song – its her best since ‘baby one more time…’

    No. 3 on billboard 100 – that impressive

  8. Anonymous October 6, 2007

    Hmm, Britney has only had a couple “bad” videos, so I’m banking on this not being the real video. It’s boring as f***, and stupid, but she does look so much better than she has been lately. Oh the wonders of makeup. Puh-Lease Brit, come with some hotness, this comeback thing could work since your single is already hot.

  9. Anonymous October 7, 2007

    am not interested in her personal s*** – all i know is this song is FIERCE! It’ll prob get to No.1 – video – ok not so good, just average but we all know britney can bring it when it comes to choreography when u look at her past vids

  10. Anonymous October 7, 2007

    now you know that video is a mess and everyone knows it….its only a hit cuz she is britney spears and she is pretending to be crazy for publicity….
    is this what music has become?

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