Kimora Lee Simmons Pregnant?

According to reports, Kimora Lee Simmons is expecting her third child:

Hip-hop mogul Russell Simmon’s ex-wife Kimora Lee Simmons is reportedly pregnant – with the child of actor Djimon Honsou.

The model-turned-fashion queen – who has two children, Ming and Aoki, by Def Jam Records founder Simmons – is said to have been trying to conceive with the West African-born actor for months, since they began dating in March 2007.

And now the couple has apparently succeeded, with a source telling New York gossip column PageSix, “She’s pregnant.” {Source}

Off-topic, I know, but something about Kimora doesn’t quite sit right with me. I can’t put my finger on what, exactly, it is…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Anonymous March 9, 2008

    I kno what it is..she’s a goldigging s***

  2. Anonymous March 9, 2008

    but congratulations

  3. Anonymous March 9, 2008

    she a golddigger haha nah maybe with simmion but with this guy nah. she make way more then him

  4. Anonymous March 9, 2008

    she’s been trying to get pregnant by dude since they met…WTF??? i agree something aint right about her at all

  5. Anonymous March 9, 2008

    How is she a gold digger when her ex Russell pursued her when she was young. And she definitely isn’t after Djimon’s money, she has way more than him. She is just one of those over the top people who you either love or hate. But you have to give it to her and Russell. They had a very quiet and seemingly amicable divorce and that is very commendable especially since hey have the two beautiful girls. Even though I wish her and Russell would get back together I do think that Djimon is a great guy.

  6. Anonymous March 9, 2008

    that is the most randomest bulls*** i’ve heard . wats up wit these randm wierd awkward couples.. dang

  7. Anonymous March 10, 2008

    It’s that Florida evans ass neck of hers.

  8. Anonymous March 11, 2008

    Having a baby by a man dosen’t mean he’ll stay and love you and the child. “Look at the world now!”

  9. Anonymous March 11, 2008

    She is still married to Russell! Do you seriously think she will be giving up his money? For Djimon who will never have that kind of cash!

  10. Anonymous March 13, 2008

    FLORIDA EVANS NECK!!! THAT IS HYSTERICAL. Kimora does have it together financially or so it seems. Her voice and that neck are annoying tho!

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