Tina Turner Refuses To Comment On Ike’s Death

Published: Saturday 15th Dec 2007 by Sam
Following the death of musician Ike Turner this week at the age of 76 (click here to read more), many have been anticipating Tina Tuner’s response to the passing of her controversial ex-husband. However, the ‘What’s Love Got To Do With It’ singer’s spokesperson offered the following statement on her behalf:

Tina hasn’t had any contact with Ike for more than 35 years. No further comment will be made.”

It’s a shame Tina didn’t offer a more direct response. As cut-throat as it may sound, Ike is – and will forever- be a part of her story, so her take on the recent events are of interest to the public.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Phillip December 15, 2007

    An i don’t blame her for not commenting hell this is a man that beat the hell out of her i’m sure she’s moved on with her life she don’t have to comment on s*** the media just wanna have some s*** to cover an she’s not giving them what they wont so folks get mad lol

  2. mark December 15, 2007

    Yeah, Ike is a part of her story but it is in the past, she has nothing do with him anymore, and his death will not affect her anyways. She would say just a simple ‘may he rest in peace’ and that’s it, she can tell this to herself on her prayers, not public comments needed, i agree with her.

  3. Anonymous December 16, 2007

    Why would she comment? Anyone who has ever been in a abusive relationship understands you wanna move on and now cos he’s dead she’s suppose to say something, why should she? she beat and r**** her she’s trying to live and talking about him might bring her right back there again, so leave her alone,

  4. Anonymous December 16, 2007

    i think everyone should be in agreement that tina doesn’t have to say s*** or probably has s*** to say about a man that did give her the start in her career that she needed but treated her beyond indecently for a number of decades. she has moved on far from that moment that is now a glimmer of nothing in her now stellar career without ike turner. she doesn’t have to comment because has risen above all that mess that was the ike and tina turner review…more power to you honey, leave your comments about ike’s timely death as is…

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