Farrah Franklin Hopeful For Reunion With Destiny’s Child / Asks Ex-Bandmates To “Call Me”

Published: Saturday 21st Apr 2018 by Sam

Farrah Franklin may have been in Destiny’s Child for all of six months, but the 36-year-old wants back in.

Full story below…

Like millions all over the world, Franklin watched from home as Beyonce reunited with Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams at Coachella last week.

As for her response, she told TMZ that she was not only slayed but hopeful that she’d be able to rejoin her ex bandmates:

As widely reported, Franklin joined the iconic group in 2000 following the dramatic departure of LeToya Luckett and LaTavia Roberson. She, along with Williams made their debut in the ‘Say My Name’ music video.

And while Williams would go on to last the distance, Franklin’s friction with the ladies saw her only star in one more video (‘Jumpin’ Jumpin”) before being dropped.

In the years since, she’s struggled with substance abuse and had several run-ins with the law.

For what it’s worth, though, she says she’s now in a better place.

As for the reunion she’s angling for? That’s undoubtedly a ‘No, No, No.’ But shoot your shot, aye?

Your thoughts?

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  1. steve April 21, 2018

    They haven’t reached out to a relevant LeToya Luckett, is it an irrelevant Farrah Franklin that would be reach?

    • Ohpippy April 21, 2018


    • ? + ✈ = ? April 21, 2018

      She was prettier than Bey

      • Fancy BISH April 21, 2018

        What, she had prettier kneecaps or something? Cause you definitely not talking FACE or BODY lol ? ? Bey is one of the prettiest people in the WORLD ? She’s beautiful on every continent! Farrah…she cute but she’s local lol…I swear, some of ya’ll are blind in these streets! Stevie Wonder can see that Bey looks better than Farrah ?

      • ? + ✈ = ? April 21, 2018

        What do you know about a woman being pretty? You’re G A Y

      • Shaquiiii April 22, 2018

        ? + ✈ = ?
        That’s the dumbest thing I’ve heard all day.

      • ? + ✈ = ? April 22, 2018

        Another G A Y

      • Fancy BISH April 22, 2018

        @Whatever the hell your name is, you just stank and mad lol ? Let’s go Shaquiiii, this hoee just mad ?

      • ? + ✈ = ? April 22, 2018

        You G A Y though

      • Strawberry. April 23, 2018

        LOL n*gga YOU the one dat’s gay & hate yourself & jealous of the most beautiful woman in the world, BEYONCE. #open dat closet door & live in the truth.*

  2. Liam April 21, 2018

    She looks great and glad see it’s all love from her to the other girls! i would love to hear some solo music from her

  3. 314 April 21, 2018

    The only reunion we want is
    Thats it…

    • Curt April 21, 2018


    • Adina… adina… say adina April 21, 2018


    • Meme April 21, 2018

      Facts. I don’t even consider Farrah a former member. She was just an extra/fill-in for 2 videos who contributed zero vocals.

    • Fancy BISH April 21, 2018

      A Destiny’s Child reunion album with 5 members will be FIRE ? Bey, Kelly, Michelle, LeToya & LaTavia…Farrah can dream about it lol…this can be their D.C. Heartbreak album! ?? Get Jimmy & Terry lol

  4. @KurtisLeeSinger April 21, 2018

    Yep! Someone already said it and I’ll say it too the only reunion we want is LeToya & Latavia.
    Who were in Destsinys child a long time before the got a deal.
    Wrote songs with them and had video vocals on albums. Is she crazy ain’t nobody got time for that no one even remembers she was in it for a blink & a next plane home ✈️

  5. Oliver April 21, 2018


    • Strawberry. April 23, 2018

      Hi Oliver. Our girl slayed again.

  6. #GirlKaboom April 21, 2018

    Did she ever got her luggage back tho?

    • Damani April 21, 2018

      Lmfaooooo ???????

    • KB April 21, 2018

      No no. No

    • MUSICHEAD April 21, 2018

      “We can send your luggage Farrah” lol

      • Fancy BISH April 21, 2018

        lmao ? ?

      • IWISHABITCHWOULD April 23, 2018

        That is still funny everytime I see it! LMAO

    • Paulo April 22, 2018

      DEAD lmao

  7. Bish in Africa April 21, 2018

    You about to get fired on the stage this time around

  8. Jhall April 21, 2018

    Like beyonce song Sorry we ain’t thinking bout u Farrah lol girl u was only in the group for six month u did 2 songs with them lol lol no destiny’s child reunion money for u lol lol lol! I’m mad that u even said for them to call u lol

  9. iamdiego April 21, 2018

    lol what I will say is all the ladies still look great 15-20 yrs later… I need Bee-awn-say Kellendria, Tenitra, Letoya, and Latavia… im sorry Farrah maybe they could skype you in for a visual.

  10. DanYiel Iman April 21, 2018

    What stuff is she working on? I heard her ole school song & it wasn’t the best!!

  11. M.G April 21, 2018

    DC5, with original members Letoya and Latvia is what the people want… Farrah made a guest appearance in DC (with the original DC4 vocals) videos. She was never truly a member. Well, not vocally anyway

    • Sandra April 21, 2018

      Maybe she did. Independent women was either recorded with the original members or with Farrah & Michelle.

      • SdotB April 21, 2018

        What are you even talking about?? Independent Women was recorded with the 3 members u see in the video…point, blank, period!!

    • Ran November 19, 2018

      Beyoncé is shady. Kelly is about to portray the legendary Gladys Knight, and Beyoncé needs Kelly to give her some spotlight. So, now a D,C reunion? That’s laughable, knowing why beyonce needs this so much.

  12. Jamie April 21, 2018

    But they continue to make fun of Michelle…smh

  13. Adina… adina… say adina April 21, 2018

    That lady said “I know the fans would like to see it”… ?… ma’am, you were a cameo… I’ve seen photo bombs that lasted longer that her membership… New Year resolution gym memberships last longer… but I mean… she’s still cute or whateva

  14. Sandra April 21, 2018

    Slightly misleading headline. She was being asked questions about the group and responded.

  15. Boytoy1814 April 22, 2018

    Beyonce will NOT be calling Farrah 2 come back. Delusional.

  16. Ran November 19, 2018

    LOL!!! All the shade Beyoncé gave Farrah I hope Farrah would NOT want to have a reunion with this shady hussy. I saw videos of Beyoncé treating her like crap because she was threatened by Farrah. I think Farrah was way prettier and Beyoncé and her shady mother did not like that. Beyoncé don’t like another chick to out-shine her in any fashion. Look at what she did to Ledisi, and by the way, what happened to Hallie and Chloe Bailey sisters (young girls) she supposedly signed to her label. Nobody has even heard from them much since 2016. Beyoncé is an egotistical maniacal shady ho

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