Kelly Rowland: "I Nearly Quit Music"

Published: Saturday 24th Nov 2007 by Sam
After much uncertainty, Kelly Rowland has embarked on a North American tour in support of her ‘Ms. Kelly’ album. That Grape Juice reader Brice attended the Philadelphia show at the House of Blues; check out their review of the show:

Kelly Killed it…………It was a little short but Kelly worked it out. She did a mix of songs from Work, Stole, Cant Nobody, Comeback, This Is Love, Like This, Bad Habit, and DC3 stuff like Say My Name, Survivor, Bug A Boo, Soldier and Bootylicious. The show was wonderful (and) during the song This Is Love Kelly broke down a little and told us that she was thankful for having a loving crowd like us and that for a while recently she didn’t know if she wanted to sing anymore and that her love for the music was burning again.

It’s good to know that Kelly is pressing on and isn’t letting the negativity force her out of the limelight. Saying that, it’s times like this that make me wonder how genuine talent like Kelly can be so overlooked in favour of some of the mediocre artists that populate the music scene at the moment. Hopefully things look up for Kelly soon….

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Any thoughts?

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  1. Melissa November 24, 2007

    Good for Ms. Kelly

  2. Anonymous November 24, 2007

    i LOVE kelly! honestly her personality is so damn genuine in this hollywood world of fake everything! i value her honestly but i really do think that the consumers have a mental block against her music as long as mathew is managing her! i wish things were better for her but all i can do is continue to support her! ms kelly was the first kelly record i supported because when i heard her sing on the survivor cd and destiny fulfilled i was BLOWN away that she could actually sing! and her album was tight!!! ms. kelly you still have fans! don’t allow negative people and bad sales to deter you, if music is what you love endure the struggle because the reward will be sweet! i do think though that she should go into movies for a while to build up her resume but she sings from her heart and you can ask no more from an artist than that!

  3. Alejandro ~dro~ November 24, 2007

    I recently bought the album after having downloaded it. Compared to BeyoncΓ©’s rereleases, which didn’t help her material, Kelly’s album is a diamond in the sand as she says in “This is Love”. I got the BET Wal-mart edition with a DVD. I am glad to support Kelly and hope she has success.

  4. Anonymous November 24, 2007

    i wonder that all the time how come folks like cassie and others that shall remain uname be all over my tv and people like kelly and tamia are overlook. it makes no danm sense

  5. Anonymous November 24, 2007

    I really love Kelly, but to be frank I think she needs to step it up as in bring in new producers, just completely take a break and bring something completely different. She’s such a nice and genuine person and it is very sad that her album isn’t doing too good.

  6. nerd November 24, 2007

    i think kelly is great. i mean no matter how good her material will be she will always going to be look down on and be compare to beyonce. to me she like the artist with alot of potential but nobody really see it. it the fame from destiny child people expect beyonce “standard” it the same thing with justin and jc or any band members when they try to go solo. only one of them going to make it big and in most case it the lead singer in kelly case it beyonce.

  7. Anonymous November 25, 2007

    kelly got a VOICE and she can perform on stage, it makes me so sad that artist like Rihanna, Cassie, or s*** like those talentless get more attention than Kelly

    if only she had a new manager instead of greedy MATHEW KNOWLES…she could shine again

  8. leon November 25, 2007

    Love Her.

    I don’t think she is the one that has to change. She is alrealdy wonderlful, and Ms. Kelly is a great album… people don’t see that.

  9. Anonymous November 25, 2007

    Just a correction, the show was in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

    Kelly did a great job! She also did Jumpin Jumpin, Emotions and a cover of the Bee Gees’ How Deep Is Your Love

  10. Anonymous November 25, 2007

    i’m so proud of my gurl :]
    and for those who compare beyonce to kelly or that say that kelly is trying to be beyonce is straight wack
    i love kelly and i love beyonce but it dont mean kelly is anyless as a matter of fact i loved Ms.Kelly more than B-DAY because you could relate more to her album but either than that beyonce,kelly and michelle are awesome and all there music is great
    HATERS seriously F*** OFF πŸ˜€

  11. Anonymous November 25, 2007

    Yeah she doesn’t have to change she needs some promotion and she needs to get away from the Knowles cos there all about Beyonce I mean i really feel for Solange imagine being in that family and having to be in your sisters shadows with your parents up her b*** like she can do no wrong,

    Kelly needs to wake up and say wtf is up with my promotion? Ms Kelly is a wicked album and B Day was some hot gargage but they pimped that album out a year straight of Beyonce and no love for Kelly, it’s a damn shame, Kelly is lucky she’s got fans that have her back but she needs to take care of her career, cos until she does something it’s always gonna be like this, remember Ms Kelly was suppose to be released before B Day but hey look what happended

  12. Anonymous November 25, 2007

    She should go ahead and quit. Both she and her music suck!

  13. Anthony November 25, 2007

    I (Conjured Up Entertainment) would love to put up the money for Columbia Records, Def Jam or EMI to promote Kelly Rowland album and concerts.

  14. YaChi November 25, 2007

    I think ole girl is getting a taste of what Letoya and Latavia had to go through when they got kicked out of the group.

    True she shouldn’t be compared to Beyonce even if they were in the same group. However, her management company (Music World/ Matthew Knowles) is not representing her as they do their star artist (Beyonce).

    She along with Beyonce dogged them girls saying they were the bad seed, tone deaf, blah, blah, blah. Now, nobody is feeling Kelly and comparing her to Beyonce. Pay back is a b****.

  15. Anonymous November 25, 2007

    ya’ll haters keep hatin’. it makes her stronger and stronger, she’s a true survivor.

    WE LOVE YOU KELLY, PLS NEVER EVER THINK ABOUT LEAVING THE MUSIC INDUSTRY.. you are so talented, and so blessed with a beautiful voice, god has a huge plan 4 u kelly.

    if u gonna leave this music industry with your talent, i’m gonna leave it as well.. I’M SERIOUS πŸ™‚ so pls…

    god is with you, and ur in our hearts and prayers.

    come back to switzerland asap ‘kay??

    love yaaaa

    muahhh <3

  16. Anonymous November 25, 2007

    Kelly sucks, plain and simple. Look at her videos, the are low budget videos. Listen to her music, it is low budget production. And the fact that she continues to praise Beyonce as if Beyonce was her god does not help her in any way. She doesn’t have the IT factor that a STAR should have, she doesn’t grab people’s attention by the very sight of her. She looks like a regular black girl walking on the street, and not a very good looking one. I see a lot of beautiful black women in my area daily, and 90% of them win over Kelly. Kelly is just blaaaaaaah

    She never seems HUNGRY FOR SUCCESS, and that’s the problemo. If she really wanted success, she’s know that the first thing to do was to kick Mathew out, and hire a whole new marketing team. If her first album was a flop, and her second album was a flop, wouldn’t that tell her something. It is either she sucks or her management sucks. Think Kelly, think!

    You know what, Kelly’pity party has expired. Her career is dead.

  17. Anonymous November 25, 2007

    You know what, as harsh as what “YaChi” said might be, i totally agree. What’s happening to Kelly at the mo is exactly what those two girls complained about when they left DC.

    Kelly just needs to stop whinning, suck it up and become a strong business woman. Its cute that she’s loyal to the Knowles clan but seriously, girlfriend needs to get her act together.

    I’m still awaiting that follow-up single!!!

  18. Anonymous November 25, 2007

    Kelly, you can quit music right this second because the music industry does not need you. Bye!

  19. Anonymous November 25, 2007

    ^ u should give up on life the world doesn’t need u … go lock urself in your basement and stay for the rest of ur life FREAK… ur officially a HATER

    but Kelly keep doing ur thang .. u still got ppl dat pay attention 2 u and always will

  20. Anonymous November 25, 2007

    1:19 where da f*** do u get off telling somebody to give up on wat they love … now i’m a Kelly fan but this is real talk u can’t tell nobody n i mean NOBODY to give up on what they love regardless of how successful they are if they love it let em do it thats wat keeps them goin so just STFU on telling somebody 2 leave on wat love u dumb son of a b**** … i hope somebody just stops u from accomplishing wat u want

  21. Anonymous November 25, 2007

    haters keep talking trash it just shows how much fear u guys have if kelly has a successful re-release!!!
    and by the way her first album was a successe worldwide bitchz πŸ˜›
    haters keep on bringing them comments im starting to believe kelly is making her way to the top :]
    but its so funny how the same hater keeps on coming back and posting different comments like there 5 different people lmfao πŸ˜€
    kelly album is fuckn HOT!!!
    like kelly said “ladies drama leave it home” :]

  22. Anonymous November 25, 2007

    Do not feel sorry for Kelly Rowland!! -Roy Williams told her to grow up.
    -Get to know your real Daddy.
    -Support to people who support you.
    -Stop your lying.
    -Stop walking Beyonce dogg.

  23. Anonymous November 26, 2007

    I’m glad she’s gonna keep goin’. It really sucked that her album didn’t do well, especially since it was actually good. Ms. Kelly is the business, she brought heat with that record. Kelly doesn’t do well as a solo artist becuz she came from a group, plain and simple. The only ones who come out of a group and do well are the lead singers, and even they flop sometimes. Its easy to accept someone new that no one’s ever heard of before becuz they’re just that, new. You don’t know what to excpect with someone new. And in 2007 talent isn’t even a factor. There’s a few ppl who are proof of that but they’ll remain nameless. But with someone comin’ out of a group, especially someone’s who’s not the lead ppl automatically don’t believe them. Which is unfortunate. We know who they are and already seen them in one element and think that’s all their good for and they’ll never be anything more. We put ppl in a box. Its like an actor being type-casted in movies. We think their only good for one type of role and that’s it, nothing more. Like I said, its unfortunate. And I wish ppl would leave her relationship with Beyonce and the Knowles’ alone. They’re family, they love each other, get over it. Its not the Knowles’ fault Kelly didn’t hit big. Maybe its not in her cards to be as big of a solo artist as she could potentially be. Maybe she is just meant to be in a group. Who knows? I know I’ll continue to support her either way. I like Kelly. I think she’s extremely talented and she could definitely be a huge solo success. I just think ppl need to take her out of that box and let her show what she can really do. Now, like I said, whether its in her cards or not I don’t know. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. But I’ll definitely be supporting her.

  24. Anonymous November 26, 2007

    Oh please… Kelly’s time is OVER! I can’t believe she’s only figuring it out now. Her music career is already dead, not that she had one to begin with

  25. Anonymous November 26, 2007

    Kelly’s much better than diva Beyonce, she cn act better that’s for sure. At least Kelly doesn’t charge her fans $500 for a meet & greet & won’t let anyone touch her

  26. Anonymous November 26, 2007

    kelly is the BOMB!!!
    there so much hating coming from that same person seriously πŸ˜€
    you beyonce stan could leave aready i think you had to much fun already LOL
    and beyonshit could burn in hell bitchs f*** what u think she is a fuckn fat b**** who sells her ass to get over expossed
    her singing is horrible
    her acting is horrible
    kelly is waay better actor than that beyonshit b**** who always has her dads d*** up her ass LOL
    all kelly needs behind her is people that will support her and a new fuckn manager instead of that c*** sucking manager

  27. Anonymous November 26, 2007

    When she FINALLY decides to release “Work” & “Still In Love With My Ex”… That’s when people will stop sleeping on Ms. Kelly and put her back up at the top where she should be.

    Think its just a case of the masses arent really interrested in her (yet) so shes gonna have to grab the publics attention by pushing out some good singles. I personally wasnt impressed with “Like That” and im a kelly fan, so for the non-kelly fans out there, this lead single wasnt exactly gonna make a deep impact (i.m.o)

    She just needs some hot singles and videos out there and this album will start selling again.

    That way, everyone will hear how good her music actually is & get her the recognition she deserves.

  28. Anonymous November 27, 2007

    Really good luck to her! She giong to need it I don’t understand if you and Beyaki supposlingy so tight.Why she didn’t lend a extended hand to her on her euorpean tour threw hew on a couple dates

    But like someone said queen bouncy and kizze are getting thier just desert “KARMA IS A MOFU

  29. Anonymous November 27, 2007

    Oh please it’s pitiful that Kelly has stans but can’t even get them to buy her damn c.d. It’s the same Kelly stan/Beyonce hater posting over and over. R u really that pathetic? EVERYBODY knows Beyonce is much more beautiful and talented than Kelly. Which is why Beyonce just won first female to win international artist at the AMA’s and Kelly ain’t win or been nominated for s***. Beyonce has the curves, talent,looks, and everything that Kelly wish she had.

    And how is Ms.Kelly better than Bday? Only according to Kelly stans b/c Beyonce’s numbers say different. BDay sold 541,000 copies in 1 week. It’s been months and Ms.Kelly ain’t even sold near that much. LMAO And Beyonce starred in 4 box office hits while Kelly got a s***** ass role on Freddy vs Jason where they had to kill her in the movie b/c her acting was so bad.

    Basically comparing Kelly to Beyonce only makes Kelly look more bad b/c Kelly hasn’t had no where near as much success as Beyonce. She can thank her few fans she has for not even supporting her ass. She might as well quit her ass definitely ain’t selling and nobody cares. In a way I feel real sorry for her. She’s gonna be in Beyonce’s shadow for the rest of her life. LMAO!!!!! Too funny.

  30. Anonymous November 28, 2007

    seriously you had the nerves to make research on kelly when i thought you arent a fan oh wait your a hater LOL πŸ˜€
    just because BDAY sold 500,000 in a week or whatever don’t mean s***
    kelly album is still the bomb
    BDAY was just a hot mess with only 2 good songs that b**** didnt even write!!!
    and who gives a s*** about box office hits
    freddy vs jason was stil a huge hit compare to dreamgirls etc..
    the only successful good movie beyonce has had has been autin powers and thats it!!!
    who gives a s*** about acting too beyonce is WORSE than kelly thats why her ass got turned down for many movies roles haha LOL
    so what if kelly got killed so many people have died in movies including grammy awards actors lame b**** get your fuckn facts right!!!!!
    kelly is the bomb and like she said
    “hater can’t stop me now!!!”
    f*** beyonslut and her stans(you)
    i like beyonce but sooner or later shes gonna be garbage and her music is gonna die out with her old looking ass hahahahahaha B****!!!

  31. Anonymous November 28, 2007

    and 4 your 411 kelly has a grammy lame b****!!!!!
    suck on this beyonce(hater/stan)
    kelly is the fuckn bomb and for all those s*** talkers i could take your ass any day

  32. CeCe November 29, 2007

    ^^^This Kelly STAN is one delusional sick crazy b****. I’m a huge DC fan but it’s a FACT that Kelly CANNOT sing or act better than Beyonce. YOU need to do your research. Dreamgirls was a wayyyyy bigger hit than Freddy vs Jason WTF are you talking about? It had the biggest opening numbers. That goes to show that you don’t know what you talking about. You are obviously just a dumb stan. And Kelly only has 3 grammy’s and Beyonce has 7 as a solo artist. Beyonce is more successful as a solo artist which proves that DC was only successful b/c of Beyonce.

    And you are obviously a Beyonce hater b/c you said she looks old? LMAO Kelly looks older than her and she IS older than her. Beyonce is gorgeous and talented which is why she’s a legend and nobody cares about the other DC members. Letoya got new management and had a LITTLE success but she still ain’t no where near as successful as Beyonce. Beyonce was the star from day one which is why she’s so successful and famous it’s b/c of her TALENT. So yeah Kelly is pretty and talented and all but not as pretty and talented as Beyonce. Sorry but people don’t care about Kelly as a solo artist. Her sales prove that. Her success can’t be compared to Beyonce’s. Beyonce is the Queen just like Monique said so get it right. Lame ass hater. SMH

  33. CeCe November 29, 2007

    Oh and Bday is the hottest album which is why it sold millions and just reentered the Billboard charts top 20 by selling 500,000 copies last week. Now this is an album that came out over a year ago and people are STILL buying it. So please explain how Ms.Kelly is better again? B/c these numbers say otherwise. It’s been months and Ms.Kelly can’t even go gold. SMH So like I said you are a Kelly stan and a Beyonce hater b/c there are millions who say that Bday is much better than Ms.Kelly and that proof is in the sales. Nice try at bashing Beyonce but you definitely can’t bash her with Kelly. Compared to Kelly Beyonce will always come out on top. So try again.

  34. Anonymous November 29, 2007

    OMG i thought thise beyonce stan left!!!!!!!
    the person on top i don’t agree with you and yes im a huge beyonce fan as a matter of fact i don’t like kelly at all but i agree her album is hotter than hotter just cause her album sells don’t mean its hotter its just because beyonce was promoted all over the place and we all know this is the truth but i still luv bee
    but don’t try 2 put kelly down for some stupid s*** she still talented and is amazing beyonce aint that great of an actor anyways but

  35. Anonymous November 29, 2007

    kelly doesn’t look old!!!!!!
    as a matter of fact beyonce looks like she could be kelly’s mama lmfao πŸ˜€

  36. Anonymous November 29, 2007


  37. Anonymous November 29, 2007

    All of this BS isn’t needed … don’t come in a Kelly topic looking for beyonce cuz the topic is about Kelly
    and everybody knows when u make music thats good and meaningful its gonna get overlooked i mean i’m sure Kelly would still be selling if she was singing about her um “Kitty Kat” and her “Freakum Dress” and other non-sense music but Kelly is doing her n its funny how ppl always says she copying this she’s copying that but Beyonce be the main person biting of other ppl’s style

  38. Anonymous November 30, 2007

    i agree with 10:40 this isnt no beyonce topic so get the hell out and go to LOL

  39. Anonymous November 30, 2007

    OMG This Beyonce hater is a straight up pyscho for real. This is the ONLY site where Kelly gets praised b/c people really don’t care about Kelly and that’s a FACT. 70,000 copies first week. How sad. Bday is wayyyy better than Ms.Kelly. For one Beyonce is a much better singer, actress, hell she does everything better than Kelly. Beyonce’s first album sold well too so u can’t put it on promotion. Bey’s dvd ranked number 2 this week so again Beyonce is the Queen which is why she sells. She has millions of fans all over the world who paid lots of money to see her in concert. Kelly has to give free concerts b/c no one wants to pay to see her perform. The BET awards. enough said. She sounded a mess. That was her chance and she proved to people that she can’t perform live. So Kelly has no one to blame but herself for her failure. It’s not Beyonce’s fault that everyone loves her but doesn’t give a damn about Kelly. And if Kelly has this many stans then why didn’t ya’ll b****** by her c.d? Exactly NO ONE CARES. Even Kelly knows it which is why she wants to quit. She might as well b/c unless Beyonce is with her, she ain’t selling. LOL Get over it Kelly stans. Kelly is done then again she never began.

  40. Anonymous November 30, 2007

    Kelly is the one who looks old as hell. Last time I checked she was a year older than Bey. Beyonce is gorgeous and flawless but Kelly looks like a man. No wonder she had self esteem issues growing up. With Beyonce for her best friend, I’m sure she felt ugly next to her. LMAO People pity Kelly if anything. I’m actually a DC fan but then again it’s really Beyonce and them. So Kelly please sit down somewhere.

  41. Anonymous November 30, 2007

    ths beyonce stan is mad crazy i thought she left
    but actually beyoncee ass looks older than kelly
    beyonce has 10 pounds of wack ass makeup on her face she looks just like her ugly ass mama πŸ˜€
    like someone said beyonce could be kelly’s mama LOL XD

  42. Anonymous November 30, 2007

    i don’t get this person that is hating on kelly
    kelly didnt sell 70,000 she sold more than that and these sells where just in the US and it has sold about 300,000 copes or more in just the US
    and if your ass is checking that wiki s*** its complete false anyone could put false info in that shity website…
    evetything thats on there is not true so i dont know where the f*** u get your 411 from
    and yes beyonce is successful but your ass better thanks kelly for being beyonces backbone or else beyonce would be striaght garbage and yes i have the album MS.KELLY and BDAY but kelly is more amazing unlike beyonce’s BDAY that was successful but striaght trash thats why her ass had to do that re-release cause her fans not stans were pissed that she only had 10 s***** tracks talking about her p**** and s***
    thats why beyonce is steeling everyones s*** for example music her ass has been getting sued for many shits and that what her wack ass gets
    and i addmit kelly is a flop but the only reason is because that b**** matthew and wack ass columbia only focus on beyonces big as
    but either than that kelly is s***,talented, and fuckn awesome

  43. Anonymous December 1, 2007

    First of all, B’Day still sold well before the re-release, so that argument is shot. Also, why is it a problem when Beyonce re-releases her album, but not when other artists (JT) do. And she only has one lawsuit, which is basically the same one she won before. Yall Beyonce haters need to come up with better ways to bash Beyonce. SMH

  44. Anonymous December 2, 2007

    wtf still your not gone
    its funny how kelly haters hate
    and then watch every of her mutha fuckn videos
    every mutha fuckn song
    and every fuckn performance LOL πŸ˜€
    if you hate her don’t be coming posting s*** about beyonce’s wack ass thats why her ass was crying cause she didnt get not fuckn OSCAR award or nomination she all lost it to someone that was nothing before(jennifer)
    its funny how you comeback and write about beyonce’s album sells LMFAO πŸ˜€
    dont u have better s*** to do little girl like do your homework or some s***
    and dang your a disgrace to black people wishing you were white
    b**** you would get yo ass f***** up for saying s*** like that
    ill fuckn take yo ass anyday and all yall beyonce stans
    roflmfao XD

  45. Anonymous December 2, 2007

    actually beyonce has 3 or more lawsuits hahahaha what a lame b**** or should i say clumsy b**** when she had that fall at her wack ass concert haha shes such a dumb ass b**** thats what her wack ass gets for having her dads d*** up her ass bahaha

  46. Anonymous December 2, 2007

    First of all Beyonce only has ONE lawsuit u dumbass and it’s the same lawsuit that she won before. And did u see Beyonce cry because she lost a oscar? NO. Jennifer 15 mins been up and Beyonce is still here and the Queen so Jennifer is the one who got the short hand of the stick. And u wish Beyonce was old-looking or fat. Then why is she always in the top 3 on beauty and bodies countdowns? Beyonce has the curves that everyone always compliments her on and the beautiful face that’s on every mag cover. Where are Kelly’s mag covers if she’s so beautiful? Exactly she’s not beautiful and that’s why her ass ain’t got no covers. Kelly’s old no talent ass ain’t NEVER been on a beauty or body countdown. Kelly has no ass, hips, or any shape at all. Which is why she will always be in Beyonce’s shadow.

    And Kelly is the one not comfortable in her own skin not Beyonce. That’s why Tina had to lie to her and tell her she was beautiful b/c Kelly was jealous of Beyonce’s light skin and long hair. Why do u think Kelly always followed Bey around? B/c she really wants to look and be like Beyonce but we all see that’s never happen. Beyonce has had 183 mag covers and Kelly has probably only had 10 by herself. Monique said Beyonce is the Queen at what she does. Will Smith referred to DC as “Beyonce and them” at the BET awards. Plus look at all of Bey’s achievements. Where are Kelly’s? That’s right she doesn’t have any that’s not affiliated with Beyonce. LMAO Bday sold more than Kelly’s first and second c.d. combined. That’s so pathetic. Nobody gives a damn about Kelly and it’s obvious in sales. Kelly will never be an international superstar like Bey. If it wasn’t for Bey, Kelly wouldn’t even have the little popularity she does have.

    So please where are the FACTS b/c the FACTS say that Beyonce is 100000 times more beautiful and talented than Kelly. All the mag covers, c.d sales, awards, speak for themselves. All u have is your delusional opinion and the fact still remains that Kelly is Beyonce’s little b****. That’s why they call her KIZZY ROWLAND. LMAO!!!!!

  47. Anonymous December 2, 2007

    Oh and Kelly’s flat black as charcoal ass fell too or should I say “passed out” from dehydration at a concert where there were probably only 20 ppl and the tickets were free. Bey’s jacket got caught in her heel and that could happen to anyone so watch yo ass fall next. Besides Bey got so much respect for keeping on going and sold out more concerts afterwards, while no one cared when Kelly fell and her weak ass couldn’t keep going like Beyonce did. That shows how weak she is and how strong Beyonce is.

    LMAO this Kelly stan makes Kelly look worse and worse everytime he/she comments. Too damn funny. Keep em coming so I can keep embarrassing the hell out of Kelly’s unattractive no talent Beyonce wanna-be ass!

  48. Anonymous December 2, 2007

    seriously i was testing yo ass and you seriously have a problem
    your saying your not a beyonce stan when your writing two fuckn long ass pages about how much that bday s*** sold ROFLMFAO XD
    having sold millions dont make you more talented look at rhianna the no talent πŸ˜€
    at least kelly has more curves than your wack ass
    and beyonce is still a clumsy over exposed b**** who sucks her daddys d*** and sucks everyones d*** to be on every fuckn magazine and lame movies shes been in πŸ˜€
    your also talling me jeniffer is not talented and famous
    then how can u explain the bet awards she won two with no fuckn album thats something beyonce has never accoplished and all beyonce grammies equals one oscar hahahaha
    i like beyonce dont get me wrong but im not gonna restpect an atrist who is talking about s** in every fuckn song and sells her body to be a over expossed b****
    at least kelly aint no fuckn w****
    seriously get a fuckn life little beyonce stan how old are u 12 LMFAO πŸ˜€
    i dont got time for your wack ass hating you always do on kelly and your that same b**** from mediatakeout so f*** off
    and grow up little girl im so sorry your dad r**** you and that you masterbate to clumsy b**** beyonce
    fuckn lesbian!!!
    Im Gone i got got better s*** to do do unlike some hating ignorant beyonce stans bahahahaha
    this s*** is funny how u get all mad when talking s*** about spotlight b**** beyonce hahaha
    peace and love im gone
    post that last comment about beyonce stupid albums sells but i wont be reading it cause i got s*** to do
    so yeah
    have a fun year HATING ROFLMFAO =D

  49. OmegaPatty December 3, 2007

    It’s a shame she feels like her ove for music is “burning”. She really does have talent. It’s all in the timing I guess, and her material of course. I personally believe on this album it’s apparent that she’s tried to earn some “ghetto-cred”, with songs like “Ghetto” and “Come Back”. I really think she just needs to tone it down and be less mainstream with her music… Love her all the same tho!

  50. Anonymous December 3, 2007

    B**** yo ass is the crazy one b/c u claim to like Beyonce yet u wrote a f****** essay calling her a w**** and all this other b*******. Please how is Beyonce a w**** and she been with the same man for 6 years? You’re obviously pissed that everything I said about Kelly is true so u r just calling Bey name’s b/c you know I’m telling the truth about Kelly. Please Kelly is the one sucking on Matthew’s d*** and he still not promoting her ugly ass! LMAO She is and always will be Beyonce’s b**** like I said before. Beyonce has been on 183 mags, sold millions, got 10 grammys, was first female to win international artist, the list goes on. That’s exactly why people say Kelly who? And Kelly don’t never got no man b/c don’t nobody want her flat ass. Every man wants Beyonce. So please and Kelly be singing about s** too. So you’re obviously a crazy deranged Kelly STAN who can’t even help her no talent ass go platinum. And have u heard anything about JHud since dreamgirls? Hell no. And Beyonce won the biggest awards of the night at the BET Awards and that’s why Jennifer ain’t put no album out b/c she knows that Beyonce runs the music industry. Obviously Jhud is scared b/c she can’t compete with Beyonce in music. Beyonce is the most popular and most successful black female artist out and that’s a FACT so u should accept it and get over it. Kelly is her B**** who nobody pays attention to. So like I said before keep em coming so I can keep embarrassing Kelly no talent ass some more. And Kelly as fell and couldn’t even get back up. Beyonce fell and kept going and that showed how much stronger Beyonce is than Kelly. Nobody gave a s*** when Kelly fell she didn’t get CNN like Beyonce did. So u are a sorry ass stan b/c u continue to make Kelly look bad. I’m sure your ass will be back b/c u r pissed that I’m telling u the truth.

    And what’s Mediatakeout? U really are crazy b/c I don’t even go on no mediatakeout or whatever. Please lots of people think Kelly is talentless and Beyonce’s b****. So yeah you’ll be back. LMAO

  51. Anonymous December 3, 2007

    are you new to this site?
    do you like kelly or something cause it sure looks like it and what kind of person like you want kelly to get her self up when she collapsed do to the weather in africa she passed out! DUH
    but kelly has never fell in any performances thats why she is talented and strong
    beyonce is the best i love my bee but why do you compare them when they are both amazing and are sisters
    if they comapre me to my sister i would just laugh my ass off and let it pass im pretty sure kelly and beyonce just laugh at the negative bullcrap everyone talks about them.
    why do you think there survivors there not gonna give up and no haters cant stop them including michelle
    if you say you were a DC fan your actually not
    a DC fan is someone who supposts them all without bringing them down ive met my gurl bee a couple months back her and kelly they are amazing no need to hate!
    if bee saw that your hating on kelly she would just laugh and think you have no life writing and spending your life talking bullcrap about her…
    as a matter of fact beyonce thinks kelly is one of the most beautiful girls in the world and i agree beyonce even said she would love to be more like kelly dont know why but its amazing how bee supports her but beyonce stans bring kelly down :O
    Ms.Kelly & B-DAY are HOT!!!
    all the DC songs have been hot no matter who sells more there hot their music is hot and there just born to be superstars each and everyone one.
    beyonce her self told kelly on her expierence live when performing survivor bee pointed at kelly and said “your gonna make it” :]
    its amazing how much love they have for each other and all you is try to bring them down like if they hate each other :O
    well im never gonna bring none down espically because they spend there lifes to do what they want
    and you hater have no life talking about kelly!
    if i was kelly i would just brush it off πŸ˜›
    well hope u stop hating but i know behind every successful person stand a pack off haters πŸ™‚

  52. Anonymous December 3, 2007

    totally agree with 8:20
    why bring each one down and how the hell do you expect kelly to get her ass up when she collapsed because she is not used to the weather and it was her first time there…
    and beyonce don’t run the music industry your making it seem like she has sold more than every fuckn artists but nooo your wrong beyonce is not even on the top selling listers so suck on that but whatever shes alright i guess hehe
    just please leave already beyonce stan you made some guy/girl leave cause he/she dont got time for your ass and thats what im about to do cause i dont got time for your f***** up ass
    see you later or maybe never

  53. Anonymous December 4, 2007

    People, people… please! Time-out lol

    How about we just leave it as this: No matter what, BeyoncΓ© and Kelly are just as fabulous!

  54. Anonymous December 4, 2007

    8:20 and 8:31 is the same Kelly stan/Beyonce hater. B**** u ain’t fooling nobody. At least I keep it real but yo ass is typing back to back agreeing with yourself and pretending to be 2 diff people. LMAO How pathetic can u get? And Beyonce does run s*** that’s why her album came out over a year ago and recently reentered the top 20 after a whole year. Kelly’s ass can’t do that and it ain’t even been a year. And Beyonce was the best selling black female artist of 2006 so what the f*** are you talking about. Her album came out in 2006 not 2007 dumbass and it is STILL selling. Kelly’s ass definitely ain’t.And Beyonce was just awared first female to win international artist of excellence at the AMA’s the FIRST FEMALE and only legends like Michael Jackson have won that award so get your facts straight. Plus Beyonce is the most popular and most successful female artist overall. That’s why every female artist gets compared to her so it ain’t just kelly. But I don’t have to go on and on about how Beyonce is the best b/c that’s proven in her numbers so u should do your research. Kelly who? And yo ass will be back and pretending to be somebody else I’m sure. Please do b/c I stay LMAO @ your ass. Too damn funny.

  55. Anonymous December 5, 2007

    can you 2 people shut the f*** up already
    your hella funny 4:30
    i agree beyonce is better than kelly
    but kelly is better than fergie,rihanna,letoya etc…
    i totally agree with you but it don’t really matter to me if a singer sells 100 albums i don’t really care about lame sells
    beyonce is fuckn amazing she is the queen at what she does
    but i don’t under stand why you hate on kelly if kelly don’t got much????
    but hey im not gonna hate on kelly either
    shes pretty darn hot and has an amazing album
    but the only problem with kelly is her self for not droping that d*** matthew and leaving columbia
    did you ever see that tyra show were they said beyonce gets promoted more than kelly thats sooo true
    but whatever
    kelly and beyonce are talented, young, and amazing singers
    and yeah beyonce is the best out right now but i think shes gonna die out :O i hope NOT
    so can both of you guys shut the f*** up and stop posting hating comments toward each other
    damn yall bitchz don’t have lifes
    fuckn kelly and beyonce stans need a fuckn life

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