Britney Spears – ‘Piece of Me’ Video

Published: Friday 14th Dec 2007 by Sam

Despite Britney Spears much-publicized personal issues, the singer has pressed ahead with the release of new single ‘Piece of Me’ – the video for which premiered today. I must say that the vid is a marked improvement over the atrocity that was the ‘Gimme More’ clip. By no means anything to scream about, the video manages to serve its purpose well.

What do you think of the video?

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  1. Anonymous December 14, 2007

    are there anymore real singers .. 2 many ppl r using these robotic mechanical voices

  2. Anonymous December 14, 2007

    wtf was dat…? This vid aint as absymal as Gimme More but its bad…theres no flippin life in her eyes…it even looks like she didnt wana do the video but was forced to. The whole theme of jus having fun and all that was gud i guess untill she tried to go all serious wit the crappy dance break…which she was outta time… and ppl have the audacity to call dis waste a ‘legend’…britney either step up ure entertaining game or sit the f*** back down…Janet stole ure new sound and even seems to be doin better more intresting things wit it…waste of 3mins of my life

    i liked the song tho…video made me start re-thinking

  3. Matty December 14, 2007


    she seriously just doesnt give a f*ck!

    i’ll give her credit, its a cool concept

    but at 25 she cant even dance anymore

    lmao @ her
    she needs to go away for a long time and just come back harder!!!

    its sad, cuz i think sara silverman was right when she said “at 25, Britney Spears has already accomplished everything she’s going to in her life”

    ps…cant wait for jj to come back and show this dumb blonde how its done!!!


  4. Anonymous December 14, 2007

    My “Feedback” on this video is not good. This video is garbage. Janet jackson please shoe this little girl how it’s done. brit can’t dance, and if your stomach ain’t there yet cover it. janet please this is a new sound it’s current but janet inovated this before brit.

  5. Anonymous December 15, 2007

    Maybe some of you same people who are talking about britney’s stomach should tell beyonce to cover her s*** up with her sprayed on abs, ham arms, and fat laced thighs. maybe then you can try to criticize. I swear some overweight people on this blog jump for any bone thrown at them

  6. nerd December 15, 2007

    damn yah are hating.. im not even a britney fans and i thought the video was ok… it was much better then gimme me, what more do you guys ask? i mean at least she trying. you gotta give her prop from all the shiet she been through and she able to pull this. well done. but if you want to come back #1 try again

  7. Anonymous December 15, 2007

    This is not the right video because you can still see the green screen go to and get the right version

  8. Adam December 15, 2007

    Feedback is good…until the chorus and then it’s just time to turn over the song. Britney had the sound before her, and to be honest janet is trying a lot harder than Brit. Janet’s years olda, with no other responsibilities to anyone. You can’t compare the two. Ohand the video is actualli pretty amazing, some were gna hate no matter what.

  9. JACAITLYN December 16, 2007


  10. Anonymous December 16, 2007

    Not the biggest Birtney fan in the world but this video did the song, NO JUSTICE. Being it was one of the best songs on the album. The whole video held no point at all to me. No, she can’t dance unless it’s choreographed for her. The sunglasses made her look worse. And so much more. Not hating, just speaking the truth. But i wouldn’t watch the video if it came on, maybe listen to it just for the song and go on about whatever i’m doing. Still a good song.

  11. OmegaPatty December 17, 2007

    I agree 100% with the review!

    It proves it’s point that she’s constantly harassed by the media. It’s not supposed to be your average pop video with a hot dance number (despite the fact the dance bit was funny lol), but the video reflects what the song is about.

    And she may not looked like she wanted to do the video, as someone said earlier, but at least she tried and she finished it. While “Gimme More” was pretty much a soft-core p*** video gone bad!

    You shouldn’t be so hard on her. She may have reaped what she sowed, but she’s doing her best where ever possible. You can’t expect any more from a person, even celebrities, than to do their best!

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