Jamie Foxx At Peosi STUFF Launch

Published: Saturday 26th Jan 2008 by Sam
Peep this pic of Jamie Foxx at the Pepsi STUFF launch, which took place earlier this week. Something seems a little off, but I can’t put my finger on it….

What do you think of the pic?

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  1. Anonymous January 26, 2008

    He looks like an alien! Like sumthin off Star Wars…

  2. Linda January 26, 2008

    He looks like Samuel L. Jackson!!

  3. thirtydaes January 26, 2008

    Something looks a little off? How about everything looks a little off. Jamie what’s going on? I don’t like it…

  4. T January 26, 2008

    if he’s not in a samuel l. io pic, doing this for a roll, he’s doing drugs, damn jaime, r u snorting ur oscars? i said the other day he’s ugly and this confirms it!

  5. Anonymous January 26, 2008

    yea he does look horrible, but i heard he’s doin this for a role in a movie where he will be playing a homeless man and he has to lose weight.

  6. Anonymous January 26, 2008

    he looks sick…i guess that weight loss is the reason

  7. Anonymous January 26, 2008


  8. TheFatMan January 26, 2008

    he looks like he been fighting that A*** demon.

  9. Anonymous January 26, 2008

    he definately got older..and umm funny thing i was watching his show rite now xD dang he looks so different..and he got skinnier in dis pic.

  10. Anonymous January 27, 2008

    the s*** actors put themselves through for a damn role…this movie better be oscar worthy smh

  11. Anonymous January 28, 2008

    I know with any actor or actstress don’t wear makeup, you see his or her true self, but I think Jaimes is one that need to put it back on. I know he has freckles, but wow. He’s useually looking s***. Not this time around.

  12. antertain January 28, 2008

    He look like a sic Dave Chapell.

    His teeth look different 2.

    Hope he don’t lose much more for that role.
    Good actor though

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