‘N*gger’ Pushed Back To Black History Month

Published: Tuesday 27th Nov 2007 by Sam
According to MTV News, Nas’ controversial forthcoming album ‘N*gger’ has been pushed back from it’s December release and will now hit stores in February next year – Black History Month in the US. Check out the report:

Nas had originally planned to put the project out next month, but according to his camp, the album has been pushed to February: Black History Month. Nas told MTV News the first single will drop sometime in January.

I can see that he’s trying to drive his point home, but this has potential to have even more of a backlash than it already has. I’m not so sure it’s a wise move on Nas’ part.

Will you be checking for Nas’ ‘N*gger’ album?

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  1. Anonymous November 28, 2007

    I’ve been a NAS fan and customer from the beginning. At first look, I would never buy anything with the word N**** plastered across the front, but sometimes you have to look past the cover to understand what the artist is trying to say. I remember I missed the point of the advertising for the movie Bamboozled until I actually watched the movie. Hopefully, after I hear NAS’s album the title he’s using to advertise it will make sense.

  2. Danny November 28, 2007

    U know… that makes perfect sence, lmao.

  3. Anonymous November 29, 2007

    This is just so sad to me and white ppl wonder y we get mad when they use the word. And he’s doing it on Black History Month. Y do we do this to ourselves?

  4. Anonymous November 29, 2007

    I understand it’s a two way street with using the n word, but sometimes a person may have to make a bold statement or a negative thing to make something else postive. Nas is smar, far more then some of these lame rappers. Listen to the man and you’ll understand his meaning behind the word. People seem not to check for ryhmes anymore, alll some people hear are beats. Some just think about bling, clothes, our material things. Check the thoughts behind the beats and more people will understand real rappers. That’ why Nas said “Hip Hop Is Dead” People are selling out true talent for B.S. And yeah this is a female who’s writing this that loves all forms of hip hop, just the true version of it.

  5. Anonymous November 29, 2007

    Get ready to hear ppl say stuff like “Im looking for that N– CD” or “I love or hate that N– CD” Nas is not a smart man, he’s ignorant as hell.

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