Rihanna Gets Down & Dirty In The UK

Published: Monday 17th Dec 2007 by Sam
Judging by this stage outfit, it seems Rihanna has let loose her inner-stripper. The ‘Umbrella’ singer is currently on tour here in the UK in support of her current album ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’. As sexy as she may look, one has to wonder if it’s all a bit much. I mean, it comes across kinda desperate to me.

What do you think of the pic?

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  1. Anonymous December 17, 2007

    apparently ciara’s on tour with her and is getting better reviews…one day she cancells some shows…and comes back with a new outfit.

    desparate much…you’d be correct on that note

  2. Anonymous December 17, 2007

    I’d f*** that.


  3. Anonymous December 17, 2007

    Yeah she can wear what she wants and I know s** sells but damn she’s looking kinda ho ish

  4. Anonymous December 17, 2007

    Wasnt Rihanna cussing down Britney & Xtina for “dressing down” 18 months ago?

    Good luck 2 her if she wants to wear stuff like that, but then it seems a bit hypercritical for her to be critisizing other artists for doing exactly the sam thing.

    At the end of the day, s** sells. U get your a*** out on a video, it will sell thousands more copies of the single.

  5. OmegaPatty December 17, 2007

    Wow… do people STILL judge an artist for what they wear. C’mon, it’s so sad!

    You can’t just automatically think she’s a ho for wearing something like that! She’s on her freakin’ tour, which means there’s gonna be costume changes. The person wears the outfit, not the other way around!

    And yes, s** does sell. So, while you’re here judging on something that could be a complete miss, she’s out there making more money than all of us ever could.

    And as for her cussing Britney for “dressing down”, well Britney doesn’t just dress down on-stage, she does it publically… and that’s a totally different thing! As much as I love Britney, she really has to get it together, if not for her, then for her children!

  6. Bianca December 17, 2007

    I believe rihanna got the memo that s** sells. But has she even gone platinum yet? I think it’s a bit much. She really doesnt need all that. This whole bad girl thing was cute in the beginning but it is starting to feel really gimmicky.

  7. Melissa December 17, 2007

    I have seen these pictures all over the internet already. I must say it is a bit much. I understand s** sells, but you can still be s*** without showing much. But I guess it’s not the outfit that matters much. She’s an okay artist and I guess that’s what we should look at. I don’t understand what happened to Rihanna. She is deffinitly different from her “Don the replay” days. Yeah she’s grown from them days but damn……

  8. Anonymous December 18, 2007


    when modonna does it its raunchy and daring

    MAN F*** YALL

  9. altered_mind December 21, 2007

    She did say in an interview she wanted to be the black madonna. I guess she’s on her way . . . lol

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