Mary J: "I’m Glad I Missed Out On Umbrella"

Published: Monday 17th Dec 2007 by Sam
Following reports several months ago that 2007 mega-hit ‘Umbrella’ was first offered to R&B star Mary J. Blige, the 36 year old singer has recently claimed she is “glad” she didn’t release the song – deeming it “too mainstream”. Speaking to WENN, Blige added:

“I’m not going to chase what [mainstream] fans like. It might work for a Mariah. It might work for a Beyonce. But Mary J. Blige is looked at as some sort of organic thing.” {Source}


Your thoughts?
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  1. Anonymous December 17, 2007

    by talking about it so much it lets me know that she is salty about missing out on it

  2. Phillip December 17, 2007

    Mary ain’t salty about s*** most likely the folks that’s interviewing her must be asking her about it.

  3. Nick December 17, 2007

    I wish she would shut up! She keeps on talking about it, so obviously she is bummed. And! hello? who the hell wouldn’t have wanted Umbrella? look how massive the song was. Hell, Beyonceis probably crying for it as her bday album was a big flop. Mary the jealousy is just pouring.

  4. Anonymous December 17, 2007

    Umbrella had absolutely no substance and is vague as hell, i.e. a mainstream dream.

    Perhaps Mary only still talks about it cuz reporters keep asking her about it. The song was apparently a big deal. But anyway, she needs to cut the B.S. cuz all of her songs are not ‘organic’ and unconventional. Some of her stuff over the years was just as bad as Umbrella…yeah Mary, tell another one and then explain what the hell a “hateration in a dancerie” is.

  5. Anonymous December 17, 2007

    Mary is not the 1 asking the questions. The interviewer asked her what she thought and she gave an honest response. The only person that is obviously bummed about it is u Nick. Mary is not 1 to let someone walk all over her and shut up. Mary is a black strong opinionated woman, where she gives u an honest answer whether u like it or not. She simply tells it like it is. No BULLSH!T! And I think that is why many of her fans love her that much…she is not a fake pop artist willing to go mainstream for a couple of bucks. She keeps it real. Her music speaks to the soul. The media is playing all of u for fools by taking Mary words out of contents. Using it to get dumb responses from stans like u Nick.

    Another thing…why would Mary be jealous of Rhianna for a song? Even with a massive hit like Umbrella, Rhianna has to strip her clothes to go platinum. Mary is doing “Just Fine”…no gimmicks. You stans can’t handle the truth!

  6. OmegaPatty December 17, 2007

    As much as I love Rihanna and “Umbrella”, I agree with Mary J. Blige. She’s an icon, Queen of Hip-Hop & Soul, so she doesn’t really need a song like “Umbrella”, which is quite mainstream in all it’s fabulousness!

    But I do believe a part of her is probably feelin’ “God dammit!” lol

  7. Anonymous December 17, 2007

    she obviously still tripping n get a lil 2 big headed … i don’t even know y she talking so much she don’t even write her own music

  8. Anonymous December 17, 2007

    Before I say anything, Mary is not tha Queen of R&B and soul. Secondly, her outlook on the situation is the entire reason her new album is floping. Organic? Are you freaking kidding me? I don’t care though, she can do what she do.

  9. Melissa December 17, 2007

    I kind of understand what she is saying but she didn’t have to name names

  10. Anonymous December 17, 2007

    Since when is mariah mainstream?If mariah is mainstrean then so is mary end of story.She always trying to act like she the only one makin music about real issues.Please……..

  11. tegris December 18, 2007

    The song isn’t mature enough for Mary, as I think its aimed at a younger audience. I couldn’t imagine Mary doing the Ella ella eh eh eh bit.

    But I bet theres a part of Mary thats reeling because she missed out on a guaranteed hit. As some parts of the song could have been rewritten, to appeal to a older, less mainstream audience.

  12. Junaid December 18, 2007

    Be without you was a we belong together knockoff

  13. Anonymous December 18, 2007

    i feel mary , first Mariah Carey is mainstream (pop music) , i have to agree mary is also more than ever since the breakthrough album. however umbrella went to the right person, she made it her own, we probably wouldn’t have liked it if mary had done it.

  14. Anonymous December 18, 2007

    haha, Mary is full of BS.
    Like “just fine” and “work that” are just soooo indie. Cuz yeah, anything Jazze Pha produces is non-mainstream. And oh yeah, “family affair” was such a left-field choice, I mean, NO dr. dre productions are EVER mainstream.

    Right, Mary?
    oh, that ja rule collabo was organic tho, right? I mean it WAS about rain, at least. that’s organic.

  15. Anonymous December 31, 2007

    To the Rihalien stan STFU!!!

    Don’t compare Rihalien to a legend like Beyonce. Rihalien is the one who flopped that b**** can’t even go platinum. Bday sold 6 mill so get your facts straight. Please Bday came out in 06 and still sold way more than Rihalien’s album in 07. Rihalien is the most untalented chick in the industry right next to Cassie. I’m glad her 15 mins are up. She’s already forgotten.

  16. Opinion Distributor February 16, 2008

    Nobody wanted the song because it is CRAP!! Hell, even Christina Milian knew it. Riyonce had no problem with it because she is CRAP. Yall act like the people that like this song have such discerning taste in music 🙂 LOL… riiiight. Look at her fanbase… yes you’re included 🙂

  17. rihanna sucks February 16, 2008

    LOL… Rihalien She does look like Riyonce Romulus

  18. CH3RRY April 18, 2010


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