Ashanti Performs ‘The Star Spangled Banner’

Published: Thursday 22nd Nov 2007 by Sam

Ashanti performed the US national anthem ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ earlier today at the NFL Thanksgiving Game (The Dallas Cowboys vs. The New York Jets). For the record, I like Ashanti and know she can sing, but that was a mess. Just horrible. Aside from the fact that it was real pitchy, that last high note…what the hell? Here’s hoping she steps up her live performing game by the time she drops her new album ‘The Declaration’ (due early next year).

What do you think of Ashanti’s performance?

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  1. Anonymous November 22, 2007

    I actually thougth it was pretty good.Nice Job Ashanti

  2. Anonymous November 22, 2007


  3. Anonymous November 22, 2007

    i thought it was good she was nervous at 1st but once she got it together it was good,ppl r goin always talk about shani no matter wat she does

  4. Anonymous November 22, 2007

    I disagree too I thought Ashanti did great and so did a household full of non Ashanti fans.

  5. Anonymous November 22, 2007

    told u dis dude was a DICKHEAD
    Ashanti Killed It
    Dis review had me shakin watchin it .. but she was Really Good. Wow.
    love shani.

  6. Anonymous November 22, 2007

    She did a hell of a job. Good job AShanti. F*** da haterz especially the one dat made dis blog

  7. Anonymous November 23, 2007

    i thought she did good too…i liked that lil mariah note she hit at the end with free…i lol at that…but i was impressed tho…way to go ashanti

  8. Anonymous November 23, 2007

    Sam I don’t think I can agree with u on this 1. I think she did a great job. I think at the end she was hitting the note her own way, she’s no Whitney Houston. We r expecting too much from Ashanti. For the record Ashanti can sing, she just need to get away from songs with the word “baby”. But I do agree that she need to step her game up with performances. She needs a song with substance, one that will show her vocal range. It is probably the main reason why I’m not such a fan of hers. She has yet to show her world that she can really sing.

  9. Anonymous November 23, 2007

    ^Typo..the world that she can really sing

  10. Anonymous November 23, 2007

    Sam, what are you talking about, “a mess”??

    Alright, it started off a tiny bit wobbly – let’s face it, we all know she’s no Whitney or Mariah – but that performance wasn’t bad at all. Certainly not “horrible” or “a mess”. And there was nothing wrong with the last note.

    Listen, SAM talks bad about nearly EVERYTHING he puts up. He pretty much ALWAYS puts a negative slant on every artist he writes about (apart from Michael Jackson).

    He’s clearly just doing this to try to cause a bit of agro, and get people to post on his blog rather than all the other thousands of urban music blogs that are posting the same news items every day.

    A lot of these other blogs, like Concrete Loop, always do their best to put a positive slant on the artists, and try to promote them, rather than put them down all the time like you.

    Well, I hope that’s you’re reasoning for putting nearly every artist down that you right about Sam – that you’re just trying to get attention and readers.

    Because if it’s not, and you genuinely think Ashanti’s performance was “a mess”, then you don’t have a clue about music. Fact.

  11. Anonymous November 23, 2007

    okay… which part?

    wow. it’s funny cuz people read ur blogs.

  12. Anonymous November 23, 2007

    I agree – that it was a ‘mess’!

    If you read, Sam even said that she can sing, but that performance was all over the place. She was flat most of the time and it only sounded half-way good when she belted, but the Mariah-esque note at the end was not good. Compared to her performance of God Bless America a lil while ago, this doesnt measure up. As a musician myself, a performance isn’t great based on if the artist gives a big belt or high has to be technically sound throughout and this wasn’t. I think Sam may have been harsh, but when compared to some of the great renditions of the song i.e. Beyonce, Mariah etc, Shani’s just didn’t hack it – and I say this as a fan.

  13. Anonymous November 23, 2007

    she did a good job but we all know this blog rides beyonces nuts. pitchy my ass do you even know what pitchy means

  14. Chris November 24, 2007

    I thought it was OK…she tried.

  15. Anonymous November 25, 2007

    farout haters, at least she can sing somgething vaguely melodically complicated, unlike ciara or rihanna. shes got talent, she belted a bit too strongly tho

  16. Anonymous November 25, 2007

    They need to get Tasia’ to sing it..Fantasia killed it at the Red Sox game last year.

  17. Simply Bello November 26, 2007

    I actually loved this performance. I mean yea she was lil’ nervous at first, but the end was beautiful.

  18. Anonymous November 26, 2007

    Well, she didn’t quite do it… It was too flat and a little boring I guess…

    EVERYTIME I hear the MARIAH rendition of the song I get chills down my spine… What about you?

    -Bobby from Bulgaria-

  19. Anonymous November 27, 2007

    I disagree with the critique. It is good that critics and blogs say an artist should step their performances up but Ashanti obviously already took your advice and is singing better than she did when she making hits.

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