Dawn Robinson’s Ex-Husband Calls Her Out

Published: Friday 11th Jan 2008 by Sam
Dawn Robinson's Ex-Husband Calls Her Out Former EnVogue singer Dawn Robinson has been put on blast by her soon-to-be ex husband Andre Allen on his MySpace blog. It’s a long, but interesting read:

“First & foremost, I would hardly EVER respond to sh*t talking from anyone but today I make an exception. These two ASS HOLES have gone on a rampage to destroy my name today while no one was even THINKING about them. If you read the blog comments, I was referred to by Dawn’s sister as a transvestite f**king homosexual who beats women & has sex with every woman he meets! Wow…gay but has sex with every woman I meet…LOL…this sh*t is a laugh! Well…since she felt the need to have her sister & a few of her closest friends come over here let me give you all the REAL reason why I left Dawn’s ass!!!

One…she was signed up to porno sites & wanted to swing with other couples…before I got involved with her she admitted to sleeping with 17 men in one month from one swinging site…I GAVE HER THE BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT & THOUGHT SHE WAS JUST REALLY COMPENSATING FOR ALOT OF INSECURITY! I stayed. THEN…she NAGGED the shit out of me day in & day out because I was always busy & she didn’t know enough about the business to just get her own shit done…NO…she wanted to be a f***ing DIVA & complain about EVERY f***ing thing that I DID set up like she was still BEYONCE! NOBODY was checkin for her ass when I was with her! NOBODY hardly would book shows unless she was in En Vogue…I side busted & got their asses back together but the only ones who knew what they were doing was the other 3 members of the group! THEY were the smart ones!

They knew how to get shit done & book shows but I had to always appease Dawn’s ass & say…”no, you’re right baby…those old tired bitches ain’t nothing without you”…SHIT…she is quite literally THE stupidest person I have ever met…I fell out of love with her…I left her…now these IDIOTS are coming to my page trying to destroy my name with my fans??? HOW DARE YOU!!! You don’t want to dance with me! Why? Because I dont give a F**K! Your record is PUBLIC! You got kicked out of En Vogue & they didn’t even want to FACE you because you are the most DIFFICULT person in the world to deal with! They left you sitting at a photo shoot for the last album & didn’t tell you where they were at shooting the EV3 cover without you…remember that???

Raphael Saadiq kicked you out of Lucy Pearl because your attitude jeapordized an operation he worked HARD to get off the ground…and HE didn’t even face you…you found out you got kicked out on the RADIO!! Ask yourself why Dawn…because…you’re a phony, nagging, complaining, two faced, spoiled rotten BITCH!!!!! We haven’t even STARTED talking about your deal with Dr. Dre! What happened there Dawn? He BOOTED you before you even started because he saw your mouth a mile away! You dug this grave for yourself! Now here is a warning…keep my name out of your mouth & keep your friends & family members OFF of my myspace page”

Messy. I never even knew these two were getting divorced (they were supposed to be doing a reality show). Anyway, it’s hard to not believe what Andre’s saying and, if true, it’ll make Dawn’s fall from grace all the more worse.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Anonymous January 11, 2008

    I kinda believe his story. What happened to the group En Vogue? All of them could sing. I think with all singing groups there is that 1 person who breaks it up because their ego got the best of them. If u wanted to pursue a solo career in the first place, then why join a singing group?

  2. Anonymous January 11, 2008

    Regardless if she said this, and said that he should keep his spirit light. Those that dig a hole for others always…always fall into themselves.
    All he did was prolong the mess that would have eventually faded into oblivion. The relationship he had with his wife was and still is no one’s busy. For the both of them to put each other on blast is ridiculous and immature. I feel for them both.

    • BROTHER HASSAN September 7, 2013


      • Kayla September 9, 2013

        Yep, I am a proud black woman, defending a real black man. Something you are unable to do!!…You must be a “BUT Pirate! YOU, STFU and “Bend it open bust it open for him trick” Don’t get mad Twan…the truth might hurt but it is what it is………

  3. Anonymous January 11, 2008

    I believe every word he says.

    Saadiq is so easy going. So for her to get kicked out, she had to be f’ing up.

    It’s sad because she’s really talented. En Vogue could have been so much larger, but instability ruined them. Other groups came right in and pushed them out the way. It’s largely her fault.

  4. Anonymous January 12, 2008

    I do not give a hot damn who fault it is. He is a grown man and he handled it like a child all it shows is that he and Dawn are made for one another! I hate when people tell evetything they know when the get pissed or divorced do not blame it on that sweetie you wanted to do it anyway. If Saadiq, Dre and the rest did not open their mouths up he shouldny have either…

    that was a B**** move mister…. all he had to do was take them off his friends list and there you go…. you have to be a friend to comment on a page

  5. Anonymous January 12, 2008

    Well Damn, I wondered why she left En Vogue didn’t realise they kicked her ass out and Lucy Pearl that’s on her, she needs to check herself and i believe everything he says it some how rings true even though i don’t know either of them but what Dawn and her sister did was petty leave the man alone if he left say your lost and move on with your life saying s*** like that makes you look bitter and immature and to be honest he had to respond they called him gay, a t***** and he’s f****** every woman on the planet that s*** don’t make no sense at all

    Dawn my advice sort yourself out and get on with your life talking crap like that makes people think they got to you and you care, he left yeah you may be cut but damn keep your head up and roll but i gotta say you deserve the response and what did you really expect

    • Lisa July 21, 2013

      For someone to comment on other people’s problems is messie!!!!!! It’s three sides to a story her, his, & the truth you will never get. No one is living in there space so please get your facts right!!!!! & stop being messie like the EX-HUSBAND!!!!!!!!

  6. Terri Turnbo January 14, 2008

    I believe it!! My mother was scammed by both of them. Dawn and Dre have a crazy relationship. They have been doing this to each other since 2005 that I know of. They owe my mother $2500.00 from there movemakers entertainment invetment gone bad!!! he has not returned her calls or emails in about a year. atcually I may still have the myspace messeges between Dawn and I talking about him and then he pulled this s*** with my mom!!! we cant find the contract or I would put that on blast!!! I will look for it again

  7. Anonymous June 25, 2008

    Well, I KNOW both of them…including the sister in question. Their relationship has been fowl from the very beginning. Some of what Dre says regarding Dawn is true. However, the speculations about him being gay/bi are also true. He’s admitted to sleeping with some record executive to get in a music group which started his career.

    They’ve been in fights where both were arrested and would get right back together again. He would beat her up and she’d put a little sctatch on him to defend herself so they’d both have to go to jail. She never had a police prior to meeting him.

    My advice for both of them is to PLEASE for the final time, go your seperate ways before things get even worse!!! You two clearly aren’t meant to be together. Dawn has a bad history period with men…she only dates “pretty boys” who never respected her and used her up during her EnVogue fame and blew through all of her money. She should continue to work on a solo career because she never shared the same vision with EnVouge or Lucy Pearl. As for Dr. Dre the reason that went sour was only because he never gave her any studio time and was too busy building Emmenim’s career and Dawn didn’t have any more patients to wait around. Their problem plain and simple was too much of them trying to push their own careers thinking their own career was more important than the others. Dre used Dawn and her EnVouge status to try to build his Dre Allen Project and yet was bitter when the crowd he drew was only looking for Dawn. They never worked as a team. He resented her for not being able to bore children and the list goes on and on.

    Both of you need to GROW UP and MOVE ON!!!

  8. GoldenPrince09 October 28, 2010

    I love En Vogue!! Even though I keep hearing about Dawn and her attitude, I still love her! If it’s true that she is a spoiled, nagging, and controlling b****, I hope that she can make some changes so she can be more personable!! I want En Vogue to all stay together this time!! Dawn is too beautiful to have that kind of attitude!! I still love you Dawn!! *hugs*

  9. Court July 18, 2013

    I don’t believe this. What grown man takes the time to seriously write all of this on the web?!?! Get your life!

    • Lisa July 21, 2013


    • Kayla July 25, 2013

      A “grown man” who is being publicly attacked by his ex, thats who! I believe him! Dawn is clearly a n** case and she’s annoying as hell on Divas. You can clearly tell that she has many, many issues….I

      • Grown ass man August 2, 2013

        Kayla. You sound stupid. He’s not a man. NO REAL MAN does this. It’s sort of a b**** move

  10. Lisa July 21, 2013

    It’s sad that a grown assssssss man would come out & tell his life story about his EX-WIFE!!!!!!! To me that shows the world how your up bring is so far gone. Get a damn life & grow the F*** UP!!!!!! No one is impress about your words it just makes you look like an AZZZHOLE!!!!! Really, I see you not doing anything with your life. You have to speak bad about Dawn. Go find yourself & pray because you need GOD in your life for real luv……..smdh!

    • Kayla July 25, 2013

      I guess he’s not suppose to defend himself when he has her coming out in public calling him gay, a transvestite and a cheater???? He can say what the f*** he wants to say to defend himself, just like she says what she wants to say to defame him. And if she didnt have RNB Diva’s she wouldnt have squat! She’s lucky that they are making her tired ass relevant! Black women who stick it to black men deserve what they get. Divorce him and move the hell on! Thats what a real “DIVA” would do….SMH

      • Grown ass man August 2, 2013

        kayla. He had three babies on her during they’re marriage! What’s wrong with you?

  11. Pinky July 31, 2013

    I agree because what he’s done is messy I know dawn through someone eles which dawn is her god mother and she’s never spoken above a whisper she’s very kind hearted and has a listening ear and she sure doesn’t think she’s better than anyone eles therefore it is 3 sides to a story he sees what he does through his eyes and cheating and beating her after having multiply children during their marriage that’s a sin but I’ve never ever seen a man of his caliber air out like this!

  12. Kayla August 5, 2013

    A real woman does not put her “man” on blast! He felt threatened and he lashed out, like any “real man” would do! I’m sure if you are being attacked, you would not pass up a chance to lash out at your attacker! You can say you wouldnt all you want to but we all know the real! If she was hurt, she should have filed for divorce and kept it moving! THats what real women do. Black men are already under attack in this country, they don’t need black women joining in the abuse. STFU and grow the “F” up!

  13. Anonyjanus1980 August 14, 2013

    Everyone here better get their facts straight. The former Mr Dawn is filing a $10 million dollar defamation of character lawsuit against TV One and Dawn. Says he has email proof, paternity, and various evidence to prove in a court of law that Dawn is a liar. And somebody here better check out why he was never arrested for assault against her but she WAS in 2007. And HE bailed her out. OOoooohhh it’s about to get juicy!


  14. Anonyjanus1980 August 14, 2013

    Oooohhh…he was on a blog saying his kids ages as well. 20, 16, 5, and 2. Somebody about to pay up cuz they broke up in 2007. They were married 5 years from 2003. Can anyone do the math? SLANDER…he bout ta get a CHECK;

  15. Benjamin Hulett November 17, 2019

    I used to work for Leila Steinberg, Thomas McElroy, and Denzel Foster at Y? Entertainment. Once/wk, I’d also with Leila on a side project putting together free shows for schools, and Envogue were often the special guests. I also knew their engineer, Michael, so I’d often be at the studio on Arlington in Oakland when they (EV) were recording. I worked how Dawn was a b****. Coincidentally, later in life, I also ended up knowing her husband, Dre Allen, which I didn’t know they were married until I told Dre how Dawn purposely broke up her sister (Tassianah) and I. Tassianah and I were on a date in Berkeley, CA, and guess who we bump in to? Dawn. I didn’t know they were sisters, she didn’t know I knew them. They weren’t blood related. When Dawn moved to California, Tassiana’s mom took Dawn in and raised her in San Francisco. Dawn, knowing I witnessed a lot of her dreams, acted like she didn’t know me, and I had just got finish telling Tassianah I knew Envogue. Tass never called me again because she thought I was a liar. Dre Allen called me one day complaining about his wife, asking me advice. Dre and I met on MySpace due to music. Both of us being in the industry, I brought up Envogue. That’s when I found out he was married to her. So I told him she broke up her sister and I. He asked her about it, and the b**** didn’t deny it either. Because of that alone, I know that she always was ousted from any group or project, DUE TO HER ATTITUDE AND WILLINGNESS TO LIE AND RUIN RELATIONSHIPS, NOT BECAUSE OF MONEY.

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