‘Single Black Female’ Trailer Starring Farrah Franklin

Published: Friday 30th Nov 2007 by Sam
Check out this trailer for the movie ‘Single Black Female’ which stars former Destiny’s Child member Farrah Franklin (you remember her, right?):

Where do I begin?! Aside from being one of cheapest looking movies I’ve seen in…well…a long time, the storyline had to be a joke. I can’t even lie; I don’t even know what the film is about as I type – all I know is that that budget zombie nonsense was a mess. Hold on…

Ok, I just watched it back again and am in hysterics. This can’t be for real, can it?

Will you be going to see ‘Single Black Female’?

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  1. kelis November 30, 2007

    I’m going to buy it when it comes out. I willing to support any black woman that is trying to make moves for herself.
    She put her own money behind her vision and it paid off big time. Do your thang girl.

  2. Anonymous November 30, 2007

    she look great, but what ever happen to her why did she quit destiny child again? wasn’t she the one with michelle when they replace those two other girl letoya and i don’t the other girl name.

  3. Yes-ima-B**** November 30, 2007

    When Cheap P*** meets Horror the end Result is Farrah Franklin

  4. Anonymous November 30, 2007

    that couldn’t get somebody to score this film correctly, instead of with that 1970’s death wish music.

  5. Anonymous December 1, 2007

    i can’t believe there are actually comments in here supporting that mess that is that horrible farrah production above…from that trailor the movie looks as if the plot is just stupid…and if the trailor isn’t selling the movie nothing else will…i hope that’s not going to be in theaters…

  6. OLW December 1, 2007

    what can I say…


    Anyway Farrah looks great there… hopefully she’ll upgrade her buzz after that mess

  7. Las Vegas, Nevada December 1, 2007

    Since no one can see this, it’s an African American version of Single White Female. I do agree its bad, but I don’t see anyone else out there making good low budget black horror movies!

  8. Melissa December 1, 2007

    WTF????? This is going st8 to dvd right?
    Well people would do almost anything to get famous or put their names back on the market. Let’s see what comes of this. Farrah is pretty though.

  9. Anonymous December 2, 2007

    I like Single White Female more
    Dat one was scary
    dis is just crap

  10. Anonymous February 8, 2009

    I have to admire any free lance movie makers (espeically my black people). If people were more educated about what goes into movie production, most will change their tune. I, for one, really like independent black movies (I played a part in a few), and the pay was next to nothing, but it didnt mater to me. To hear the stories of these producers when it comes to these movies is really inspiring. Some people had to sell their house, quit their job, and made crazy sacrifaces. Some independent movies take YEARS before the final product. As a person that can relate to the struggles of independent features, I like to give the benefit of doubt, my taste may be totally differnt from the person beside me. After saying that, Im bout to pop it in my dvd player and try to see what some of the reviews are coming from lol.

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