Ne-Yo Preps ‘Year Of The Gentleman’

Published: Tuesday 18th Mar 2008 by Sam
Ne-Yo Preps 'Year Of The Gentleman'R&B star Ne-Yo recently spoke with MTV about his forthcoming new album, his third, which he revealed is called ‘Year of The Gentleman’:

“I’m trying to take it back to where you couldn’t walk out of the house unless you looked your best,” he explained of the album title. “Back in the day of, say, the Rat Pack and Nat King Cole … any picture you ever see, they’re suited and everything is right from top to bottom. Not saying it has to be a suit, ’cause clothes don’t make the man — it’s the attitude and person. The music needs to personify that. A lot of this music [on the album], some of it is gonna be urban, some of it is gonna be pop. Some is gonna ride that middle.

“The third [LP] is more of the good [music],” he added. “The second album proved I’m here to stay. I won a Grammy for that one. So, I’m here to win more Grammys. At the same time, I love what it is I do, so [this is] another excuse for me to pen more facets of my personality.”

I’m hoping he redeems himself from his so-so 2nd album, as, Grammy or not, it wasn’t up-to-par with his stellar debut. ‘Closer’ is growing on me, though, so things are looking good at the moment IMO.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Anonymous March 19, 2008

    Best song writer in the biz.

  2. Anonymous March 19, 2008

    lies. Candice Nelson is.

  3. Anonymous March 20, 2008

    “Closer” is a hot song & I’m just waiting to hear the next CD. I hope he keeps the CD’s coming ever year..

  4. Anonymous March 21, 2008

    All I have to say is, that the second album was NOT just so-so….it was amazing, and just as great if not better than the 1st album. It shows many facets of his writing, and it shows what he was going through. Maybe to you his life in 2006 wasnt as interesting as the life he was leading in 2005. He was going through some extreme stuff on the album “in my own words” he was maturing and showing that he can get over it, in “Because of you” and I think that shows him as being strong and saying whats on his mind and not caring about people like you that will call it so-so , the people that needed to notice DID! Big Ups!

  5. jamierhinehart March 30, 2008

    Ne-yo is not only an amazing singer but an amazing writer.He writes songs for famous singers from Cilene Dion to Beyonce. How can that be so-so? His last two albums were amazing, and inspiring. What a way with words this man has. He has an incredible talent and i hate to see people calling it so-so like they can do better. NO ONE IS BETTER! Ne-yo is the best out there end of decussion.

  6. AceUnique March 31, 2008

    It was a while before I was won over by the many talents of Ne-yo. He is truly an amazing singer, songwriter, and performer. However that does not leave him immune to the hype and manipulation of the music industry. With out bashing him to much, I was disturbed to find that he is not as flawless as he portrays. He too finds reason to use embellishment to sell his records. And I don’t mean lyrical exaggeration.

  7. jamie April 1, 2008

    He is only human you got to remember that. He is doing what he needs to do to make his dreams come true. Would you do any less? You cant expect perfection from him just because he is famous. Nobody is perfect and nobody will ever be. To think less of him because he is not perfect is a bit hypocritical considering you are not perfect and you wouldnt expect people in your normal life to be.

  8. AceUnique April 1, 2008

    I assume this is the same person how commented just above me. . . .
    And in response, I was not downing the man and it’s not a matter of perfection, it’s more or less a matter of integrity.
    Don’t lie about your age. How childish is that? Does he have some insecure feeling that people will not except him as a grown man damn near in his 30’s? Why play continue to play into the hiphop and R&B hype that you have to be young to be any good.
    Ne-yo can sing, write, dance, and act. That’s amazing on it’s on that one person can have such talent, but to stoop so low and say you are younger than you really are in a sad and seemingly sadistic attempt to appeal to fans is ludicrous.
    It’s sad when the music industry of hip hop and R&B feel we need youngsters to look up to musically instead of grown mature adults.

  9. jamie April 1, 2008

    To say you think less of someone becuase of what they had to do to get to where they are to fulfill their dreams is hypocritical. If your dream was to get a record deal and a big company offered you one but in the agreement you had to say you were 23 instead of your real age of lets say 27 you would take it without any hisitation because that is your dream and all that is standing in the way was a couple years of age? be serious you would of done the same thing without thinking twice.

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